Monday, May 30, 2016

On a Day of Remembrance, The Doom of Men Hits

If you think this can't happen again, you are NOT paying attention. All of the requirements for a Third World War are here, and they are mixing together into the catalyst that can set it off at any time. We're in the middle of the Centennial for World War 1 (which, if you've forgotten, was from 1914-1918), and the whole cascade that's now immortalized via The Guns of August that began that war is ready to go now.

Only we aren't going to have trenches. Or defined lines. It's going to be the Global Civil War of Macross fame, and that means a global partisan war where local disputes get settled in a spasm of neighbor-on-neighbor slaughter the likes of which Americans haven't seen since the 19th century.

People in other countries have such slaughters in living memory, but that doesn't mean they won't do it again. Tensions remain, well after the fact, and can flare up again with sufficient provocation. Why? They forget. They don't pass on the memories to their successors, who in turn fail to comprehend why their world is what it is- fair and foul alike. With experience forgotten, so goes the lessons, and the culture reverts to what it would be without that knowledge. As the culture goes, so goes the politics. Therefore the pattern repeats inevitably.

And that is why historians are so prone to drinking themselves to death.

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