Thursday, January 3, 2019

My Life In Fandom/Gaming: My Wishes For 2019

I welcome the coming collapse of the current pop-culture machine.

Marvel's zeitgeist ends this year with the fourth Avengers film, which will open the door to all of the SJW bullshit that's killed Marvel Comics. The tell is Captain Marvel, which is all about that poz, and if that film fails to meet expectations I will be pleased. Depending on what is done to undo The Snap, we'll see if the SJW meme-disease comes quick or if they're going to be sly about it.

Mouse Wars whimpers its last this year. Be grateful.

If DC turns about and focuses on fun action adventures, like how Aquaman appears to be, they'll escape the collapse and take the lead.

I expect that more people will realize that SJW bullshit in vidya comes from the presence of delusional fucktards who think it's about playable movies and not actual games; the backlash against narrative in vidya will pick up and the reaction will be telling because few SJWs can code for shit, so they resort to writing positions to get their disease into the mix. Kill the Storywank and you cut off a lot of SJW entryism.

Once you show that games don't need stories, you open the door to purging the disease by culling these useless twats from gaming companies. Commence REEEEEing. Couple that with demonstrating the impotence of their "journalism" and you have the one-two punch to take them out. You just need to do it.

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  1. Peak SJW was 2017. I stand by that statement. Now the long pushback begins.


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