Tuesday, November 22, 2016

(SGT Report) EXPOSE THEIR EVIL DEEDS -- Gonz Shimura

I've followed the SGT Report (so named for the founder's initials) for some time now. He's not a Meme Magician. He wasn't up on Gamergate. He's more in the area where you'll find the Corbett Report, Media Monarchy, News Bud (formerly BoilingFrogsPost), The Vigilant Citizen, and Infowars/PrisonPlanet. Yes, that means a certain perspective that's not what most folks I know or associate with are accustomed to, so deal with it. I'd ordinarily throw this up at Empires on Sunday, but (a) this is very time-sensitive due to active suppression efforts going on and (b) the #PizzaGate scandal now showing ties to yet more Middle East connections (and not just the Saudi prince who's a majority owner of Twitter) and their child rape predatory practices. Below is the hour-long YouTube upload.

The hoaxing fake media freakouts over the Alt-Right serve, in part, to mask #PizzaGate and its related child rape predator networks. This has to stop. Those involved must be brought forth and exposed. Those confirmed as enablers or predators must be publicly denounced, condemned, and then severely punished- preferably executed live for all the world to see in the highest resolution possible.

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