Thursday, November 3, 2016

Narrative Warfare: The Hoaxing Media Is Part of the Crime Network

Well shit, ain't that the truth. This election has done so much to bring forth just how utterly corrupt the media establishment is, making them truly nothing but the hoaxing media. Well, the man who coined that term did it for a reason, a perfectly valid and effective reason: it attacks the source of their power, which is their illusion of legitimacy, rolled into their brand- the symbol generating that illusion. It took meme magic for the hoaxing media to acquire their power, and it's taking meme magic to destroy it- and destroy it we must, for our own sake as well as that of our posterity.

Well, what do we replace it with then? (Yes, it must be replaced by us or they will do it; it won't be left a fallow pile of ash and ruin.) We do it ourselves, as a network of individuals; the Internet allows this to work globally, which is why it must be protected. A Twitter user by the name of Hector Morenco went on a Tweet spam ties the Clintons to Syria and the Saudis' oil interests here and . Mike Cernovich, following a Tweet by Jared Wyand is now alleging that the odd language found in Podesta emails is code covering for a pedophile ring that the Clintons ran and covered for, and we all know that the pedo life at the top is hardly an Anglo-American thing; this likely is also tied to those Saudi princes and others in that world.

Shit's coming together now, and we can safely say that the hoaxing media is part of the network now. Their owners and top executives run in these circles and engage in this corruption to pursue their own ends and engage in their shared depravities. That power of ownership, coupled with a generations-long internal culture that suborns such subversion (and protects their own retreats such as the infamous Bohemian Grove), is plenty sufficient to explain why the hoaxing media does its part for the network: it's GroupThink first, and criminal conspiracy second.

And it has to go. Burned to ash, its ruins salted, and the site exorcised of the taint lingering therein. If we don't, we'll go the way of Sodom, and justly so. I ain't got time for that.

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