Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Business Virtue-Signalling: Don't Be Fucking Retarded

Why the fuck are corporations doing ANYTHING political? This Kellogg shit with Breitbart, Levi's shitting on gun owners, all these celebrities mouthing off about shit they know nothing about- all of this is unforced error-making that directly (and often immediately) damages their brand and their profitability. Shareholders and other stakeholders need to start taking these morons behind the woodshed and forcibly correcting them because they are acting contrary to their legal obligations (regarding corporate officers) and professional (everyone else) obligations.

It's this simple, and both PR and Marketing should make this clear: SHUT THE FUCK UP IN PUBLIC. Corporate officers and celebrities are ALWAYS on duty and forward-facing these days, and they need to start acting appropriately. You can whine, bitch, and moan that it ain't fair; too bad. That's the game, and suck players need to start getting hammered for fucking up. Competitors should be eyeing these fuckups, looking to yank their gigs and marketshare out from under them with superior customer/audience service acumen.

And some of them already are, which is why I support Castallia House and Cirvosa. There are few tabletop RPG folks I would buy new from for this reason, and fewer for others, but they'll soon arise and thanks to the Open Game License ensuring that D&D remains free to publish for as long as this legal regime endures new and clean--non-SJW--versions of the only tabletop RPG that matters will always be available. Bigger media, being prone to factional conflict, will clean up when internal politics purge the SocJus death cultists from the org and prevent further entryism.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

So, About That Secret Elite Pedophile Network...

#PizzaGate is currently on the backburner, in terms of awareness, but of all the consequences of the recent U.S. Presidential Election this exposure of elite pedophile networks (centering around John Podesta) is the one with the largest long-reaching impact. While some alt-media outlets quickly switched away to keep on Trump and other more immediate concerns, the citizen research and journalism community took up the ball and run with it even now. Thanks to all you crazy motherfuckers at the Chans in various versions of /pol/ for keeping this going. No mercy for pedos.

British YouTube User Reality Calls just appeared on Red Ice Radio to discuss the open investigation, the relevant summary of which is in this video of hers embedded below:

She's got more videos on the matter, and from there you can follow up on other leads and sources. Hell, go visit and lurk in /pol/ if you like, but PizzaGate is real and if any justice is to be had it's got to be done by regular people like you, me, and Reality Calls.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Narrative Warfare: This Will NOT Let Up

Now that we've some time to analyze the election results, you'd think that the Dems and their supporters would look at the data and adjust their operations accordingly. But they're SJWs, so we know what's really going to happen: they'll double-down. This below is the tame version of said action.

They're incapable of accepting that they lost because they're wrong, and all of the things they've done to fix events to their favor failed to work, so they're going hard as they lose their shit- further exposing normies to how they really are.

This may bring lulz now, but it's going to mean something concrete in short order. The Dems are undergoing realignment into the Pro-Invader Party, letting more and more internal positions go to people who will gladly betray their oaths and the Republic in favor of their own kind and their religions prominent. Race and Religion, done under a narrative cover of "Whitey Is Ebil!"

Politics of Ideas is DONE. We're now like Singapore: you vote in the interests of race and faith first, foremost, and finally. Identity politics is here, and much like nukes they are the trump card that masters the situation. Bitch, whine, moan all you want- the facts are, and your feelz do not fix that.

Which means that the narrative warfare will not let up. It's going to double-down, and the only counter to it is promulgation of counter-narratives. Rhetoric is the sword before swords get drawn, and they will get drawn, because by now secession and balkanization are inevitable- it's now just a matter of details to get worked out. Nice job breaking it, SJWs.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Wisdom From The Off-Hand: On Pain as a Teacher

I read Vox Day's blogs on the regular, and this post had that nugget of wisdom thrown in not as the main point, but as an aside:

Pain is the path to truth. If a fact bothers you, if it triggers you, if it makes you want to shy away from contemplating it, that is the signpost indicating the way you will have to go in order to find the truth. As a far better philosopher than me once said, it is a hard and narrow path.

Look, I'm not going to blather on about what this means. It ain't fucking hard to figure out, so I won't insult you (or him) by doing so. What I will ask of you is to read that until it's become a meme in your mind, and let it do its magic to make your life better. If you have a problem with it, take it up with him by email or at his blog; bitching to me will get you spammed, and if you persist I'll just drop the banhammer and be done with it.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Goodbye, Fidel. You Won't Be Missed.

So, Fidel Castro died yesterday. Well, whomever has the Death Note finally wrote in a name worth scribing.

Yeah, I'm glad he's gone. The reactions of the SocJus Death Cult have made it clear that they really are Marxists, swapping culture for economics, but otherwise nothing more than a rebrand of the same old fraud. If there is anything I am thankful for, it is how this year revealed so many people to be in thrall to some degenerate, depraved death cult bent on destroying Civilization and Mankind with it. Since it's timely, and some of you reading this may harbor misconceptions on the departed, I'm embedding Stefan Molyneux's video below.

But, fortunately, the God-Emperor Ascendant has the proper perspective:

You know damn well that the Cuban Exile community in Miami, Florida is still celebrating the man's death. For them, and not without reason, this is a real Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead moment. Brutal villains of Civilization, engendering discivic and discivilizational regimes that run contrary to Nature and Nature's Law, should be so regarded when they finally get what's coming to them. Fidel's death is not the end, as we have plenty more where he came from, and until they are all put down for good we've got Boskone in our midst to deal with.

You won't be missed, Fidel. Goodbye, and good riddance.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Doctor Strange & The Mystery of the Swole Spellcaster

Yesterday at about this time I sat in a theater next to my sister watching Doctor Strange. (Rather nice place too, with reclining chairs and cupholders.) Trips to the movies are a thing my folks and I do for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and my sister and I like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so this was a no-brainer.

First, the stuff you expect: Yes, this film was worth seeing. Yes, it was fun. Yes, it had those pulp sensibilities in it that made the MCU to date so good. Strange is a flawed man, but still a good one. Good is not dumb. Evil is not good. If you're at all concerned about this film being utterly pozzed, don't be; it ain't perfect, but it's fine. Yes, stay for both the mid-credits teaser for Thor: Ragnarok and the post-credits teaser for the sequel.

Now, when did wizards also become martial arts masters? Seriously, at times it felt like The Matrix with spells. I'd only ever seen that in Chinese films and some Japanese shows. In the rest of the world, the pursuit of master in one field often precluded the other. I know that changing The Ancient One was politically-motivated to placate mainland China, but was this too a bone thrown for that massive movie market? I don't know, but since I know no other cultural tradition where casting spells and cutting fools are part-and-parcel of practicing magic that's my first guess. I could be wrong.

Not that I find it a bad idea; physically fit people routinely exhibit better cognitive performance, so a fictional group working in a difficult and demanding discipline adopting such a blended practice does hold up to scrutiny, so it's not an objection as such. It's curiosity as to why to overturn such a long-established trope of Magician-as-Frail-Non-Combatant.

So, have it. If you have the answer, comment below.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Holiday Hilarity Here

Nevermind the politics. This is hilarious, and I am thankful to whomever took the time to edit this together. Happy Thanksgiving, folks. Come back tomorrow where I'll talk some about Doctor Strange.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Narrative Warfare: Speaking of Literally Hitler, "Hunting Hitler" Returns

Last year, the History Channel aired a new documentary series entitled "Hunting Hitler". It builds upon this MysteryQuest episode from 2009:

I don't know how this played out behind the scenes such that we got the series, but we got it and last year began one of the most bold attempts at revising the mainstream historical narrative I've seen in my lifetime:

Armed with 700 pages of recently declassified FBI documents, twenty-one year CIA veteran Bob Baer and war crimes investigator Dr. John Cencich begin a worldwide investigation into what happened to Adolf Hitler at the end of WWII. First stop on their hunt is a small town in Argentina with mysterious Nazi ties where an FBI report places Hitler residing three-and-a-half months after he was believed dead.

Hunting Hitler Season 1 Episode 1 (S01E01) The... by AncientWorld

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

(SGT Report) EXPOSE THEIR EVIL DEEDS -- Gonz Shimura

I've followed the SGT Report (so named for the founder's initials) for some time now. He's not a Meme Magician. He wasn't up on Gamergate. He's more in the area where you'll find the Corbett Report, Media Monarchy, News Bud (formerly BoilingFrogsPost), The Vigilant Citizen, and Infowars/PrisonPlanet. Yes, that means a certain perspective that's not what most folks I know or associate with are accustomed to, so deal with it. I'd ordinarily throw this up at Empires on Sunday, but (a) this is very time-sensitive due to active suppression efforts going on and (b) the #PizzaGate scandal now showing ties to yet more Middle East connections (and not just the Saudi prince who's a majority owner of Twitter) and their child rape predatory practices. Below is the hour-long YouTube upload.

The hoaxing fake media freakouts over the Alt-Right serve, in part, to mask #PizzaGate and its related child rape predator networks. This has to stop. Those involved must be brought forth and exposed. Those confirmed as enablers or predators must be publicly denounced, condemned, and then severely punished- preferably executed live for all the world to see in the highest resolution possible.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Narrative Warfare: Mind Your Optics

Everyone shitting on Cernovich about Spencer and the salutes are missing the point: this is stupid, and gives the inevitable Federal government infiltrators a clear angle to exploit for their entryism. Part of narrative warfare is anticipating counter-narrative attacks and denying as many opportunities for them to get those optics as they can. As Mike is quite capable of articulating this himself, I'll let him do so.

Shitting on this shows that you don't get what narratives are: performances. Performances are done before audiences, which in this context means Normies. Normies won't get any edgy humor, such as that claimed above, but instead leaves you open to attack by the enemy through playing into their narrative about you.

So, stop sperging you stupid shits. Meme magic can be used against you as readily as you use it against them. It's as stupid as inviting the Fake News Hoaxing Media to your events and expecting fair coverage. Speaking of which:

Listen to this man. Listen to the Supreme Dark Lord. Stop sperging and learn when to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Running Shit 101: You're On a Fucking Team, Like It Or Not

That video is a useful point to start talking about what politics and government is, how it really works, and why things are as they are.

And this video is a necessary follow-up that explains why political power strongly tends to be a family business. (After this, go read The Prince.)

I'm pointing this pair of videos out for a reason: this shit is how things actually fucking work, at all levels, when it comes to running things. From the street gang hustling at the corner to the God-Emperor Ascendant, this is how shit works. If your fiction doesn't work this way, then there had better be some unreal element justifying it that stands up to scrutiny- be it a game, a story, or whatever. If you're wondering why you got fucked at the office, dig a bit and you'll find out something like this is why. If you're wondering why there's talk about yet another Clinton or Kennedy or Bush running for office, this is why.

And guess what? You can't unfuck this without becoming superhuman somehow, because you have to play this game to get anywhere and that means you need those key supporters Grey talks about. Welcome to the Suck. Oh, and for you fellow gamers reading this: this is why Charisma is not a dump stat.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

My Life in Fandom: The Official Gundam YouTube Channel Delivers

The official Gundam YouTube channel has made a lot of stuff available to watch for free, legally. One of them is the prequel series telling the origin story of Char Aznable: Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin. This is some top-notch stuff, and I'll embed the English playlist below so you can watch at your leisure. There are English Subtitled and Dubbed uploads if you prefer, and Part IV is forthcoming which should wrap this up.

I make no bone that I prefer the original Universal Century continuity over all the alternatives, no matter how good or bad they are, and a lot of that comes from Char. Like many fans, Char was my sympathetic character to follow--not Amuro Rey (the whiny shit)--in the original series and I still liked him in the sequels that followed. Having an entire series of short films dedicated to his origin? Hell yes, I'm all about that- and in such glorious animation to boot. Please take the time to watch, as you prefer your anime to be enjoyed.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Life as a Gamer: Bring Me Brawlers

So, it's getting to be a broken record at this point. SJW says or does some dumb shit. Hoaxing Media says or does some dumb shit. Sensible folks sigh and point out the fucktards. Double-down, project, repeat.

You'll excuse me if I decline to spend a third day in a row on this topic. Instead I think I'll talk about something else, something fun. I think I'll talk about: Games.

There is one form of videogame I got into as a kid and still adore now in my 40s: the side-scrolling brawler. Double-Dragon, Golden Axe, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, Final Fight, Warriors of Fate, Aliens vs. Predator, D&D Tower of Doom/Shadows Over Mystara, and more were my favorite games then and remain so now. The genre got eaten by fighting games, as I saw it, but the genre's been coming back for a few years now.

From where I sit, the big new brawler breakthrough was Castle Crashers, and with it a hit that became a standard to measure others against. About this time came Dragon's Crown, which still is a PS3 exclusive (C'mon, Atlus!), and since then we've seen more come out but nothing yet hit like those two did. (I should give Sacred: Citadel a try, and Viking Squad is on my Steam Wishlist.)

The newer brawlers have done something smart: incorporate persistent character progression, as if it were a proper RPG. So leveling up, buffing stats, improving gear, etc. are all things incorporated (to varying degrees by title) to the genre now. I liked that when I first ran into it with Tower of Doom, so damn right I like it now.

I just wish that more of the classic brawlers would be cleaned up and re-released now, like the two D&D games were. (Got those on Steam.) Especially the Capcom brawlers, which comprise so many of the classics of this genre. While AvP and Cadillacs are licensed from other IP, and thus unlikely to ever come out again, the others are Capcom's property and they are just leaving easy money on the table by not re-releasing them to PC and consoles. Some (like Warriors of Fate) never got proper releases in the U.S. and thus would be new games for a lot of people. Christ, Capcom- release the brawlers already.

Not much more I got to say, so here's a playthrough of another brawler that needs a console release right and proper: Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death-Adder, from 1992.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It Is Time To End The Hoaxing Media Establishment

One of the joys of this election is the exposure of the mainstream media, the hoaxing media, as being composed of the same entitled shits that you see on university campuses everywhere. Last night was one glaring example of this entitlement mentality in action:

Fuck you, hoaxing media.

It's long past time that the habits and customs you shits are so long accustomed to be revealed as the illusions that they are and abolished without mercy. I support the abolition of the Press Pool, the Press Corps, and (sorry Milo) the Press Secretary position. There is NOTHING that President Trump cannot do effectively just by firing up Periscope and talking directly to the American Nation when he needs to address us. Fuck the Sunday Morning talk shows. Fuck the entire hoaxing media system. Junk all of it; revoke their access, don't grant them interviews, and continue to call them out as the trash that they are. There is nothing they offer that Trump can't do himself with a fucking smartphone app.

And this ridiculous attitude of entitlement is a big reason for why Pedo Hillary the Satanic Witch lost. She felt fucking entitled to assume the Presidency, and this entitlement is still present throughout all of the pro-Hillary posts by individuals and institutions alike. The national level people, the regional level people, the local media people- none of them learned JACK FUCKING SHIT.

When I got the neighborhood paper and the article on the election was one long shitlib screed that included "unpacking white privilege" to a community comprised entirely by working-class people that's when I knew these chucklefucks were beyond saving. Let none survive. We don't need any of them anymore, and the sooner we cut them out and fork to alternatives that reward direct communication (e.g. Periscope) the better everyone will be. Let the hoaxing media meet Carthage's fate.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Life as a Gamer: You Don't Need to Roll Damage For Your Guns, Bob.

One of the things that continues to hamstring the medium of tabletop RPGs is an approach to abstraction that stems from the wargame culture of the late 1960s and early 1970s, which is itself informed by a lack of reliable and verified factual information as well as a far more constrained access to (and comprehension of) information. Hit Points, Armor Class, Movement Rates, all of that- all stems from that wargame culture.

Today is a very different world. We have access to so much information, useful and verified information, that we need not rely on abstraction and the game mechanics that routinely stem from it to have a satisfying gameplay experience with tabletop RPGs anymore. We can, quite frankly, strip down tabletop RPGs to the barebones and just use real world information. No need to roll damage dice for when your guy pops a dude with his 1911 anymore; we've got plenty of videos demonstrating how well .45 ACP does against all sorts of targets, so that sort of abstraction isn't needed anymore. Just "Did I hit you?" and (maybe) "Did I juke/mitigate the hit?" is enough.

What am I getting at?

That, for tabletop RPGs, less is more. You need only some manner of objectively measuring a character's abilities, and a yes-no mechanic for setting "Did I do the thing?" questions. The rest you can adjudicate on the spot, using real-world measurements and examples, as your game requires. Embrace the trump card that is a well-informed Game Master and toss everything else aside.

And that, folks, is why this unique medium of game--if catering to its stregnths--is a completely hopeless business opportunity. You have to lobotomize the medium to make it viable as a business niche, and that means making it like competing media- and therefore demonstrate how better they are to your fucked up TRPG.

Abandon the business. Embrace the hobby. That's all this should have ever been, and all it will ever truly be.

Monday, November 14, 2016

My Life as a Gamer: Most Tabletop RPG Products Are WORTHLESS

Yesterday I got a coupon via email from Half-Price Books. The store near where I live is reliably good for all sorts of used stuff I like, such as tabletop RPGs, and has become my local store of choice should I bother with retail. (Why go across town when I don't need to?) I found a mint copy of RIFTS: MercTown there, and I used that coupon to get it at a final price of $3 (plus tax).

It's a glorified set of Wiki articles.

This is, sadly, typical of most contemporary tabletop RPG products. The sole point of buying a product is to do things that cannot be done readily at the table; this book's contents is entirely that- down to the maps (which are the sort of back-of-napkin barebones affair also easily done at the time). Make up a location? Can be done on a lunch break. Come up with its internal politics? Ditto. Plausible economy? Ditto. There is NOTHING here that you can't do yourself, easily, without any serious effort on your part.

Glad I only spent $3; that's all MercTown is worth- and that's entirely due to it being a physical product. It's worthless as an ebook.

Rules are not that valuable; they're only half of the equation. What sells--where the money is--is playable content. Playable character options (races, classes, gear, powers, etc.) are proven sellers because that's shit you play with; the rules are just the machine (such as it is) by which play is done. Adventure modules, in the classic mode of "site where play happens" ala Keep on the Borderlands, are playable content when they provide a ready context for player action.

If you're seeing a lot of conditionals there, you're not wrong. There are, and it's not something TRPG makers and publishers can fix. Inherent to the medium is that only the most fundamental aspects--just enough rules to provide a framework for on-the-spot adjucation, just enough toys to let players play in the sandbox--are actually required. They were originally published in booklet form, and still need no more space than what a slim booklet allows. That has actual value; the rest is pointless bullshit that no one will pay a premium without another factor pushing it (e.g. participating in an Organized Play campaign, where Officialdom is mandated).

Why am I hammering on this? Because the TRPG medium is now withering because other competing media continue to show gamers who might otherwise make tabletop RPGs part of their gaming habit that their alternatives better fit their desires. The TRPG medium STILL hasn't solved its real competitive problems of convenience, commitment, and connection and those unsolved problems are what allows boardgames, cardgames, and videogames that incorporate RPG elements to pound the living shit out of them.

TRPGs are not convenient; the current standard mode of play (dedicated campaigns) require the time commitment of a regular job. (We don't have as many bowling leagues for the same reason.) The original mode let you drop in and out as your time allows and desires wished it; that has to be restored if the medium is to have a chance. The current mode locks players into groups for long periods of time; the original let players go from table to table as they liked playing the same character. Same conclusion applies.

And yet we still get shit like MercTown, which is nothing more than someone's blog articles with some stats attached. That's not what tabletop gamers need. They need connectivity tools, and while Fantasy Grounds is a good step it caters to rulesets tied to the diseased model that's killing the medium. (Really, all you need for online play is Tabletop Simulator and voice coms; a virtual space with a die-roller is all you need- something light and easy on your PC so you can use your browser easily.) Fluff is worthless; stop publishing it. Give gamers tools to get together and make their own fun, and then you have a gaming business worthy of staying open.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Legion Hype: Post-BlizzCon Developer Q&A

Yeah, trying to enjoy something instead of talking about post-election insanity, so here's another World of Warcraft post.

If you haven't seen the BlizzCon panel where topics here get addressed first came out, here is that panel so watch that first.

These Q&A videos take their questions ahead of time, so I didn't get anything in (missed the deadline), but (contrary to a lot of spergs) I find that Watcher (that's Ion) was as honest and transparent as sensible corporate management allows.

Now, I didn't just post this for shits and giggles. If you're a game-maker, a novelist, or any other figure who needs to deal with an audience or customer network I suggest that you watch this video and the preceding ones. This is a good example of how you engage with the folks who pay your bills without handing them your balls. The use of social media, especially live-streaming and video-on-demand, is fantastic for this once you know what you're doing.

The practice of taking questions beforehand is smart. That cuts down redundancies greatly, allowing the asked question to incorporate all of those redundancies together into a superior whole. It also allows you to ensure that all of the questions you have answers for get answered; no point saying "I can't answer that." or "I don't know." repeatedly (when you can just say up-front that you won't answer what you can't answer), something that is lacking here.

What answers are given are also good; acknowledging that some of the issues can't be handled by the developers is necessary, and pointing out what is within audience or customer power to change is good and proper to do. Where specfics can be given, give them. Where details are useful, doll them out. Where they aren't, don't. Learning how to handle such things is necessary to success in such fields now; you can't rely on some PR guy to do your face work.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

My Life as a Shooter: Planning the Practical Purchases (Rifles)

It's been a while since I did a post about firearms, so here you go: a post about what Nutnfancy calls "a philosophy of use".

While I've posted previously about other rifles, handguns, etc. that I want that's more to satisfy curiousities and desires for collecting or use in sporting capacities. This? This is about practicality.

It's a pain in the ass to have to stock a wide variety of ammunition for practical purposes. You want to keep the array of calibers down to as few as possible, ideally being just one. (Practically, two: one for rifles/handguns and one for shotguns; pistol-caliber carbines are still a thing for a reason, ever since the 19th century had revolvers and lever-action/pump-action rifles sharing such.) Stocking three (shotgun, handgun, rifle) is reasonable, not counting rimfire.

To this end, I've done some comparisons of commonly-available cartridges. For my purposes, the choice has to (a) be a solid deer hunting cartridge in a soft point load, (b) have proven success in self-defense/military applications, and (c) have proven platforms for both uses that are readily available and are not difficult to maintain on my own (i.e. keep trips to the gunsmith to a minimum).

At this time, the cartridge choice is the 7.62x39mm cartridge used in the SKS, the AK-47, the Czech vz. 58, and the CZ 527 Carbine. Of those rifles, it's the sporting one--the bolt-action CZ 527 Carbine--that I want to acquire first. It's been one of my choices for making into a Scout Rifle, and before I get into the more tactical end of things I would like that Good Enough Rifle that Colonel Jeff Cooper talked about decades ago. (Don't tell me about the specs; I know them, and I have my reasons for going this route.)

The SKS will likely come next. They're not that hard to find where I live, and go for less than any of the AK variants. This is the Ranch Rifle part, meant to be someplace static and used for walking the property or handing off to an unarmed ally. The 10 round magazine with a fixed internal magazine isn't a problem when you can more-or-less stay put and have a short train to your ammo box. It can be used effectively for either the hunting role that the CZ is meant to do, or the fighting role of the AK, but isn't best suited to either.

The AK is the fighting rifle, and even if the ban on full-auto gets lifted in the near future I would prefer a semi-auto only AK. I expect to get this last, barring a sale on a desirable model, because the costs for decent--not top-end, but just competent ones--have gone up a lot over the last few years. However, magazines are not hard to find or unduly expensive and the ammunition isn't out of line or hard to acquire where I am. The real expense, therefore, would come from training with it. I would like to see the fuckwittery Obama did to Russian arms imports lifted so we can get those Saigas back into the country and down at the $500 price they once commanded.

There you have it: a bolt-action hunting rifle, a semi-auto general-purpose rifle, and a semi-auto fighting rifle all using the same cartridge. It's not a new plan, or a radical plan, or an innovative plan. It's a practical plan, because it's proven to work and be effective at the desired goal: having one rifle cartridge across three platforms that can get the job done.

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Anti-Trump Riots Are Acts of Terrorism

Two nights after Donald Trump wins the General Election, we have many cities--Democrat controlled ones, by and large--experiencing poltically-motivated rioting. The narrative is that these are protests that get out of control once confronted with the objects of their ire, compelling the police to step in and restore order. What's ignored in these reports is that most of these rioters are (at their core) hired mercenaries, using the means exposed by Project Veritas in their recent series of videos. In short, it's all a Soros front.

That would seem to be stupid, until another fact is put into the picture: there is also a petition to get the Electors to abandon their pledges to vote for the candidate their vote represents and instead vote for Hillary. This is not insane; the Electoral College is the actual legal determinant of the Presidency under the Constitution and their vote is the binding one. The hoaxing media implies that these riots are reactions to an illegitimate Trump win, and therefore the petition's request is legitimate.

The use of violence, or the threat of same, as a means of political pressure is the very definition of terrorism.

That makes this one-two punch a terrorist campaign of intimidation upon those chosen as Electors for their state. That George Soros is behind it, financing it through his fronts, turns this from domestic terrorism to international terrorism. It makes Soros the lead conspirator, and all participants guilty of sedition. It makes American citizens participating guilty of treason, and foreigners guilty of espionage, as both are acting as agents of a hostile foreign power.

And the worst part? Obama will do NOTHING about this without massive political pressure put on him here and now to put this down good and hard. The hoaxing media will lie about the matter and suppress the information connecting the dots, so that means it's on us to do it. Film them, push the authorities in these Dem-dominated domains to do their jobs, and get the Feds to get off their asses and make these mercenary marauders take perpwalks to prison.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Narrative Warfare: FAIL! Gamers4Her & Incompetence in SJW Bullshit

So, just before the election a bunch of tabletop RPG and boardgame people started a last-ditch push to guilt gamers into voting for Crooked Sick Pedo Hillary. They called it #gamers4her, and you can read the Open Letter here.

Yeah, this went over like a lead balloon. The hashtag on Twitter got nuked from orbit immediately, and only the virtue-signalling morons (and a few others of that ilk) stuck around for more than a drive-by tip of the fedora. The push on Facebook dried up faster than an open canteen in the Sahara. Google Plus? Irrelevant, so whatever.

All they did was give us a list of Social Justice cultists to ban, boycott, pirate, and fork- both them as individuals and companies that sell their crap. We're sick of this bullshit, and pushing back is well within boundaries of reciprocity. (I'll return to this below.)

But then the God-Emperor carried the day, and these cucks and cunts went silent- until the whiny virtue-signalling resumed with the literal shakings and the literal fearing and the literally other-bullshit-meant-to-show-continued-allegiance spewed forth once more. The mockery that real gamers had, many of whom did not know who these people were because tabletop is so small compared to vidya--where the action is--that they just sat back and laughed. I actually had to explain, at Reddit and at YouTube, who these chucklefucks are; most assumed that they made shovelware that they got scammed on to Steam somehow.

This shit is comical in its hubris, and it comes down to a delusional belief in the position that their works are so important that they can't be replaced by an alternative who is just as good (or better) but leaves all this Social Justice crackpot quackery in the shitter (where it belongs). This means it's time to talk about the reality of tabletop gaming: tabletop games are ridiculously easy to fork.

In addition to the usual workarounds (only buy used, download free whenever and wherever, etc.), embrace the power of Fuck You and roll your own; you don't need to buy their products to play the game. You can write your own playable content, make up your own rules (or clone theirs; I've demonstrated both here previously), and enjoy all the tabletop gaming goodness for the rest of your days and never give any of these cultists your money ever again.

That's the goal here: to stop giving money to people who hate you, and thereby cut them off from the networks that sustain them in their parasitic manner. Time to remind these fools that you do NOT fuck with your customers and piss off your audience, especially when you're working in a niche that actually doesn't need middlemen like them at all for anything.

And no, tabletop gamers don't need any of them, at all, for anything- EVER!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

This Ain't Even Yavin IV, Let Alone Endor

If anyone thinks this is over with the election, they are naive or delusional. The culture war in the United States cannot end with this election. It merely shifts from one post-election path to another, because this moment--while important--is not the death blow to either side. Once the results are in and get settled, the next front becomes drawn and the lines clash again there. It's a grind, not a one-round TKO.

So, win or lose, don't get your hopes up. It's not over yet. Not by a long shot.

Monday, November 7, 2016

The BlizzCon 2016 Rundown

Okay, so the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket isn't worth $40 (no, not even for all the digital goodies in the games). What, if anything, was worthwhile out of this year's event?

Well, if you're not at all concerned about the videogame business then why are you reading this post? Come back later. That sorted, what value you get out of BlizzCon is pretty tightly tied to how into one or more Blizzard games you are. As there were no new games announced this year, all we got were Coming Soons and Retrospectives.

  • World of Warcraft: Patch 7.1.5 comming Soon (should be on the PTR tomorrow), which bring in Pandaria Timewalking; Patch 7.2 next year, which is when Tomb of Sargeras hits and Legion Flight becomes achievable. Patch 7.2.5 and 7.3 are a thing, but time to release To Be Determined.
  • Diablo 3: D1 celebration event Soon. Necromancer comes back as a playable class. New zones for Adventure Mode and Quality of Life changes.
  • Starcraft 2: Not much. Bumpkiss, really.
  • Overwatch: Sombra (looks like it'll shake up the meta), new maps, new modes, and Overwatch Pro League (Blizzard wants to be the NFL of Esports.) That last one, if it works, is a serious game-changer for the competitive side of the gaming business.
  • Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan changes the game with multi-class cards. Unfortunately, the cancer of cards that create more cards from nothing will only get worse. RIP strict F2P.

You can go watch all of the tournaments on Twitch or YouTube, so I won't recap other than to say South Korea dominated as they usually do. (Lost only the Hearthstone tournament.)

But then there was Closing Ceremonies. Nothing odd until Weird Al took the stage. If you've never seen a Weird Al live show, know this: that man, and his band, do a LOT of costume changes over the course of a show. While live audiences just make do, that's bad for TV (and thus for live streaming) so someone decided to tack on host segments to cover up the changes and prevent Dead Air. Still nothing odd, until you see some twat pretending to be "Jerry" Assange and some cunt pretending to be a vapid pop star do improv bits inviting people to Tweet at Wikileaks and gamedropped Gamergate on the regular as a deliberate insult to Blizzard's customers and BlizzCon's audience.

Someone done goofed. Badly.

No one who saw those segments liked them, seeing them--rightly--as a tone-deaf and incompetent attempt to be funny by injecting politics into a situation where they did not belong. Total Biscuit didn't like it. Jesse Cox did not like it. Users at /r/wow at Reddit did not like it. Attendees did not like it. But the real kicker was dragging Wikileaks into something that they were not associated with, and inciting people to go at them; that's illegal and someone at either Blizzard or DirectTV's Legal Department (or Watcher himself, being a lawyer), should've read the Riot Act to them and whomever else is responsible for it for exposing them to such liability in a reckless manner.

And there you have it, a decent convention with lots of good competitive play (seriously; that shit was GOOD), ending with a decent show (Weird Al delivered) but marred by that tone-deaf bullshit. Expect that to NOT happen again next year.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The BlizzCon Virtual Ticket: Not Worth It

I'll have more to say about BlizzCon 2016 soon, but for now it's just how I saw what was on the schedule.

I won my Virtual Ticket from a giveaway done at the Final Boss Twitch channel, and I chose the Ticket from the array of choices at hand. For the most part, I knew that the goodies for the games were neat. (Who doesn't like the silly Murloc pets?) What I hoped for was that the streamed stuff behind the paywall would be worth the ticket price.

That hope was in vain.

First: Not all panels were streamed at all. The panels stage and mainstage were the only locations with livestreamed content that wasn't some form of esport tournament. Being that World of Warcraft is my main game, I care most about the WOW panels; these were livestreamed behind the paywall, but in years past it wasn't long before they appeared for free on YouTube. This year I wasn't disappointed; within 12 hours I saw the Friday panel up at YouTube in its entirety, and in High Definition. Saturday's Q&A was up within 8 hours. WOWhead had recap articles up before it was over. What the fuck am I paying for?

And the dark panels (those not streamed) likely were recorded by someone, so I expect those to pop up online shortly, wholly negating both the reason for making them dark (so to drive foot traffic to that venue) and the reason to bury them behind a paywall (so to increase Ticket value- again, why pay for this?

Second: The real draw was on Twitch, and thus streamed for free. All of Blizzard's esports programs have their year-end events at BlizzCon, and there is no way those will be behind the paywall due to the inability to enforce paywall exclusivity. So why pay for the Ticket, and access to that, when I can watch live on Twitch for free? I still get the adds either way (as they're part of the stream, and not inserted otherwise), so I lose nothing. Why pay for this?

Third: The VOD access is moot. To add value to the Ticket, they keep the paywalled stream archives behind the wall for a few weeks after to let buyers watch what they couldn't see live. For the tournaments, you can watch those on YouTube and Twitch. For the panels, you can find them up at YouTube before the con is over. VOD access, therefore, is mooted and irrelevant. Why pay for this?

Fourth: Ticket holders, physical and virtual, get access to the BlzzCon store ahead of time. If there was anything truly exclusive of value to be had there, that would be worth something; there isn't, so it's not.

Conclusion: I should have instead gotten $40 of Battlenet credit; that would've ensured that I could buy the next WOW expansion. The Virtual Ticket is a waste of money, and the virtual goodies--the only thing of value left--are not worth $40.

You may note that I did not talk about the Weird Al concert. That's because it deserves its own post. Tomorrow, folks.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Cernovich, Molyneux, & Vox Day: Spirit Cooking: Evil In Government

I'm not one to reinvent the wheel. When three folks whom I follow and read/watch get together to talk the big things, I'd rather just point to it and let them speak for themselves. That's what I'm going to do here. Given the revelation of Satanism in high government positions, this video of these men talking about the matter and what it means has all the value and my commentary really doesn't add any value. Watch, observe, and then act to do what you can about it. Links to further information are in the video description on the YouTube page.

The Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign has been rocked by continued FBI Investigation related to her illegal email server, handling of classified information, pay-to-play at the Clinton Foundation and much more! Julian Assange and Wikileaks have confirmed the level of corruption and media collusion that many expected through their release of Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta's emails.

Several of the latest Podesta emails have provided information connecting the controversial performance artist Marina Abramovic and the disgusting practice of "Spirit Cooking" to the Clinton inner circle. Stefan Molyneux is joined by Mike Cernovich and Vox Day to discuss the spirit cooking scandal and the unfathomable evil among those at high levels within government.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Narrative Warfare: The Hoaxing Media Is Part of the Crime Network

Well shit, ain't that the truth. This election has done so much to bring forth just how utterly corrupt the media establishment is, making them truly nothing but the hoaxing media. Well, the man who coined that term did it for a reason, a perfectly valid and effective reason: it attacks the source of their power, which is their illusion of legitimacy, rolled into their brand- the symbol generating that illusion. It took meme magic for the hoaxing media to acquire their power, and it's taking meme magic to destroy it- and destroy it we must, for our own sake as well as that of our posterity.

Well, what do we replace it with then? (Yes, it must be replaced by us or they will do it; it won't be left a fallow pile of ash and ruin.) We do it ourselves, as a network of individuals; the Internet allows this to work globally, which is why it must be protected. A Twitter user by the name of Hector Morenco went on a Tweet spam ties the Clintons to Syria and the Saudis' oil interests here and . Mike Cernovich, following a Tweet by Jared Wyand is now alleging that the odd language found in Podesta emails is code covering for a pedophile ring that the Clintons ran and covered for, and we all know that the pedo life at the top is hardly an Anglo-American thing; this likely is also tied to those Saudi princes and others in that world.

Shit's coming together now, and we can safely say that the hoaxing media is part of the network now. Their owners and top executives run in these circles and engage in this corruption to pursue their own ends and engage in their shared depravities. That power of ownership, coupled with a generations-long internal culture that suborns such subversion (and protects their own retreats such as the infamous Bohemian Grove), is plenty sufficient to explain why the hoaxing media does its part for the network: it's GroupThink first, and criminal conspiracy second.

And it has to go. Burned to ash, its ruins salted, and the site exorcised of the taint lingering therein. If we don't, we'll go the way of Sodom, and justly so. I ain't got time for that.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Legion Hype: BlizzCon 2016 THIS WEEK!

Okay, this isn't strictly about World of Warcraft, rather fandom of all things Blizzard, but whatever. Blizzard's put on the 10th annual BlizzCon this weekend, and though I'm not attending (again) I will be enjoying all the panels and such via a Virtual Ticket that I (again) won in a last-minute giveaway from a WOW-related fan outlet. (This time, it was Final Boss, and I chose a Ticket from the options permitted when I won one of his post-progression kill giveaways for The Emerald Nightmare.) And like my friends, guildmates, and other fellow fans I follow who're hyped about it I look forward to seeing what's coming and what's going down.

What I am confident in speculating about is that Blizzard will take the opportunity provided by this being the 10th annual convention and the 25th anniversary of the Warcraft franchise to hype some new stuff that we heretofore had not expected. Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 are on their way out now; their teams are cut to skeletal states and people are being reassigned to other projects- some of which are unannounced as of this post. Overwatch is a success, Heroes of the Storm continues to push other MOBAs, and Hearthstone flourishes, while Legion is a return to form for World of Warcraft, but if Blizzard wants this success to continue it has to continue making new games and knowing when a game's lifespan expires. (Yes, even WOW will go down someday.) This is what I'm wanting to hear out of them.

The other thing I expect this year is more expansion of their IPs outside of gaming and tie-in literature. The Warcraft movie did well outside of the United States, such that I expect a sequel to be announced soon, because US box office and home video isn't the shot-caller that it once was in the movie world. I'm expecting those properties going fallow now to be next to get treatment to film and televsion, with Starcraft in particular being friendly to animation while Diablo allows for live-action treatment for television rather easily.

As for a new game, I expect more exploitation of the Overwatch property for new games. A new RPG, a new RTS, set in periods previous to that of Overwatch, would be welcome. Hell, more of those animated shorts (Hello, Terran!) would be welcome; those right there are Proof Of Concept that a series would work. Whatever comes, I expect to hear about it this weekend. I'm hyped, and as soon as I get my Virtual Ticket I'll be set for fun.

So, playable Vrykul please. I want to turn my Warrior into a Shieldmaiden. Oh, and when can I wield a spear as a one-handed weapon like those Shieldmaidens do? Gotta get my spear-and-shield action on.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Razorfist Presents THE SHADOW: The Immortal Murderer (Radio RECREATION)

Look, I've sung Razorfist's praises more than once on this blog, but this shows that he's upped his game. That's right, he did a radio play, and he's put it up for all to enjoy on his YouTube channel (and there is a MP3 link to go with it therein). That's all the introduction this needs, so I'll just embed it and let him do the rest.

Our first ever HALLOWEEN SPECIAL is a doozie! A recreation - with full cast - of a lost episode of THE SHADOW Old-Time Radio Drama. Specifically, an episode that originally aired in 1944, written by famed science fiction scribe Alfred E. Bester!

Many, MANY thanks to all who participated. From Sargon of Akkad to Asalieri, and of course, my incredible viewers, who participated as well.

More. I want more. Now.