Saturday, September 21, 2019

Geek Gab Presents: Sword and Planet Adventure with Alexander Hellene!

This week's episode is all about the oldest form of Science Fiction, the original and foundational form: the Planetary Romance. The boys bring on author Alexander Hellene to talk about his new novel, The Last Ancestor.

I appreciate the shout-out by Hellene. Paperback for Reavers is in the works; update is at the Study.

When they finally get around to the topic, the conversation about Science Fiction is actually worth listening to and taking into consideration. The comparison between the Men With Screwdrivers and the Romantics is an apt one, and gets at the root of the conflict within the field that includes what is nominally considered separate- fantasy and horror.

Friday, September 20, 2019

My Life As A Gamer: (RPGPundit) News Flash: RPGs are not BDSM, SJWs!

Tabletop's Little Red Book has had all the predictable responses by all the usual suspected. The RPG Pundit cut a video responding to one of the co-authors attempting to defend his work against the right reaction of disgust and contempt that it deserves.

The key is that the SJWs are weaponizing the BDSM fetish culture against tabletop gaming, inverting the norms of tabletop RPG organization using an unrelated perversion to normalizing their desire to dictate what is allowed and who is allowed to be at the table. This is some wizardry, some sophistry, and even as something as innocuous as a game hobby the Commie faggots WILL NOT LEAVE YOU ALONE!

This is done with moralizing, religious language and fervor and that betrays that the SJWs are in fact a religion of their own in direct competition with Christianity and Christendom. Brian Niemeier's Witch Test should be applied: let none go on playing the priest without making the confession of faith required- Jesus is the Christ, and God raised Him from the dead.

You'd be surprised just how often this results in the challenged party shutting down entirely. You have to see it in action to comprehend its power; they are so in thrall to what powers push this false faith that they cannot so much as utter the name of God's only begotten son. For a people so committed to lying their way to power, they cannot falsely utter a creed alien to their own, and that is profound. They'll dissemble, get irate, and so on as an excuse to duck the issue- don't let them. They confess, or they go away and never come back.

Suffer no witches. Test them and see for yourself. You want this matter settled? Get your Van Hellsing on, get out the Holy Symbol, and be the Cleric. Turn the witch, and watch them flee before that which they cannot deny: God.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Death Cult Fears Gamers, Not Players

As much as I want to respect the guys promoting the Manosphere, I know damn well that they are not as effective as they think they are, and shit like this is why.

Let me put this into very simple terms: Gamers did real damage to the SJW Death Cult. The SJWs hate and fear gamers. Their behavior shows this, daily and repeatedly. Those same SJWs also show by behavior that they do not fear or hate the Manosphere. Why? Gamers are effective at hurting them, while the Manosphere is not.

Shit-talking gamers is the tell that proves the SJWs' take to be the correct one. We can see with the 'sphere that there is a split going on, and it's down the line of those with families vs. those without- players vs. patriarchs. The patriarchs aren't the one shit-talking gamers like this; they see that gamers actually cultivate Delta-grade habits, especially a tolerance for doing the grind, that translate well to real-life environments. Why do the patriarchs see this? Because they are the Alphas and Betas that lead the Deltas, and thus hone a skill at finding teachable people to lead to success.

When you shit-talk gamers, you reveal that you haven't gotten there yet and your claims to being able to do so are just that- claims. Patriarchs, having had to run households and manage wives and children, comprehend that you have to speak the language of your subordinates if you want to successfully lead them. You don't speak a gamer's tongue when you come at them; you don't even challenge them. You're telling them to fuck off, and they will, especially if they have actual results that you don't match.

And the players of the Manosphere are actually lacking in achievements worth a damn.

"But Muh Revenue!" you say. "I make 10K a month!" you say. SO FUCKING WHAT! Your money is worthless if it's gotten via worthless, parasitic means or put to pointless, narcissistic ends- and that's most of you players in a nutshell. At least the patriarch comprehends that he's got to build something substantial enough for his wife and children to live on if he dies, which means he builds a business that deals in real, eu-civic affairs such as architecture and not buying watches for 50 cents to sell for $5000 because you put your brand on it.

Look at Roosh, player. He gets that you're living a pointless hollow sham. That's why he bent the knee and repented, a real latter-day Saint Augustine. Even if he never marries and enjoys fatherhood, he's already proved more effective at defeating SJWs than you ever will without doing the same. Gamers get this, because patriarchs produce real results and players just piss around peacoking and preening like the rabbits they are- and not the wolves the patriarchs have to be. Patriarchs are winners because they get results that are solid and permanent; players are pussy faggots because they can't handle the grind to build something greater than themselves. Gamers know the difference. Gamers respect the grind.

And that's why, at the last, I may take note of what the Manosphere says and does but until the patriarchs complete their takeover of the scene and reorient the affairs accordingly I can't take this scene as a serious threat to the SJW Death Cult. Players ultimately serve Molech by being complicit in providing the material for the sacrifices; patriarchs, having taken responsibility for what they issue, resist Molech's attempts to consume their posterity. You want me to take you seriously, oh Manosphere? Put your skin in the game, marry, and produce legitimate children: Be a Patriarch.

When you do, you'll see what the grind is really about, and maybe then you'll grok why gamers are a real threat to the cult and you're not.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Narrative Warfare: It's About Human Sacrifice

It's all so tiresome, and predictable.

Razorfist rants about the second coming at Justice Brett Kavanaugh, repeating the discredited allegations made during his confirmation hearings and double-down by claiming that he committed perjury in answering them, in order to yank him off the Supreme Court. More likely is that this is meant to attack the Court's legitimacy in order to facilitate a new round of state-level nullification campaigns meant to ignore Federal law and regulation.

It's not about guns. For all the hysteria about guns and gun control, this attack on the Supreme Court isn't motivated by that issue. No, this is about abortion, and it's about abortion because it's coming out more and more that abortion is nothing more than well-disguised human sacrifice to the demon Molech.

But something's shifted, and the cultists sense it. They know something's going to go down, and against them, in the near term and their usual safeguards are gone thanks to the God-Emperor. With Ginsberg hanging on by a thread, the rabbit-thinkers are in a fluster and that's what's driving this hysteria. They are so used to having it free and easy that any constriction is catastrophic to them.

That's all this is about: keeping the human sacrifices coming. To that end they are willing to do anything, and that's going to quickly expose who among the American population serves Molech and whom remains true to their loyalty to their Creator and his only begotten son Jesus.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Razorfist Presents: The Shadowcast #2 - THE SHADOW/GREEN HORNET: Dark Nights

It's time again for Razorfist's podcast on The Shadow. Description reads as follows: In our continuing exploration of The Birth of a Dark Legend, we discuss two other prominent firsts: The Shadow's first-ever crossover with THE GREEN HORNET in DARK KNIGHTS (2013) and his first encounter with BATMAN in BATMAN #253! For some reason embedding is not enabled, so the link is here.

The episode's focus on crossover treatments by someone other than original scribe Walter B. Gibson reveals the problem with corporate ownership of intellectual property, where we see incompetent, maleducated writers and publishers treat valuable property with all the care they would a roll of toilet paper. While some works are better than others, the overall trend remains a bad one and as such I have to question the wisdom of allowing anyone but the creator to own the creation.

And we're going to see more of this as Razorfist continues his focus upon this topic, something that even the 1994 film ran afoul of, as he goes over other crossover stories and other works by someone other than Gibson. Much like the case with Robert E. Howard and his creations, few that attempt to write The Shadow grok The Shadow- and even fewer attempt to try. The media adaptations across the generations show just how badly this comprehension is to successfully executing any Shadow story, meaning that what we see with Mouse Wars is not unusual in the least- and Disney certainly made his fortune off of fan fiction of others' properties long before the Devil Mouse arose.

The Futurians, their fellow travelers, and their inheritors have much to answer for.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Narrative Warfare: BPS on California's Collapse

Like I needed another reason to stay away from California.

Black Pigeon Speaks lays it out clearly that the degeneration of the state comes from the degeneration of the state's demography from the American Nation to aliens and foreigners who have no problems voting as a block to use the state to loot everyone else for their benefit.


The welfare state is first. It incentivizes poverty, drawing the poor from elsewhere to come here and get on benefits because it beats being where they came from. Once gotten it becomes Danegeld, and any denial of them provokes violence from the benefit-takers.

The result is the police state. The need to keep the underclass in line requires an occupying army of paramilitary law enforcement agents ready, willing, and able to use lethal force to put down violence and "maintain order". That order is on the behalf of the functionary class that keeps this regime running, and it runs for one other group.

That group is the kleptocrats looting the place for their own benefit. They're the super-rich that dominates it all through ownership of all the things, formally or otherwise, and that includes its politics and culture. They are very small, stick to their secured enclaves, and use the functionaries and police as meatshields to wall themselves away from the underclass they exploit coming (via shit employment and exploitation) and going (taxation and welfare).

This is a Third World regime, and California is exactly that. New York City is in a similar position, as are other big American cities and their European counterparts. If the example of California's decent from First to Third World status isn't sufficient to turn you off of what the Left wants to do, then consider that the elites supporting all of these policies already live as if this were the case.

Yes, even in places where the full effects have not taken hold yet, they live like this. That is the tell; they have no skin in the game, and when it collapses they fully expect to bug out and relocate to someplace else--with all of their wealth intact--and do it all again there. Their biggest fear is that someone will find them, fix them , and finally do unto them what they've done to everyone else. Hence George Carlin's "Big Club" bit, and why seeming enemies somehow unite when a real threat manages to manifest- such as the God-Emperor.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

My Birthday Approaches

My birthday comes up in a few weeks. There isn't much I'm expecting, but that doesn't mean I don't want anything. In addition to what I have linked in the Gifts & Support tab, there is one other thing I want. No, it's not a firearm; I can list those separately- see the Comments. It's not a car; you need to put all the controls on the wheel for me to use one anyway now that I lost my right foot. It's something that Sentai Filmworks put out a year ago, and still--barely--in stock. It's the ONLY commercial release for the original OVA release of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and you're going to need to pass the hat because it's still $800 (albeit with free shipping).

You get a LOT for that price. Given most US BD anime release prices, you're looking at a steal. Not even the Kickstarter for Megazone 23 (25 hours left as of this post) is quite that good for value.

There's only one thing I want more than this: an anime adaptation for Star Knight, with music by the Living Goddess who inspired its heroine- Yoko Kanno.