Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Business: Liars Lack Logos

I came across this in my Twitter feed today.

And this follow-up summarized the issue.

This is what happens when you forsake Logos and think that you can literally make up your own truth. You lose the ability to discern propaganda from reality (i.e. Logos) which is what parables rely upon for their impact, and is what justifies literature's existence. The SJWs in SF (et. al.), having swallowed Satan's lie due to their own pride, see only the utility of literature as a propaganda tool to brainwash populations- an inversion of Logos.

Ultimately this embrace of madness degenerates those that do so, weakening them to the point of decrepitude, and the proof is in the work that they produce- both the quality and the quantity. Normal people may lack the language, but they notice the effects and react accordingly with closed wallets and moving feet. They want entertainment, not propaganda, and entertainment has to have Logos to maximize its value and impact. You can't lie and get away with it forever; every con man knows it, despite being unable to stop grifting. Forsake Logos and that doom comes for you.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Gatekeeping Isn't Optional

Whether it's the rich and famous or just influencers in very niche culture segments, the SJW playbook remains the same:

  1. Get gatekeeper positions.
  2. Turn a scene into a fake community.
  3. Use fake "community" language to justify gatekeeping enemies out of the scene.
  4. BANHAMMER! (They'd kill you if they could, but they can't.)

Two examples of this in action. The first is that Jack Dorsey wants to ban James Woods (Yes, the actor.) from Twitter over the latter's unrelenting support for the God-Emperor, but can't because doing so would bring more pressure than relieve it. The second is the RPGPundit being hit by this exact scam to justify shutting him out of the OSR subreddit at Reddit because the mods are SJWs.

And yes, Jack is a Gamma faggot. His appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast made that crystal clear; he'd ban Woods if he could in a heartbeat.

That the Pundit gets so much hate from SJWs in tabletop gaming should tell you two things: he's more influential than he gets credit for, and the stakes are not what they think they are. (What they are I'll expand upon in another post.)

At least the SJWs in TRPGs can't destroy D&D. The Open Gaming License makes this impossible.

The lesson here is simple. This is a situation akin to nuclear weapons or firearms: if you don't pursue them, your enemies will and use them against you. Gatekeeping is not an option anymore; if you don't seize those positions and use them to keep the SJWs out, then they will seize those positions and use them against you. Take and hold all the gates; firm boundaries form free societies.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Goodbye Gun Control

I enjoy a solid world-historic Fuck You to Empire. If I hadn't had something bigger for the weekly Empire post, I'd put this there instead of here.

Below is a Big Deal. It's the release of all the files needed to craft your own AR-15, provided you have the tools, from scratch. This is bigger than the release of the Ghost Gunner CNC machine; this is the practical follow-through of Cody Wilson's promise to make gun control impossible due to The Internet Is Forever. It got posted about a month ago and I can't believe that this didn't get bigger attention.

Sure, you can probably get parts commercially for a sufficiently cheap price, but having the ability to roll your own ensures that you always have the capacity to equip and maintain yourself no matter how bad things get. All you need to have are the tools to make these files useful and you're good to go; focus on acquiring, by trade or crafting, the necessary ammunition instead. Never fear bans again once you've got these files, but first you'll have to endure the freakouts of Empire's Thralls as they grasp with the reality that they can never again count on a disarmed populace.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Signal Boost: Unauthorized, a Video Network for Dissenters

The Supreme Dark Lord is relentless in his ambitions against the world. Today he formally unveils what he informally did last night on the Darkstream: Unauthorized.TV.

We launched this a little sooner than we'd planned, due to the fact that YouTube demonetized the Big Bear yesterday afternoon. But we already have over one hundred hours of content, including the Darkstreams, Voxiversities, and Owen's shorts and live shows.

The premium content is coming soon, but there is no real difference between the $10 Basic subscription and the $25 Premium monthly subscriptions, it's just about how much support you're willing and able to offer the channel. Most of the content is, and will remain, free. The $5 Feed the Bear subscription is a replacement for Owen's YouTube memberships and primarily supports the Big Bear.

This is NOT a YouTube replacement.

This is meant to be a content network syndicated to other sites, so the website is meant to be a repository that subscribers can directly access rather than the destination in itself. It reminds me of how Red Ice runs their content, which also has a subscription-based members site, but in a smarter manner. I don't think all of you will like it, but I do think enough of you will to make paying $5 or $10/month worth the effort to budget for it.

Expect contributors to be selected, vetted, and invited. Expect content to be similarly centered on quality contributions over quantity of uploads. Assuming that this works as intended, and doesn't become a containment site for stuff YouTube doesn't want (which I expect will be the case for other such sites like Full30), Unauthorized should quickly be a network of content providers that a good part of the population wants made available to them. Good luck, Supreme Dark Lord.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Narrative Warfare: A Tale of Two Inversions

Razorfist released a rant on a new Doom movie no one wanted or asked for.

This is not just a right-retention movie. It's also a tax writeoff for the parties concerned, and that they could shove some SJW bullshit in the process is just gravy for these people. Spreading the Narrative was not top priority here; keeping control over an IP that has some hotness going for it was. Razorfist is on target here, and that's why I've already filed this film away under "Not even if they pay me to watch it." This film is an inversion, but not purposefully so. This is incompetence on display more than malice.

No, if you want a film where the SJW Narrative was the top priority, look to Brightburn. This movie inverts the Superman mythology into a horror film, complete with Clark as Always Chaotic Evil Demigod. Both trailers make it crystal clear that this is a Superman movie, but inverting everything so as to make Supes into a Cthulhu-grade villain.

As I said earlier this week, deliberate destruction of a culture's heroes is a display of dominance meant to demoralize them. That's what Brightburn does, using just enough obfuscation to provide legal deniability vis-a-vis DC claiming copyright infringement, and while this film isn't going to have the reach of a blockbuster it has all of the things that the film festival crowd--which includes a lot of people who make blockbusters--want out of a film. In short, this film is a Proof of Concept for a superhero subversion that would complement the SJW convergence of Marvel's films and give DC a reason to do the same.

The only question that remains is what "heroes" replace those subverted and destroyed in our media like this. Brie Larson's take on Carol Manboobs is the mildest example of what to expect; we can look forward to worse if this is not stopped. Supporting those willing and able to uphold true heroism in defense of Civilization is more important now than it was previously, as this is a clear sign of the acceleration of the SJW agenda. The incompetents like this Doom movie only provide cover for the real subversives like Brightburn; the sooner we can Fork & Replace them, the better.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Mess With a Man's Money If You Want To Suffer

Nick Rekieta talks about Tortious Interference in this video, and it's short enough to watch over your lunch break.

Vic Mignogna was fired from Funimation and Rooster Teeth and disinvited from conventions. We've been lacking a critical piece of tortious interference with contract...until maybe right now.

Uh oh! Shane asked a good question! How do you PROVE that there was knowledge of a contract? Well, ma'am...maybe we can do just that...

Grab some whiskey and join me!

Some SJW dun goofed.

This is going to be very interesting regarding the whole Vic Mignogna affair. If this pans out as I think it will, then Vic's lawyers at Beard & Associates will have a good time wrecking Vic's accusers and those abetting them in court. This goes beyond the interference that Mark Waid is alleged to have done to Diversity & Comics, and I would expect that these Very Smrt Boys and Grrls would finally get the point their Rhetoric-focused social media schemes aren't going to save their asses. We'll see if any of them lawyer up, and shortly thereafter shut the fuck up.

I am pleased to see the support for Vic out there. Based anime fans need to step up at this time and push back against the SJWs in their midst, especially in the con scene (where such resistance would be most effective), where SJWs converge the cons as a means of controlling the scene and gatekeeping thereafter. Remember that we've got the books on SJWs out there, so spread the word. They can be beaten.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Poke That Bear Harder, SJWs.

No one accused SJWs of being intelligent. The ones involved with the failed hit I mentioned yesterday are doubling down.

The stupidity on display makes me wonder how they make it through the day. These people already prompted one round of legal action, and this is how they respond? Knowing that deposition letters are on the table, they attack someone who knows the law better than them with means that are no less legally dubious than those employed against Vic. They are so programmed to display the Three Laws of SJWs that they're doing them routinely on Twitter alone; expect them to be engage in some gay ops behind closed doors because coordinating SJW swarm attacks is their thing.

I do hope that Vic's lawyers come at them soon, and come at them hard. I hope that Nick counter-punches legally also. In the meantime, I repeat that we are not without remedy. In Minnesota, defamation is a crime, and if I catch folks talking shit you can be certain I'll press charges. Check your local laws, folks; if you have similar remedies, or easier civil options, then let slip the dogs of war and use them. Lawfare is on the table; feast good and hard with it. No amount of Muh Feels matter when you get caught up in a legal action.

Show them that poking the bear is as stupid as going into a predator's zoo enclosure and expecting to cuddle them. In the meantime, mock their weaksauce without mercy.