Monday, November 28, 2016

Narrative Warfare: This Will NOT Let Up

Now that we've some time to analyze the election results, you'd think that the Dems and their supporters would look at the data and adjust their operations accordingly. But they're SJWs, so we know what's really going to happen: they'll double-down. This below is the tame version of said action.

They're incapable of accepting that they lost because they're wrong, and all of the things they've done to fix events to their favor failed to work, so they're going hard as they lose their shit- further exposing normies to how they really are.

This may bring lulz now, but it's going to mean something concrete in short order. The Dems are undergoing realignment into the Pro-Invader Party, letting more and more internal positions go to people who will gladly betray their oaths and the Republic in favor of their own kind and their religions prominent. Race and Religion, done under a narrative cover of "Whitey Is Ebil!"

Politics of Ideas is DONE. We're now like Singapore: you vote in the interests of race and faith first, foremost, and finally. Identity politics is here, and much like nukes they are the trump card that masters the situation. Bitch, whine, moan all you want- the facts are, and your feelz do not fix that.

Which means that the narrative warfare will not let up. It's going to double-down, and the only counter to it is promulgation of counter-narratives. Rhetoric is the sword before swords get drawn, and they will get drawn, because by now secession and balkanization are inevitable- it's now just a matter of details to get worked out. Nice job breaking it, SJWs.

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