Thursday, November 10, 2016

Narrative Warfare: FAIL! Gamers4Her & Incompetence in SJW Bullshit

So, just before the election a bunch of tabletop RPG and boardgame people started a last-ditch push to guilt gamers into voting for Crooked Sick Pedo Hillary. They called it #gamers4her, and you can read the Open Letter here.

Yeah, this went over like a lead balloon. The hashtag on Twitter got nuked from orbit immediately, and only the virtue-signalling morons (and a few others of that ilk) stuck around for more than a drive-by tip of the fedora. The push on Facebook dried up faster than an open canteen in the Sahara. Google Plus? Irrelevant, so whatever.

All they did was give us a list of Social Justice cultists to ban, boycott, pirate, and fork- both them as individuals and companies that sell their crap. We're sick of this bullshit, and pushing back is well within boundaries of reciprocity. (I'll return to this below.)

But then the God-Emperor carried the day, and these cucks and cunts went silent- until the whiny virtue-signalling resumed with the literal shakings and the literal fearing and the literally other-bullshit-meant-to-show-continued-allegiance spewed forth once more. The mockery that real gamers had, many of whom did not know who these people were because tabletop is so small compared to vidya--where the action is--that they just sat back and laughed. I actually had to explain, at Reddit and at YouTube, who these chucklefucks are; most assumed that they made shovelware that they got scammed on to Steam somehow.

This shit is comical in its hubris, and it comes down to a delusional belief in the position that their works are so important that they can't be replaced by an alternative who is just as good (or better) but leaves all this Social Justice crackpot quackery in the shitter (where it belongs). This means it's time to talk about the reality of tabletop gaming: tabletop games are ridiculously easy to fork.

In addition to the usual workarounds (only buy used, download free whenever and wherever, etc.), embrace the power of Fuck You and roll your own; you don't need to buy their products to play the game. You can write your own playable content, make up your own rules (or clone theirs; I've demonstrated both here previously), and enjoy all the tabletop gaming goodness for the rest of your days and never give any of these cultists your money ever again.

That's the goal here: to stop giving money to people who hate you, and thereby cut them off from the networks that sustain them in their parasitic manner. Time to remind these fools that you do NOT fuck with your customers and piss off your audience, especially when you're working in a niche that actually doesn't need middlemen like them at all for anything.

And no, tabletop gamers don't need any of them, at all, for anything- EVER!

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