Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Business Virtue-Signalling: Don't Be Fucking Retarded

Why the fuck are corporations doing ANYTHING political? This Kellogg shit with Breitbart, Levi's shitting on gun owners, all these celebrities mouthing off about shit they know nothing about- all of this is unforced error-making that directly (and often immediately) damages their brand and their profitability. Shareholders and other stakeholders need to start taking these morons behind the woodshed and forcibly correcting them because they are acting contrary to their legal obligations (regarding corporate officers) and professional (everyone else) obligations.

It's this simple, and both PR and Marketing should make this clear: SHUT THE FUCK UP IN PUBLIC. Corporate officers and celebrities are ALWAYS on duty and forward-facing these days, and they need to start acting appropriately. You can whine, bitch, and moan that it ain't fair; too bad. That's the game, and suck players need to start getting hammered for fucking up. Competitors should be eyeing these fuckups, looking to yank their gigs and marketshare out from under them with superior customer/audience service acumen.

And some of them already are, which is why I support Castallia House and Cirvosa. There are few tabletop RPG folks I would buy new from for this reason, and fewer for others, but they'll soon arise and thanks to the Open Game License ensuring that D&D remains free to publish for as long as this legal regime endures new and clean--non-SJW--versions of the only tabletop RPG that matters will always be available. Bigger media, being prone to factional conflict, will clean up when internal politics purge the SocJus death cultists from the org and prevent further entryism.

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