Friday, November 11, 2016

The Anti-Trump Riots Are Acts of Terrorism

Two nights after Donald Trump wins the General Election, we have many cities--Democrat controlled ones, by and large--experiencing poltically-motivated rioting. The narrative is that these are protests that get out of control once confronted with the objects of their ire, compelling the police to step in and restore order. What's ignored in these reports is that most of these rioters are (at their core) hired mercenaries, using the means exposed by Project Veritas in their recent series of videos. In short, it's all a Soros front.

That would seem to be stupid, until another fact is put into the picture: there is also a petition to get the Electors to abandon their pledges to vote for the candidate their vote represents and instead vote for Hillary. This is not insane; the Electoral College is the actual legal determinant of the Presidency under the Constitution and their vote is the binding one. The hoaxing media implies that these riots are reactions to an illegitimate Trump win, and therefore the petition's request is legitimate.

The use of violence, or the threat of same, as a means of political pressure is the very definition of terrorism.

That makes this one-two punch a terrorist campaign of intimidation upon those chosen as Electors for their state. That George Soros is behind it, financing it through his fronts, turns this from domestic terrorism to international terrorism. It makes Soros the lead conspirator, and all participants guilty of sedition. It makes American citizens participating guilty of treason, and foreigners guilty of espionage, as both are acting as agents of a hostile foreign power.

And the worst part? Obama will do NOTHING about this without massive political pressure put on him here and now to put this down good and hard. The hoaxing media will lie about the matter and suppress the information connecting the dots, so that means it's on us to do it. Film them, push the authorities in these Dem-dominated domains to do their jobs, and get the Feds to get off their asses and make these mercenary marauders take perpwalks to prison.

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