Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Mouse Empire Expands

The Midnight's Edge crew had another podcast for the After Dark show late last night. Here is that podcast for your convenience.

The big deal here is the segment regarding the sale of 21st Century Fox to Disney. Barring Federal intervention, this move will only reinforce the Mouse Empire. As the Supreme Dark Lord notes, Disney is a SJW corporation and Fox was already amenable if not converged itself so the Narrative will be mandated in all of its subsidiaries- and that likely will come forth first in the form of personnel changes meant to remove obstacles and install cultists. Expect the cultural hijacking now obvious with Star Wars to become apparent in Fox titles going forward.

I know the crew will go into the Fox-Disney deal more in-depth this weekend, but for now let me say this: this is a level of corporate power over popular culture that other culture industry powers wish that they had. One corporation now owns outright, or has a controlling interest over, several world-dominant properties- properties that have shaped human (not just Western, or American) culture in the last 50+ years. Properties that--as the aforementioned Star Wars example shows--will be subordinated to the needs of the SJW Death Cult and its masters.

Disney has too much power. No, neither Congress nor the courts will do a damned thing; they're the cucks who obediently change copyright law whenever Steamboat Willie is about to fall into the Public Domain, and then affirm it in court decisions. The God-Emperor has more pressing matters to address. That means it's on us, and we have ONE recourse: to walk away.

Fortunately, we don't need Disney to sell us our own mythology back to us. We made our own before, and we can do it again now- and we should have been doing so all along. Specialization is for insects, and the atomization we experience is in large part due to over-emphasis on specialization such that we don't participate in creating our own culture anymore. Now that the means to fix this are at-hand, this trend is (slowly) reverting to the historical norm, but not without resistance both within and without.

If you let someone else tell you your story, they will tell it to their benefit- not yours. That's what's happening here. They want you to ignore the forsaken child that makes Omelas possible. Walk away.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Midnight's Edge Groks the Malaise: Mythology

The crew got together and put down another episode of the After Dark podcast for Midnight's Edge on the 11th, talking about all of the news out of Hollywood.

There is one matter of note in this podcast that comes up when they discuss the upcoming Spider-Man animated film, and that's how the superhero movie market is saturated. It turns out that the conceptual space for superhero movies is smaller than that for comics, such that attempts to make both in-franchise and out-of-franchise films for a character (as this aforementioned animated film does) are doomed to fail. (Hint: Peter Parker IS Spider-Man, and Marvel's finding out the hard way that they can't undo that fact.)

Saturation for intellectual property is perception-based more than anything else. Again pointing to the comics industry in the US, the fact is that both Marvel and DC--for decades--have tried to work around the saturation problem by ignoring it. Multiple books about the same damned character(s) or group(s) can and does lead to brand confusion, and therefore IP confusion, that becomes a barrier to entry for new readers (and customers) that cuts off growth over time.

And, in a repeat of history, it seems that film and TV executives are trying to do the same thing and expect different results- and have been for a little while now. (It's not for nothing that the Kids TV show versions are significantly different from both comics and the adult TV/Film offerings, to date, and only succeeded partially in avoiding the problem.)

Allow me to put my Religious Studies hat on.

Fundamentally, the problem is incompetence. The incompetence stems from failure to comprehend what they are working with. The IP holders think they need to tell stories in order to get the audience to buy the merchandise that is the real money-maker. They're not correct because they fail to comprehend that "telling stories" isn't the whole job; a few get that this is mythology, but even that is not sufficient comprehension as shown in their actions, because they don't get what mythology is either.

Mythology is the narrative that a nation tells itself to itself about itself and the world it dwells within. It is the heart of religion, and therefore inherently religious, because religion cannot fulfill its lawful function within a nation without it.

And religion, therefore, has at its heart the duty of performance because of the need for narrative. I'm not talking about everyday living, ethical codes, etc.; I'm talking about ritual. Mythology has power because it serves a real human need; it allows individuals to re-experience the formative experiences of generations past, in a controlled form, and thereby re-create the circumstances that put forth the revelations of past generations and bring them back to life--to immediacy in individual perspectives--so celebrants may be transformed by those revelatory experiences in turn (and, therefore, arrive at the same conclusions).

Everything about secular entertainment and related areas that relies on Narrative stems from religion and its Sacred Drama ritual function. And I do mean everything: theater, poetry, music, prose, public speaking, journalism, advertising, marketing, public relations, film, television, etc. are all derivative from (and can trace its power and roots from) Sacred Drama.

If you do not understand performance as ritual, then you do not understand mythology and narrative, and any attempt to succeed in such thing as commercial endeavors is going to fail- it's just a matter of how and why.

And if you do understand this, then you can tell the difference between incompetence and malevolence. The latter is Narrative Warfare. The former is what Midnight's Edge often complains about. (And I expect I will have plenty to say about the warfare this weekend.)

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

New Super Robot Wars Game Coming Next Year

I loved the hell out of Super Robot Wars V, so when this came to my attention my hype gland went into overdrive.

This should be a fantastic game. If the same care to narrative synthesis I saw with V is here, then I expect one hell of a wargame experience. Just tell me that JAM Project is doing the theme song again, and I am all ready to hunt this down and do the dance required to get the special stuff that I know will be present as bonus material.

Yeah, this is me being all hyped about a game that's months away and will likely have some Engrish issues when released, but I don't care. Yeah, this series is a square grid wargame with a narrative attached. I don't care. Yeah the animations get repetitive over time; so is the case for the Shining Force games of yesteryear and I loved those. I know I'm not the only one who'll be watching out for this one next Spring.

And as for you writer folks, pay attention: this series makes its money on mashups of all sorts and at multiple levels. You want to figure out how to execute such things? Read up on this at the TV Tropes entry on the series; they're masters, and thus worthy of learning from.

Monday, December 11, 2017

World Class Bullshitters: Spoilers for "The Last Jedi"

I have no problem with spoilers. Indeed, I prefer them; they let me know in advance if anything I'm interested in is actually worth spending my time and money. I have avoided a lot of utterly shit stuff over the years, andt looks like this will also be one I won't care to try seeing. The World Class Bullshitters are here to save your wallet, your sanity, and your good taste.

In short, not only is it a rehash of The Empire Strikes Back, it (like its predecessor) is an inferior copy. We've seen the shilling to push this before, and--however I may like Daisy Ridley as an individual--I can now mark these bullshit shill reports as a tell of how crap the movie is. The Mouse did what Lucas could not. Mary Suewalker is the real Dark Lord here.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

My Life as a Gamer: Raiding is Bowling Night for Gamers

I took my main character in World of Warcraft on a pick-up group's raid, lead by a Twitch streamer that I am a moderator for, of the new (and final for Legion) raid: Antorus, The Burning Throne. We ran it on Normal Difficulty, and about three hours later we cleared it. We didn't run into raid-wiping issues until the final two bosses, but nonetheless we got it done and cleared the raid. (Heroic wasn't so good; got the first boss down, gave up after a few wipes on the Hounds due to fatigue.)

I expect that I'll clear Antorus on Heroic well before its sell-by date of relevance hits, and enjoy the Heroic (Mythic too, but I don't raid Mythic) reward of a purple bird mount that flies. (Remember the special moose mount from Hellfire Citadel? Same idea.) In the meanwhile, a few more clears of Normal should get my main geared enough to make Heroic my difficulty of choice to do thereafter.

The reason? Instead of beating my head against a wall three nights a week, I do it with a bunch of goofs on a Friday night while yakking it up all beer-and-pretzels style instead of Serious Business. If you're not Method, or one of the handful of other raid teams that eat their dust, going all Serious Business isn't worthwhile. One night, clearing it, is fine. This is a game played for fun, just like neighborhood bowling leagues are, and not Professional Bowling's MMORPG counterpart.

If want a second job, I'll go get one; so long as I read the Dungeon Guide, follow the raid leader, and use the proper consumables I should be able to clear Normal weekly this fast and eventually do the same for Heroic. (Mythic is Serious Business, so let them poopsock it.) In short, if you want Serious Business then cut me a fucking check for $50K+benefits a year and don't bitch at me for taking two weeks off a year.

That's the difference between bitchwork and challenge. I'm plenty capable of handling the raid, subject to technical limits, but I despise the bitchwork that is still too-often considered (falsely) necessary. I don't need to spend endless hours reading or viewing boss guides when all I need to know is what I hit, what to avoid, and otherwise listen for the Raid Leader or Main Assist to call out what I need to do. The rest is all in having my consumables on hand, my macros on my bars, and my gear properly gemmed and enchanted.

Raiding is bowling. Not Serious Business. If you can't do this while having a cold one with the boys and eating some nachos, you're doing it wrong.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Spreading the Disease: It's Okay in California

California is not a place to live anymore. Shit like this is why. The state government is deliberately making the state a more dangerous place to live; there is no way they don't know that these measures will increase public mortality and decrease public health and safety. Remember the August Ames case the other day? That was in California, where this is going on. Still think she had no valid reason to refuse? If so, you're are pants-on-head fucking retarded and deserve to be ripped apart by zombies. The Federal Government needs to step in and put down this insanity, on the grounds of National Security. I'll let Mister Metokur take it from here.

Time to put down this degeneracy, hard, and add the whiners into the pot. There is no reason to resist any push to identify those engaging in such deliberate undermining of public health and safety, remove them by force, and quarantine them until they either die of their plague or are found guilty of sedition (because that's what this is: the deliberate undermining of National Security) and then summarily executed.

Friday, December 8, 2017

We Don't Need No Stinking Statues: Fuck The Game Awards

The Game Awards were last night. If you missed them, and you want to waste over three hours of your life, I got you fam, but let's talk about how much of a shitshow dumpster fire they really were. This wasn't an award show. It was a shillfest that handed out trinkets here and there to avoid unwanted attention. While the awards were not a SJW shitfest, they were still laughable and now I hand this over to Razorfist and his rant against the Dorito Pope's personal insult to gaming.

End the Dorito Pope and this farce of an awards show. A game still unfinished was up for Game of the Year (Player Unknown's Battlegrounds), and Fake Games (walking simulators) actually got considered. That's not a legitimate award show; that's a big ad fest fraudulently calling itself an award show. Fortunately, for now, sufficient need to disguise this fact remains that actual games more-or-less won the awards offered and Fake Games got the cold shoulder.

But, nonetheless, this truth remains: Gaming Needs No Awards. Just as narrative is completely unnecessary, so is handing out plaques and statutes. The real awards are in sales figures and features stolen for future projects; the failures litter the landscape, having been undone by being full of suck, blow, and fail. Victory is the only award that matters, and its token of achievement actually has real power: continued growth and dominance.

Burn it all to ash, and start by lighting the Dorito Pope ablaze. The sooner this cancer gets burned out, the better gaming will be.