Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Razorfist Presents THE SHADOW: The Immortal Murderer (Radio RECREATION)

Look, I've sung Razorfist's praises more than once on this blog, but this shows that he's upped his game. That's right, he did a radio play, and he's put it up for all to enjoy on his YouTube channel (and there is a MP3 link to go with it therein). That's all the introduction this needs, so I'll just embed it and let him do the rest.

Our first ever HALLOWEEN SPECIAL is a doozie! A recreation - with full cast - of a lost episode of THE SHADOW Old-Time Radio Drama. Specifically, an episode that originally aired in 1944, written by famed science fiction scribe Alfred E. Bester!

Many, MANY thanks to all who participated. From Sargon of Akkad to Asalieri, and of course, my incredible viewers, who participated as well.

More. I want more. Now.

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