Saturday, November 26, 2016

Goodbye, Fidel. You Won't Be Missed.

So, Fidel Castro died yesterday. Well, whomever has the Death Note finally wrote in a name worth scribing.

Yeah, I'm glad he's gone. The reactions of the SocJus Death Cult have made it clear that they really are Marxists, swapping culture for economics, but otherwise nothing more than a rebrand of the same old fraud. If there is anything I am thankful for, it is how this year revealed so many people to be in thrall to some degenerate, depraved death cult bent on destroying Civilization and Mankind with it. Since it's timely, and some of you reading this may harbor misconceptions on the departed, I'm embedding Stefan Molyneux's video below.

But, fortunately, the God-Emperor Ascendant has the proper perspective:

You know damn well that the Cuban Exile community in Miami, Florida is still celebrating the man's death. For them, and not without reason, this is a real Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead moment. Brutal villains of Civilization, engendering discivic and discivilizational regimes that run contrary to Nature and Nature's Law, should be so regarded when they finally get what's coming to them. Fidel's death is not the end, as we have plenty more where he came from, and until they are all put down for good we've got Boskone in our midst to deal with.

You won't be missed, Fidel. Goodbye, and good riddance.

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