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I publish independently. For now, that is exclusively through Amazon. You can choose ebook or paperback. For lore on all things Star Knight, head over to the Study's page where I keep all of that collected.

Each book in the series will be here, with links to their Amazon pages--just click on the images--for your convenience.

As you see, Reavers of the Void is the start of the series. This is a straight-foward adventure tale with knights, damsels, pirates, giant robots, and space battles. Don't expect a doorstopper or something so thick you can use it as a club; I write lean like the greats of yesteryear. This also means that I don't waste your time; I get on with it.

Right now that's really all there is, but this year will see more books published and as they are I'll add them to this page. If you're here to follow me making this stuff, then I suggest that you put the Study into your feed or reading list of whatever because that's where I post new lore and updates.

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