Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Wizards Has a Pedo Problem: MagicGate and Pedos in Magic The Gathering

This is important enough to directly mirror, originating from here.

The Quartering was recently banned from Magic the Gathering by an organized SJW outrage mob. Basically a mirror of GamerGate - same tactics, same impetus (a failed, lying, camwhore), etc. This is known as MagicGate and is ongoing; MTG SJWs have infiltrated WOTC and are gatekeeping the major MTG forums.

The Quartering starts gathering evidence of other big name MTG vloggers and community members violating WOTC's own guidelines. (Standard anti-SJW tactics - make them hold themselves to their own standards.) He finds LOTS of examples, most of whom have sent death threats to him, his family, his wife, and his local game stores.

The SJWs respond to The Quartering providing evidence of him being harassment by posting creepy videos of his house, his wife, and threatening his wife and cat. Quartering gets the FBI and Local Police involved and noticeably stops discussing certain SJWs (presumably per FBI / Police order).

Whistleblowers start giving The Quartering the real scandal -- WOTC has no screening for Pedophiles and Sex Criminals, and there are a lot of them in the volunteer Judge program. The Quartering starts raising the red flag about this, outing around a dozen with around 2 dozen more he can't verify; the SJWs and WoTC immediately clam up and refuse to talk about this.

WOTC's Judge program states they do not, and will not, do background checks or ban pedophiles / sex offenders from their programs. Several big name judges are outed by The Quartering as being child sex offenders and other sex criminals, they are quietly removed from the program without announcement.

Someone points out that having these events WITHOUT background checks is illegal across most of North America. Various groups go into damage control, including...

WOTC comes out making blatant lies about The Quartering, claiming there's no issues despite their Judge program contradicting this publicly. Repeatedly.

The Quartering starts getting some media attention. Lou Colagiovanni, the award winning journalist who broke the Weinstein scandal, picks it up but no leftist outlet will cover it and defy Hasbro, who is a huge advertiser, so he publishes it through his friend's outlet, Nichegamer.

This media blitz extends to Cernovich's new network having him on a livestream.

During the livestream, someone (WOTC, Hasbro, SJWs?) organizes a mass flagging attempt to take Jeremey's channel offline, destroying all the discussion and evidence he has brought forward.

Naturally, the man in question has a backup YouTube channel and has a video there.

The ride never ends.

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  1. Bradford
    Wow! Ok will Hasbro be hit with a civil action? Not so much for the flagging incident but the fact that it owns the Magic gathering cards and thus the sponsor of the events?


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