Sunday, May 29, 2016

Narrative Warfare: Trump is the Good Cop, Folks

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. I'm the son of a war veteran, and the grandson of a war veteran. Men who put on a uniform and offered up their lives in service to the United States. I'll gladly talk about the reality of that, and have previously elsewhere, but one thing is NOT negotiable: they do NOT appreciate fools and fuckwits squandering what their blood and bones bought.

"Social Justice" does just that. This is what my forefathers, and many of my peers since then, have signed up to oppose. Under the color of "justice", they undermine American civility. Under the color of "justice", they corrupt American politics. Under the color of "justice", they pervert the law and degrade the legitimacy of American government. They undermine the Rule of Law in favor of the Rule of Man, and with that they show themselves barbarians within the gates seeking the collapse of Civilization.

If the "refugees" are the Orcs at the Gates, "Social Justice" is the cult of traitors acting as 5th Columnists in concert with them- a thing I say as that is exactly how it operates in Europe (where this death cult has power), with governments actively committing treason against their own kind in favor of hostile foreign outsiders.

So, how does this make Trump the Good Cop?

Remember that Rule of Law thing? Trump's staying within it, even with all of the policies he's proposing and moves he's making. He's not calling for genocide. He's not calling for war. He's not even calling for any more than the minimal amount of force required to gain compliance; if no one acts the fool and keeps cool, that's fine by him. Trump's taking a Nationalist approach, wanting to preserve Rule of Law as much for your benefit as for his own- right out of Moore's A Man For All Seasons.

Trump's playing the role of Quintus Fabius Maximus here, wearing down the cult with indirect attrition via massive Rhetorical moves as he buys time for a telling blow to finish the job. It takes time--something Rome learned the hard way--but it works, and we're seeing it start to pay off now. Letting the enemy show itself for what it is, and then calling attention to it, is making Trump the winner he says he is; this is fighting within the Rule of Law, like it or not. It's a classic Good Cop approach to handling conflict, allowing him to hold the Moral Level of War he needs to hold to attain and retain popular legitimacy- something Bad Cops don't care about.

So, if he's the Good Cop, then who's the Bad Cop? Well, not "who" but rather "what", and "what" is a massive ultra-nationalist movement that gives no fucks about the Rule of Law. Why? Because it's not a death pact; the Rule of Law is an ongoing compact, a compromise entered into so long as the benefits surpass the costs. The benefits are speedy non-violent conflict resolutions, clear rules of conduct to avoid them, and competent state protection of properties and contracts; the costs are forbearance of private enforcement of personal interests and contribution to upkeep and upgrades.

Defeating Trump will result in the costs surpassing the benefits, resulting in just that breakdown and the rise of ultra-nationalists seizing power by force. All that shit slung at Trump about genocide, death camps, yadda yadda yadda? That's what will happen, in the name of returning order and quiet to the American nation- and that nation will, once more, be crystal fucking clear as to who and what that is (because everyone else will either die or flee). Bad Cops just want to get the problem permanently solved, and corpses in real life are proof of just that, so killing the fuck out of the problem is the go-to option. It works, reliably, as the record shows; just ask Boadicea- oh, wait, the Romans ended her by the sword.

Trump holds all of that back, for now, but if he goes down then he gets tagged out and then the shit hits the fan. You don't want that. I don't want that. That's why I'm voting Trump in November: to avoid disaster. So should you, because Hillary will give you ultras and worse.

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