Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It Is Time To End The Hoaxing Media Establishment

One of the joys of this election is the exposure of the mainstream media, the hoaxing media, as being composed of the same entitled shits that you see on university campuses everywhere. Last night was one glaring example of this entitlement mentality in action:

Fuck you, hoaxing media.

It's long past time that the habits and customs you shits are so long accustomed to be revealed as the illusions that they are and abolished without mercy. I support the abolition of the Press Pool, the Press Corps, and (sorry Milo) the Press Secretary position. There is NOTHING that President Trump cannot do effectively just by firing up Periscope and talking directly to the American Nation when he needs to address us. Fuck the Sunday Morning talk shows. Fuck the entire hoaxing media system. Junk all of it; revoke their access, don't grant them interviews, and continue to call them out as the trash that they are. There is nothing they offer that Trump can't do himself with a fucking smartphone app.

And this ridiculous attitude of entitlement is a big reason for why Pedo Hillary the Satanic Witch lost. She felt fucking entitled to assume the Presidency, and this entitlement is still present throughout all of the pro-Hillary posts by individuals and institutions alike. The national level people, the regional level people, the local media people- none of them learned JACK FUCKING SHIT.

When I got the neighborhood paper and the article on the election was one long shitlib screed that included "unpacking white privilege" to a community comprised entirely by working-class people that's when I knew these chucklefucks were beyond saving. Let none survive. We don't need any of them anymore, and the sooner we cut them out and fork to alternatives that reward direct communication (e.g. Periscope) the better everyone will be. Let the hoaxing media meet Carthage's fate.

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