Tuesday, November 29, 2016

So, About That Secret Elite Pedophile Network...

#PizzaGate is currently on the backburner, in terms of awareness, but of all the consequences of the recent U.S. Presidential Election this exposure of elite pedophile networks (centering around John Podesta) is the one with the largest long-reaching impact. While some alt-media outlets quickly switched away to keep on Trump and other more immediate concerns, the citizen research and journalism community took up the ball and run with it even now. Thanks to all you crazy motherfuckers at the Chans in various versions of /pol/ for keeping this going. No mercy for pedos.

British YouTube User Reality Calls just appeared on Red Ice Radio to discuss the open investigation, the relevant summary of which is in this video of hers embedded below:

She's got more videos on the matter, and from there you can follow up on other leads and sources. Hell, go visit and lurk in /pol/ if you like, but PizzaGate is real and if any justice is to be had it's got to be done by regular people like you, me, and Reality Calls.

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