Thursday, August 13, 2020

Admin: "Hounds of Nimrod" Campaign Ended

Late last night the campaign closed. The final total is $1355. That falls short of the Stretch Goal, but remains a success nonetheless. I will mail digital copies of Reavers later today. I will post a post-mortem in the near future here at the blog.

I am grateful to all of you for your support. Those of who who opted for an Illustration or Build-a-Mech will be contacted in new few weeks.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

My Life As A Writer: "Hounds of Nimrod" Campaign Final Hours

Just over 15 hours (as of this post) remains in the campaign. These are the Premium Perk remaining:

  • Character Illustration: Five slots remain
  • Build-a-Mech: Two slots remain
  • Build-a-Starship: Five slots remain
  • Design the Back Cover
  • Be In A Book: Three slots remain
  • Die in A Book: Two slots remain

And you can still throw in for digital or physical copies as well, all of which you can find here.

We're $280 shy of our Stretch Goal to upgrade all the physical copy backers with free catchup copies of Reavers, so if you've been holding out this is going to be your last chance. Once it's over, that's it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Bonus Post: This Election Is DONE!

As I post this, Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate.

Stick a fork in this election. It's done. The Trumpslide is now inevitable. Creepy Joe picked Heels Up Harris The Super (Slut-)Cop. This confirms that Harris' career has hit its end; she's never getting any further than this, because Biden's not going to win due to the God-Emperor already shutting down every avenue the Dems would use to cheat their way to a win.

Trumpslide 2020, folks. It's going to be epic. Just remember to vote.

My Life As A Gamer: This Delay Might As Well Be Cancellation

Arch delivers the new on the next Vampire videogame.

In case you forgot or missed it, this is the sequel to Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines and is based on the tabletop RPG of the same name. Paradox Interactive, the company behind this game, also owns the TRPG, and being SJWs they're putting in all the Death Cult cant that Current Year demands regardless of audience expectation (or tolerance), and on cue said audience told them to fuck off with that bullshit.

Being a wholly converged company, it cannot competently execute its purported excuse for being anymore. This means that the announcement of delaying release until 2021 can be reasonably taken as recognition that they fucked up, they're using Corona-chan as a face-saving excuse, and they hope to have a more favorable release next year when this (in theory) all blows over.

Hah, no.

2020 is not an aberrant year. 2020 is a paradigm-shifting year. Most of the world will admit this once the second Trumpslide hits this November, by which time it will be far too late to change its cascading effects going forward. The raging insanity of SJWs over the first term of the God-Emperor's reign will only increase, making it even harder for SJWs like Paradox to keep their shit together long enough to put out a half-assed playable demo and charge you $60 or more for it. The poz in the game's narrative and mechanics will only get worse, as will the tone-deaf skreetching at you to "pay up, piggie, or you're wacist" or something that passes for a marketing campaign.

Don't expect this to be worth the time if it's ever released. The tabletop game certainly isn't.

That's why I say this might as well be cancellation. There is no way a studio run by and dominated by mentally ill Death Cultists can not go full-tilt Bozo after November, despite being over in northern Europe, and thus make it too difficult to meet their new delayed deadline. They might as well pack it in now and check into the loony bin before all the beds are taken.

Because if they persist, we're going to--at best--get some stuff that makes the original Anne Rice fanfic that was VTM's 1st edition look like timeless literature. We're talking Fake Trek, Mouse Wars, etc. levels of suck and blow- we're talking 2016 Fembusters levels of bad. They've already fired the original fanbase, so this looks like a shitshow all right.

It's more of the demolition we've seen already. They hate you. Don't give them your money.

I'll take it. The campaign for "Hounds of Nimrod" is in its final hours and we aren't at the Stretch Goal. The link is here.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Blessed Trolling

This is top-tier trolling.

Read the replies. The tut-tutting and failed shame attacks really do reveal who the heretics are. Note the language of the troll. It focuses on what is good, beautiful, and true. The Death Cult can't have that, like sunlight and holiness to a vampire, and recoils instinctively hissing all the while. They can't touch the argument, so they try to get the wielder instead. He laughs every shot at him off, and needles them harder in response. It's brilliant.

Take notes, friends. This is how you get folks to out themselves as witches and make them willfully immolate their moral authority and credibility before others, a necessary precondition to winning a Narrative Warfare campaign against them, since they rely on stolen moral authority to take and hold power.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Narrative Warfare: They Admit It's About Stealing Your Kids

More mask slipping. This time it's teachers and what schooling is actually about.

Which reminds me that you should know John Taylor Gatto. He was on this beat for decades before he died.

This is why the Death Cult doesn't care about their anti-natalism. They know they have the means to steal your kids and poz them into their replacements instead of yours. Don't believe me? Go look at the useful idiots rioting under the Antifa flag. Their narratives routinely include Cultist stories of being "saved" from "racist bigot" families and using their lives to decolonize/queer the "whiteness" they came from.

It's also one of the big reasons driving their impetus to conquer and destroy. They fully expect to seize the people they conquer and coerce them into compliance, psychologically breaking them and them remaking them into zealots for the Death Cult. (This is what university, in particular, is meant to do now. It's why those fresh-faced graduating seniors from high school turn into self-hating undergraduates in record time of arriving at university.)

And that rapid radicalization ain't coming out of nowhere. They want your kids NOW, as early as pre-school, and because you buy into the status aspiration that dual-income li ving is meant to (but doesn't) provide, you let them. Tell the wife to stay home and do her job. Learn to live like your (great-)grandparents, let her school the kids until they're old enough for a proper apprenticeship, then learn on the job from there.

Once you've made that step, you'll be ready for further moves away from what the Death Cult wants and back to what Civilization requires.

Campaign Update: Final stretch, folks. About 65 hours to go before closing. Get that Stretch Goal. Build-a-Mech slots remain, Character Illustration slots, remain, Build-a-Starship, Be/Die in a Book, and Back Cover too. Hit up the page here and get in while you can.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Narrative Warfare: It Makes Sense When It's Seen As A Power Move

The Supreme Dark Lord noticed something in the Establishment today. Specifically, this:

The Covid-19 pandemic has only helped the movement expand: Hundreds of thousands of people with nothing else to do have been exposed to the fringe fulminations. The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), a London think tank, says that from March through June, QAnon-related posts surged on Facebook and Twitter. While its believers were far from the only ones trying to discredit the use of masks or cast doubt on vaccines, they were among the largest groups.

Twitter took action on July 21, announcing measures targeting “so-called ‘QAnon’ activity” across its platform. “We’ve been clear that we will take strong enforcement action on behavior that has the potential to lead to offline harm,” the company tweeted as it detailed the crackdown. Twitter is suspending accounts for breaking existing rules and will no longer highlight as “trending” or recommend content and accounts associated with QAnon. It will also try to stop the movement from being played up in search. Users will no longer be able to share URLs associated with it.

Twitter’s plan has parallels with an earlier crackdown by Reddit in 2018 after its forums became QAnon hotbeds. The most prominent subreddits associated with the movement came down, and new ones even hinting they had something to do with it could not be created. Reddit’s move is considered to be among the more significant blows against QAnon.

But the tactics so effective on Reddit in 2018 may not work for Twitter. The QAnon movement is now a very different beast from the one that used to populate now-deleted subreddits such as r/TheGreatAwakening.

To which the SDL said: "It's really rather remarkable that the most reliably dishonest group of people in the West have the nerve to try to silence millions of people on the purported basis of passing on misinformation. But then, they seem to regard hubris as a virtue. If they were actually members of Western civilization, or even understood anything at all about Western philosophy, they would know that Nemesis always makes an appearance, sooner or later."

It's simpler than that. It's literally this.

They are saying as a display of power that they--and they alone--get to decide what is true and what is not. Conveniently, those they deem false are not part of their group, their tribe. (Literally, in many cases.) It's literally nothing more than signalling who is a Friend and who is an Enemy, and Enemies are Free and Fair Game prey upon as you or your Friends see fit.

Once you see it, you can't unsee it. A lot of other things about Narrative Warfare fall into place because now a bridge between Normieville and Wooland is established that gets the point across. In short, this is a flex first and foremost, and a means of discerning whom and how to punish second. This isn't about maintaining MSM credibity; this is about signalling in-group identification first, discerning out-group threats second, and intimidating outsiders third. The credibility claim is cover, nothing more.