Sunday, July 5, 2020

The Culture: On NewRetroWave

The folks over at NewRetroWave put together a mix of new stuff that lasts over an hour. Throw this on and see what you think.

The reason I mention NRW is that they're picking up the same challenge that the Old School Renaissance and the Pulp Revolution has: to make new culture in the spirit of what came before without mindlessly recreating the exact same thing- flaws and all. The results speak for themselves, and like Metal there are variations in the mix that result in different flavors of the style picking up distinct sub-labels; if you like this at all you'll soon find which one best fits your tastes.

And, as with similar movements in other media niches, it is wise to be aware of them and spread awareness of them to others. The beneficial effects of simply informing a public that will not go out of their way to solve their dissatisfaction with the mainstream--just look at FanTube--cannot be overstated. While there may not be a stampede away from what no longer serves them, that's not necessary. If a large enough percentage siphons off to be noticed, that itself is a major victory.

That's right. We're not looking to convert 100%; that comes when the Preference Cascade leads to a Collapse. We're looking at getting to the 3% that kicks that cascade off, the threshold for posing a real and viable threat, which at 5% starts the cascade rolling in earnest.

The enemy ain't going to tell folks about alternatives to what it controls. That's on us. Time to do our fellows a favor, and in doing so help ourselves.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

My Life In Fandom: Tabletop Time For Galaxy's Edge

Some time ago there was word that there was more to Cole & Anspach's "Galaxy's Edge" than books. Recently they started live-streaming game sessions of a tabletop RPG that they're working with. Below was streamed today.

This is not a YouTube exclusive. I know they stream to Facebook also, and likely a few other platforms.

Happy Independence Day, my fellow Americans. Grill some burgers, enjoy the fireworks, and be grateful to all those who came before us because soon enough we'll have to cut some checks to pay the upkeep so our descendants still have both a nation and a country.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Kern Talks Narrative Warfare

Collected from Mark Kern's Twitter feed, posted the other day.

What’s coming is like nothing you’ve seen before.

Americans who have never lived overseas, been through revolutions, wars, or coups simply cannot imagine. The world is always on the brink of evil and evil does exist. It can manifest here too.

In the past few years, tactics have been slowly tested and normalized. One is the human moderation of trend lists and the rise of algortyhms and AI to selectively show what people see. 5 years ago I was told this was a myth, that trends were never touched by humans. Now we know.

Then they tested shadowbanning and view suppression. Again, we were told this was a myth and conspiracy. Today it’s openly discussed as part of business. It was normalized.

They tested deplatforming with Alex Jones, an obvious target that nearly everyone could be convinced was banworthy and unpersonable. In the past year, it’s not even questioned by mainstream media when much milder personalities are deplatformed.

Then they tested their new tool with monetization. Payment providers discovered that they could normalize this too. Starting with concepts like “gun vendors” and now targeting people and their families on a personal level (see Gab’s founder).

Then they went after the major independent news and blog sites. First they fact checked them. When that became normal, they moved to complete delisting in search and then outright bans from social media. This too, was normalized.

Then they went after video channels, testing their censorship on the obvious targets people might agree with banning. Now, as of the past couple of days, they are demonetizing huge swaths of the YouTube commenter genre. This is happening today.

Today, no reasons are given for bans or suspensions. There is no appeal, no accountability. It started small, with test cases, and expanded as they discovered people were unable to mount an effective defensive. The reasons are secret. And it’s getting worse.

Every tweet I make I am careful. I’ve never spent so much time finding roundabout ways or euphemisms to critique power. The media isn’t speaking truth to power. They are all the same, with the same talking points. The ones allowed to be promulgated.

Things are happening on an uprecendemted global scale. The frog has been boiling for five years. It was a huge mistake for this administration to ignore the global lockdown on free speech and communication. It will cost them.

This isn’t a left VS right issue. It’s not a culture war issue. The culture war is a pretense, a distraction. This is about power.

He's right about this being about power.

The rest is the context for seizing, holding, and expanding that power. The reason for resorting to Narrative Warfare to do this is that most people don't even perceive this as a form of warfare, so they don't fight back well if at all and thus the enemy wins by default. It is only after the win that the targets even wonder what happened, after it's far too late, and are confused as to why.

But this isn't the normal state of affairs for the enemy. Enough of us do perceive Narrative Warfare to start getting the word out to others, and enough of them have been willing to heed us that there is resistance to this campaign. So far it's not been enough to defeat it, but it has been enough to buy time, and time is needed to show others yet that this is indeed going on. As more people accept that we are telling them the truth, and comprehend the threat they face, it becomes a race against time on both sides. We've got to get enough people aware and resisting to stop them; they have to push through their power grab before a critical mass arises that can and will stop them.

And no blackpills here. This is happening.

Make no mistake, this is a war of competing and mutually-hostile narratives going on. Before they attack the statues, before they cause the riots, before they sabotage the economy, before they attack the government, they assault and defile the mythical narratives that unite us as a nation and a polity. This is the basis for warfare, and all the talk of logistics and strategy and tactics pale in comparison to the narratives that make their use viable because narrative translates to morale first and discipline second.

Remember that a narrative can be true and it can be fact. Narrative is applied Rhetoric, and Rhetoric can be true as well as factual. Narrative persuades by using myth to tell a people about itself to itself about its world and its place in it; this is Rhetoric, not Dialectic, because it deals in emotions (as myth commonly does) to connect a people to its continuity--to sustain its roots--and this is why severing that connection is such a devastating blow.

And this is what Kern's getting at here above. All of the social media censorship, ultimately, is about seizing control over the ability to spin narratives and assault nations accordingly by getting them to believe whatever it is that suits those that want control over them.

That is Narrative Warfare.

So defend your stories and storytellers.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Narrative Warfare: How The Weak Mob Attack on D&D Revealed A Method

First the Fake Gamers that Don't Play D&D demanded that orcs be changed. Now they're after Oriental Adventures. The Pundit explains.

It's fucking retarded, but we're talking about the SJW Death Cultists in tabletop RPGs so that comes with the territory.

As the reactions to this attempt reveals, what's going on here is not what it seems. We're seeing something stupid as can be going on. However, when you compare this to other similar stunts that nonetheless led to SJWs getting their way there is a pattern revealed- a pattern we see in government and major corporations.

  • Get SJWs into shot-calling positions within a target organization.
  • Have external SJW pressure actors gin up an outrage against the organization.
  • Insiders point to pressure actors to silence internal enemies and push through SJW convergence actions.
  • Purge internal enemies after victory is cemented.

Make no mistake. This is exactly what Wizards of the Coast is doing to justify their convergence actions and purge internal dissenters. The reason the attacks are weak is due to the nature of the tabletop RPG medium, and not due to any specific strength of the brand or the corporation. We see this exact pattern used in other entertainment media, and once you see it there you'll see this being the way SJW Death Cult convergence is pushed in government at all levels.

It's an old scheme. It's old because it works, but only until--like any magician's trick--you see how it's done.

Share the trick. Show the people how this works. Watch its efficacy disappear in a puff of smoke.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Narrative Warfare: It's Fine Until Mayor Karen Is Inconvenienced

Most people will not deal with a problem until it directly affects them or something they care about. This includes incompetents in government, as Seattle found out.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan issued a Proclamation of Civil Emergency regarding the East Precinct and Cal Anderson Park area today. The order declared the gathering in this area as an “unlawful assembly” requiring immediate action from city agencies, including the Seattle Police Department.

Why? Because they came to her house and menaced her therein. Direct and immediate affect confirmed. Seattle's mayor is a blowhard Karen and needs to be removed immediately, along with the rest of the city government; the bitch-fight between the mayor and one of the council using the insurrectionists as proxies is another data point in favor of those wanting to repeal the 19th Amendment.

And the people of Seattle need to see that elections--especially local ones--have real and immediate consequences. They did this to themselves, so they have to fix it.

This is the reason for why the God-Emperor didn't call out the military and unilaterally clean things up himself, but instead remind the local officials that this is--by law--their problem so they have to fix it. Sure, Trump would help but only if directly and formally requested through channels. That's how American Federalism actually works, and its abuse by the enemy for so long is why people are confounded by it all- including folks who ought to know better (so either they're idiots or they're grifters).

Yes, there's another way to get that long-term solution, but Trump isn't the man to do it; the man the Dems say he is, on the other hand, would have already stacked their corpses to the skies by now to thunderous applause. (That man exists, by the way, but he's nowhere near government.) Then he'd be well on his way to permanently solving the problem and making it impossible to ever happen again.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Narrative Warfare: "Propaganda Wars" On YouTube

Time for some 101 on Narrative Warfare. This is the first in a series. Its purpose, as said by the creator, is: "This video is intended to describe the recent history of #SpyGate, #IntegrityInitiative, #Brexit and the spread #propaganda created by UK/US think tankers, journalists, spooks, and other influencers to spread "muh Russia" disinformation."

Subscribe to the creator's channel, and follow him on Twitter if you want more from him elsewhere.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Narrative Warfare: SWFA Is Not Just A Terrorist Organization

Cirsova posted this:

SFWA is a terrorist organization.

For several years, we have remained agnostic on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

While we have had a few friends who have had “beef” with SFWA, we have also had a number of authors and friends who have been members of the SFWA.

When authors asked us about SFWA, we tried our best to point them towards helpful resources and current members, and authors who we have worked with who have considered joining, we have done what we could to support their applications when asked.

While SFWA’s decision to discriminate based on race in a desperate attempt to become “diverse” is a gross and shallow attempt to remain relevant and deflect criticism of their organization and their members’ behavior and survive the contemporary ideological purges going on in the left side of the political spectrum, their pledge of support for terrorist organizations is beyond abhorrent.

Everywhere that Black Lives Matters goes, destruction, vandalism, violence and hatred [largely carried about by white “allies” aiming to create further racial divides in the country] follow in its wake.

Not content to keep their violence and destruction in public places and businesses, over the weekend, hundreds of protesters broke into a private neighborhood to threaten and menace the residents.

This is the kind of terrorism that SFWA supports.

And it is for this reason that Cirsova Publishing has officially adopted the policy of recognizing the SFWA as a terrorist organization.

We strongly recommend any authors with good conscience leave this malign organization.

We strongly recommend any authors considering membership to avoid it.

While we will not make it a policy to ask, Cirsova Publishing will no longer consider submissions from new authors with SFWA credentials in the bio materials that they send us until the organization takes a real stand against racism and disavows and ceases supporting domestic terrorist groups.

The members of this organization are well-aware of present and past members involvement in sexual abuse centered around fan conventions--never take your children to one until the con scene cleans up its act, assuming there is one in the future--as well as the concealment thereof and the gaslighting thereafter. Members are also tied into the more powerful organizations that write for film and television (and thus the sex abuse and trafficking going on there). Members tacitly and actively work to subvert Christendom and Civilization by abusing their gifts in rebellion against the same. Why not commit sedition and treason if you're already defiling the innocent?

Nevermind being a terrorist organization. SWFA is a Satanic Cult, a vile pit of heresy and blasphemy, and as such deserves the flame.

If you have any sense, come out of SWFA and repent of your error before it's too late.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Cute Aggression Intensifies

They are coming for anime, manga, and light novels. Make no mistake about this. (Taken from Nicchiban's article:)

Mizuno stated today on Twitter that Netflix had removed a series or episodes seemingly due featuring a “dark elf.” This made him concerned that if the depiction of evil characters with dark skin is deemed wrong, his own works would eventually be banned.

“I saw the topic on TL that ‘Dark Elf’ appeared in Netflix was deleted, so I checked the source, but the dark elf itself was not deleted because it was discriminatory, except black people It seems that it became a problem that the characters of the race had blackened their faces to dress up as Dark Elves.

However, in the future, there is a possibility that it will be discriminated against as black-type = evil, not limited to dark elves. There may be a future where all my books will be banned.

While gathering accurate information, I will pay attention to future trends.”

Translation: Google Translate.

Looking through what Mizuno retweeted, it appears the banned content in question was an episode of US comedy Community. In the aftermath of the protests and riots after the death of George Floyd, Netflix has been removing episodes of TV series featuring characters seemingly in blackface [1, 2, 3, 4].

I said previously that the Death Cult suffers from Cute Aggression, and you can bet that any excuse to attack and censor Japanese media will be taken as soon as they think they can get away with it. While Mizuno's concern focuses around his works as a whole, the far more likely outcome is that only the anime and manga adaptations will be affected; the Cult doesn't read Japanese works, even in translation, so his novels are in the clear for now as there is nothing obvious to assault their amygdala and trigger Cute Aggression.

I also said that, for now, there is nothing the Death Cult can do to poz and converge anime and manga in Japan. They can choke off access to the West, however, and this is one way they can accomplish this goal; there are far more people who don't know about--nevermind use--off-brand sites than those who stuck to Funimation, Crunchyroll, etc. and thus pay the folks who hate them. If the Cult can't ruin anime by ruthlessly censoring it contrary to the wishes of creators or IP owners in Japan, they can sour the business relationships with the Western distributors and thus provoke a cutoff while concealing the back-channel via Singapore (which, by the way, means PlayAsia is next on the hit list).

This leaves piracy, and that one remaining channel coupled with a political environment friendly to snitching means enforcement can go way up and prosecutions actually have an impact.

So Mizuno is right to be concerned. They're coming. Get ready.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

My Life In Fandom: Vash The Stampede & Moral Courage

As if you needed another reason to watch Trigun, here's one to keep in mind if you have children: the show has a teachable perspective.

Anthony Marchetta's analysis of the protagonist's moral character and how he relates to the philosophy espoused is great if you're looking for something entertaining that also has something important to discuss, and in this case it's not just the philosophy displayed and its actual effectiveness. It's also good to talk about the damage Vash does to his character to cope with his guilt, approaching it as if you were taking apart a malfunctioning machine to discern the source of the dysfunction so you could fix it and bring said machine back to proper working order.

No, you're not doing this with young children. Adolescents? Certainly. (Same with Rurouni Kenshin.) You're also not doing so on a binge-watch procedure; this is Prime '90s anime, so it's meant to be watched serially and not all-at-once like you're a starving man at an all-you-can-eat buffet. You need the time between episodes to properly and soberly assess what happened and how exactly these events reveal the moral courage (or lack thereof) of those involved. Yes, this means putting in significant time if you're going to take this route, but by then you've already decided to have children at all so you've demonstrated that you're willing to do long-haul work like this; it's just another layer added to the cake.

And yes, you can do this for a lot of the best Japan has to offer, especially for my favorites, and I say that you should if you're concerned with ensuring that your children don't grow up to be basic bitch surface-skimming media illiterates that are easily suckered by media manipulators. The best works have depth, and this is one of them. Use it to your advantage.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Narrative Warfare: It's Literal Heresy

Black Pigeon Speaks cut a new video on the BLM/Antifa insurrection.

BPS paints this as a religion. He is not wrong. It is a Satanic cult, and you have to attack it at that level. They bring their morality into their attacks, so counter-punch with God's Holy Word and make the demons dance before you in terror of His presence.

They're literally doing this to you. Hit 'em with the Witch Test and make them flee in terror before you.

That means they're heretics, and we all know what heresy means.

And if the obvious chaos in the streets wasn't enough, there's always the creepy cultists in our institutions.

Some of which need special attention.

Happy Friday, folks.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Rumblings Echo From The East

You didn't hear about this in Anglophone media. Probably not mainstream European media either. Only those of Eastern Europe or Russia, maybe. Just here.

To quote Anonmyous Conservative, who went over this in yesterday's news roundup:

This is a video of Ukrainian prosecutors basically laying out massive amounts of hard evidence that Biden and his sons were involved in stealing billions of dollars from Ukraine in a corruption scheme with corrupt Ukrainian leaders, they tried to bribe the prosecutors to drop their investigation with $50 million, and they are part of a global corruption network stealing from citizens all over the world. It is even more shocking this news conference went off, and you will not hear a peep about it in the media.

This refers to Hunter Biden, the former Vice President's son, and not the man running for President. The suppression of this news is not accidental or negligent. It is entirely deliberate and premeditated. The reason is that this Ukrainian investigation directly attacks Biden's narrative while revealing his--not just his son's, but his also--involvement in a global network of corruption and control over multiple governments, suppressing their populations and controlling their countries. In short, the very Invisible Enemy that the God-Emperor speaks of is shown here.

Things are happening. They are quiet. They are subtle. They are nonetheless happening. You are required to seek out the information; it will not come to you. Western media is the enemy and not to be trusted, not even the ones you like, because they freely and openly censor what you see and hear to fit their narratives and shut out the rest. You have to go outside their reach to find real information, and that requires effort and time on your part. A lot of the blackpilling stems from this attitude of believing the enemy even if you say you don't trust them; it's no different than giving money to people who hate you.

This is Narrative Warfare. The enemy wants you to believe their narrative, to accept the framework they present, so of course they're going to omit everything that contradicts their narrative if they can. The above video contradicts their narrative regarding Biden, so it's censored from Western (especially American) media. All of the BLM bullshit confirms their narrative, so it's given all the airtime and column inches they can spare. This is a propaganda machine waging a gaslighting campaign.

And you folks can't tell the difference between desperation and dominance. This is desperation we're seeing. Dominance works and behaves differently. The Ukraine report shows that there are rumblings to the east, storm clouds on the horizon, and it won't be a gentle one.

So keep calm. Things are not the disaster we're being told things are. Listen to the Razor.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Signal Boost: The Trash Takes Podcast

Speaking of AniTube, three of these channels co-opened two more to cover a new podcast: Trash Takes.

There are three episodes so far and the second channel is a highlights channel. Being new, it's still finding its footing, but in addition to the usual weebshit talk there's a lot of Real Talk about Being A Foreigner In Japan that anyone thinking of visiting or moving there ought to hear before going over there. (Well, in addition to reading/watching everything else available about How To Not Be A Shitter In Japan.) From what I gather, a lot of the policies regaring foreigners that they talk about are due to experience with foreign and alien shitweasels and morons. Please don't become one of them.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Business: Why The Manga Business Works

For those who read my post on Webtoons being a backdoor into the anime industry, there is context to consider and that's how the manga business works. This is from another channel based in Japan, on the occasion of Shonen Jump's big anniversary a few years ago.

Let's take some observations here.

  • The magazine is disposable. This is because they use the cheapest paper possible.
  • The magazine is a serial fiction publication. Complete chapters are republished as stand-alone volumes later.
  • The magazine's weekly popularity poll is real-time A/B testing for the target audience and market, keeping in touch with the wants thereof.
  • The magazine has produced more internationally-famous franchises than any other manga magazine in large part due to the power of that poll and the structure pushing competition between the serial teams.
  • The company running this magazine has not messed with a successful formula, but instead expanded upon it such that the core is protected while expermimental offshoots try to expand the reach of the magazine. (Must follow-up on that to see how it is now; this was three years ago.)
  • Every editorial team understands the business, the medium, and the audience and respects all of it.

I said generally that the Pulp Tradition lived on in Japan. This is proof that it is literally true. This is another example of Japan retaining, to its benefit, a successful business model that Western originators abandoned due to turnover of staff leading to Commie ideologues and the death thereafter of the pulp magazines in the West.

And this is why, to this day, the infrastructure is not rebelled against. It works very well at its intended objective. The pay is terrible, the hours are long, but it is a job and career that you can do and excel at- male and female alike.

And it is very Japanese.

And they like it that way, as they should.

It is no surprise, therefore, that such a powerful cultural force in Japan has eyes mostly for domestic material. We can go that route, but it's going to take a lot of work just to get a pitch, and given the nature of the workflow either you're not doing much writing other than the scripts (which you need to get to your mangaka so he can hit the deadlines; there's a reason manga pacing is what it is). Webtoons, by comparison, allows for far more publishing flexibility which allows a writer to do other things and still get scripts done for his artist.

It's not for the lazy, indolent, or easily-distracted.

Consider your options carefully going forward, especially if you want to expand into foreign markets. Which brings me to my bonus video: #20Books talking Amazon Ads.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Veritas' Counter-Punching Proves Effective Again

Veritas scores another scalp. Retraction #316 is below.

Project Veritas is aggressive in responding to defamatory attacks, and that they've scored 316 retractions against media smears shows that counter-punching works. You would think that the Establishment Media would learn from this, but no they don't and so the Mike Tyson displays of answering smears continue above and beyond their usual undercover whistleblowing investigations.

Yes, this does mean that Veritas has some legal mojo behind them. So does Vox Day; it's not as hard as you might think, even if it's not that easy either. It still show why Veritas is feared and respected despite being a small, private organization and larger ones are not. They don't take shit, and they're willing able able to wage lawfare when you come at them. That attitude and policy works; more should follow that example.

Each retraction gained is framed and displayed on video. That's doing a Humiliation Ritual to the enemy, and it's effective. It's telling them "We got caught you, we made you squeal, and we're showing everyone that we did it to you." It's not only a narrative of resilience, but of power, and it is a major pillar of their reputation as not something to mess with.

And because Veritas ruthlessly protects its reputation, its reports are treated as credible by far more people than you think, and therefore have more impact than you expect. Right now folks are going back over the Bernie Bro reports, where Hard Left Bernie organizers promised to see cities burn if Bernie wasn't nominated. Cities burned. You better believe the Feds have contacted Veritas over this, even if they have already, if only for copies of that footage.

Good job, James and company. Veritas' record of success proves it is worthy of support. Do so.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

My Life In Fandom: Podcasts You May Have Missed

Happy Father's Day.

I won't keep you from your family festivities for long. Just a pair of podcasts for your pleasure to enjoy later.

The first is from the #20Books crowd, and it's leaders Craig & Michael talking about publishing and the future.

The second is from the Galaxy's Edge channel. It explains itself.

And tune in later today for the Metro City Boys podcast. Now go grill.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

My Life In Fandom: Geek Gab Talks Ascension Epoch

This week on Geek Gab, in addition to a Warpig Rant on the most pathetic and bitchy slashfic/revenge-fic AAA gaming has yet seen, the show welcomes the team behind the indie Ascension Epoch: Mike DiBaggio and Shell DiBaggio.

This is a multi-media project operating as an Open Source project.

No one has tried this before. That's what makes Epoch notable and interesting, giving it a position that makes it stand out compared to mainstream or alternative competitors, and the structure of their property and business spans multiple genres with interlocking--but not required--reading. This is intended, and built into the property from the very foundation. They get into this on the About page and the FAQ. The link for Heroic Adventure Fiction is here.

They take the time to explain how it all works, so come for the rant and stay for the heroes.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Cute Aggression Is A Weapon Against Poz

From the chans comes a very useful, independently-verifiable claim about something you can use every day to improve your life: Cute Aggression as a means to detect and remove Commies, Shitlibs, and Satanists.

Read that. Click the link if you want the full thread; click the image if you don't but need it bigger. Big find here.

This is why they hate Japan. This the material manifestation for why they can't handle the Beautiful and seek to degrade before they destroy; the humiliation is intended as much to assuage the abuser's amygdala as it is to afflict the victim's, a "No You, Christcuck!" retort as they rip the beautiful apart before finishing the job. The cruelty is part of the process by design.

The shitlords--God bless you all--at /pol/ noticed that this applies to all of the cultural attacks. Commentators with knowledge of the occult like Jay Dyer and the Vigilant Citizen have noticed this in regards to narrative patterns for various films, especially where the villains specifically target children and young girls. Wrath of Gnon shows this on the architectural and urbanism scale, as do other pro-aesthetic Twitter accounts.

It's a reliable pattern, which means they can't control its expression and thus it remains a reliable tell for the poz. It also means that we have a reliable weapon against them, and we have to be shameless in using it so. They cannot abide the glory of God, and cuteness is its reflection in life emphasizing innocence. (The tie between cuteness and neoteny is also known, and likely also plays a roll in the aggression; e.g. Snow White)

The Good, The Beautiful, The True. Adhere to those and you'll go far against the poz. Wield them as weapons and you'll go farther.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Veritas Reveals A Different Form of Weaponized Immigration

Project Vertias has a video on Facebook today.

What this video reveals is that weaponized immigration is not just a thing that governments use. Private actors can exploit this also to attack a target nation, using economic warfare along with a compromised government to dispossess that targeted nation over time and transform locations via demographic assault to conform to what the attacking actors want.

It is not in the interest of national security for such weaponized immigration to be permitted. Competent governments compel private actors to hire and retain native nationals over everyone else within that government's jurisdiction. (The United States does not possess, at any level, any such government; most governments in the West are also just as incompetent.)

The reason is that any form of colonial settlement kicks in the psychological and social dynamics that you see with any foreign colony within a given nation-state's territory, meaning that this is no different from any other form of immigration, and Immigration always equals invasion; Diversity + Proximity = War. War by social, economic, and political means is still war- and often still war to the knife, knife to the hilt. It inevitably turns violent if not stopped, as we're seeing now.

Economies justify their existence by bringing tangible benefits to the population. Governments justify their existence by safeguarding the nation that created them. These are tools, not masters, and as such using them to attack a population is sedition, treason, espionage, and an act of war. Everyone responsible must be publicly executed, and their organizations crushed and destroyed, both public and private.

The narrative that Facebook (and you can count on this going on at Google, et. al., in Big Tech) presents is weaponized bullshit. That's literal narrative warfare, and with this Veritas reveal we see that it's also literal fraud. They favor aliens and foreigners--often hostile ones--to American nationals, work to undermine and destroy the United States as a matter of policy, and have no shame in wielding their clout to corrupt American officials in government to wield government power on their behalf. As the political will grows to properly handle this threat, expect the gaslighting and immigration fraud to ramp up.

Execute Big Tech.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Business: Character Design & Multiple Revenue Streams

Spanish artist Kukuruyo posted a Twitter thread today that authors should heed. The initial post is here. I collect it all below, and clean it up a bit, but the thread has visual references I won't repost here. Go there and see what he means.

After years of having people hire me to do covers or illustrations for their media projects, like games, comics, or most commonly Books, i have an advice to give to these creators: CHARACTER DESIGN IS IMPORTANT.

Most of the time when someone hires me for a drawing of those things, especially on books, it's clear they don't give any importance to how the characters look. In the worst cases they haven't even think how they look, in any way. Best cases they have some basic description.

But it's obvious they haven't given many thought to it, and they expect me to come up with some design on the spot. And I mean, I can, I think I'm particularly good at quickly coming up with designs, BUT, there's no comparison between a quick fix and CHARACTER DESIGN.

Did you know that a Pro company can charge you thousands of dollars for designing a Brand icon or a character? That's because a good design takes lots of time, research, sketches, re-dos and knowledge. To do a good design you have to research.

You need to know the setting of the character, how's the culture of the place, the culture of that character, how they usually dress, why they dress that way, is it based on some real life culture you have to research as well? what's the theme of the work? the character's theme?

Even the color palettes are dependent on themes, cultures, setting, or how you want to code them to be distinguishable. For example in my "The succubus is a shonen protagonist", Demons clothes will be coded Black and white, while devils will be coded Red-ish

In my main Monster girls comic, K'sara is coded Red; she's the protagonist and active; Europa is coded blue, she's the rival and she has a more cool personality. Do you notice a pattern here? Also Europa's family is designed in the same way as her, there's (the) motif.

In a same race, characters dress different according to their personalities, but they also share some details from their own culture, even if it's just a common "form" that their designs adopt, it's not random. You notice a connection.

Even the character poses are relevant to tell you about them, so good character design needs to know the character personality and quirks. You can understand character personalities with just silent drawings just because of how they pose or gesticulate.

Things are not just thrown at random. Many times even if they give me long descriptions, it's all random. Colors don't match at all and look very weird, the chars wear a lot of stuff that saturate the design but doesn't add anything of value. This is normal when it's not your job.

If (you) want a good character design; and good designs are more successful; you have to first hire someone to do the work and do a base design; then you can use that base to hire artists to do covers, illustrations, comics or whatever.

If you ask me to just come up with something, yeah, for a little more I can, and it may look decent at first glance, but I haven't researched, I don't even know the setting, so whatever I come up with it's gonna look random once you consume the work and don't see a connection.

My main Monster girls comic is more absurd humor with lots of Mythology creatures thrown in so the connections are not that strong, but on other works you can definitely see everything I've talked about earlier.

Explaining all of this to clients would take a lot of time and in most cases they don't even understand that they don't understand, and they insist on having their ideas to the last letter, as if they know better than, you know, the expert they're hiring XD.

So yeah if you're planing to work on something that will require several drawings and visuals are gonna be relevant, hire (a) character designer first, pay someone to put the work on researching your setting and characters and do a base design, then use that base for other artists.

Good advice. Writers can do most of this as they go about doing their work, as character design--in written form--is something they should be doing. Think of it as doing what would become the Wiki profile that inevitably arises for any successful work, because this is a business and there's more to being a successful writer than just the book writing thing.

As a bonus, The Business of Writing has a new video talking revenue streams. Neo-patronage may be the future, but the savvy will never rely on it alone.

Have no shame in taking the property that you create and exploiting it. Fannish merchandise (posters, apparel, etc.), tie-ins ("The Barsoom War College Encyclopedia of the Warships of Christendom", "Gabriela Robin: Live In Neo-Tokyo"), live events, and so on- whatever works for your business, do it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

My Life As A Writer: Idiot Balls Suck

One of the things I like about Mission: Impossible is that the protagonist and his allies are the active party in the narrative. While the TV series pairs this down to its essence, as a TV series format requires, the films really have made the most of this element and even the bad films in the series show how different it is for an audience to see the character we're supposed to care about not just react to things and tackle the problem actively from the start.

With Book Two, I'm attempting this. It's been difficult to execute, but I think I can deliver it and with it satisfy one of my own rules: No Idiot Balls.

I despise heroes and villains that are morons who have no business being where they are when verisimilitude demands that they be, at best, subordinates of a competent master. While most Idiot Ball examples are things like "How can you be (x) without mastering (standard practice)?" there is a more fundamental element that's often overlooked, and that's one of the heroes seizing the initiative and being the driving party in the conflict from the start. The aforementioned series builds its pattern around it, as do the better James Bond films, and the books those properties took their cues from in turn.

I prefer a narrative where Hero and Villain display actual competence, with all other aspects being specific reflects of this mental match-up, which is why I love Legend of the Galactic Heroes (entire story runs on this) and find so much fiction boring so often as they rely on ill-execute literary conventions to cover their asses. Find in a comedy, but not fine in anything else, and even then some comedies actually respect this better.

As for a title, I'll have to come with one soon since the cover's getting done. Soon.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Woke Capital Is A Humiliation Ritual

It's Monday. Reminder that Woke Capital is purely performative bullshit to get you to give money to them. It's contempt, if not hatred, so stop giving them money.

Yes, even if they are pandering to you. They think so little of you that they believe--rightly, most of the time--that they can pander to you while shitting on others like you that live elsewhere. They take you for a sucker, and every time you buy this line you prove them right. They're humiliating you, and you're paying for the privilege.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

The Business: We Have A Route To Tokyo

Not all of us in NewPub want our books to make the media leap to anime, but for those of us who do the problem's always been the established infrastructure. It's been clear what the funnel into the machine is: the manga. Novels (light or not) or original creations become manga, and they work their way through the manga publishing scene as they have for generations now. This machine acts as a more-or-less real-time and constant A/B test mechanism to measure audience interest, and those that consistently hit the markers indicating viability for the leap from manga to anime get picked up and adapted.

There are exceptions and variations, but this is the norm and has been for longer than I've been alive. This system works, works as intended, and reliably deliver well enough even when things aren't doing so well. Those who can make the work environment work for them have become very well-known, and some even become as wealthy as the corporate officers who manage the corporate resources required to turn one's creative invention into mass-market entertainment.

It's also a machine notoriously hard for foreigners to penetrate without equally-strong backers or the favorable attention of a player in that game. Netflix and other Western companies getting in at the production level has been a thing for years now, with the commission of Season 2 of The Big O being one of the best examples of the big backer route. While adaptations of Western novels have happened, those works were already classics when that happened; I know of no example akin to Scott Lynch's Cinderella story happening in anime. Japan's been very good about growing their own cotton, so to speak.

The rise of Webtoon and other companies like it changed the game. This form of comic publishing is meant for smartphone and mobile users first and foremost, akin to people reading novels via the Kindle app. It's serial in the way that comic books used to be, and the few remaining comic strips still are, but the flow emphasizes the vertical due to technical limitations. It is not a surprise that this caught on with younger and more mobile users, especially in Asia.

One of the breakout successes is a Korean title (manhwa), Tower of God. Gigguk explains.

This Korean webtoon series got noticed in Japan and is now adapted into a series. You can see for yourself below.

This is a big deal because this show has found an audience and is a success. Nevermind being one of Webtoon's success stories; this show's successful adaptation shows that we in NewPub now have a route to Tokyo that is actually viable and practical to pursue. Why? Because we now know that there are eyes on this comic-publishing alternative, eyes looking for fresh properties to adapt, and they are open to foreign-created properties. (Yes, there are other eyes in film and TV looking here now, but that's beyond this post's scope; Vox Day is putting Arkhaven properties up at Webtoon now, and they are also finding success, success that grants leverage in film and TV deals.)

If Nick Cole and Jason Anspach were so inclined, they could contact a mangaka and get going on a Webtoon manga adaptation of Galaxy's Edge going that could lead to an anime adaptation in short order, especially if a Japanese version were available. "KTF" is a universal thing, after all, and their brand of science fiction plays very well in both the medium and the target audience. (Seriously, anime is starving for well-done seinen stories with plenty of action and GE delivers.)

And if Nick & Jason can do it, so can Brian. If Brian can, the rest of us in NewPub can if we're so inclined. We have, if we want it, a route to the anime industry- and to people who don't hate either us or their own people. It won't be easy, but is is practical and viable. The choice is yours to make, but I cannot resist the opportunity to work towards a near future where AniTubers are losing their shit over anime adaptations of our work (and the inevitable requests from them for interviews and podcast appearances).

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Signal Boost: Combat Frame XSeed S on Geek Gab

Friend of the Retreat and Dragon Award author Brian Niemeier returns to Geek Gab today to talk about Combat Frame XSeed S, raising funds on Indiegogo as of this post. Come catch the show live if you can, and listen after the fact if you can't. I'll be in the chat, and I hope to catch you there.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Roundup on Antifa (& Sabaton History)

First, Razorfist has another rant- this time on Antifa and the farce that is the Chapel Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle.

Second, Project Veritas' series on Antifa continues.

Third, Alpha News shows that the disguised scouting missions embedded in protests are now going into the suburbs here in Minnesota.

Black Pigeon Speaks gives the perspective informed by the Maoist ChiComs and the Cultural Revolution, which is what Antifa and BLM are doing here.

Finally, Sabaton History is a day late but not a dollar short.

(Part 1 is here.)

And now, commentary.

  • The practice of sending fellow travelers into peaceful protests to scout out an area for later operations is now known to be an Antifa practice, and Antifa is confirmed to be connected to Black Lives Matter. These operators need not be known to the protest organizers or have any orders to act contrary to expectations; they are there to observe and report, not to execute. We've already seen one neighborhood successfully suspect this to be the case; the performative presence of armed residents on guard was sufficient to dissuade follow-up operations to attack and loot there. We'll see if there are follow-ups here soon enough now that the truth of the trashing of the Minneapolis Sheraton Hotel by them and their assets (local homeless) is revealed.
  • Veritas' exposure of Antifa's training is both hilarious (serious MMA guys clown on this stuff on the regular) and sobering (because it shows a willingness to do it at all, even if they're retarded at it), and against untrained people (like most of their targets) it will work well when combined with their usual pack-based predatory behaviors.
  • BPS's reminder of the Cultural Revolution is most apt here. The Antifa/BLM are the new Red Guards. They are fanatics led by cynical predators and as such are even less able to be reached by facts and logic than most SJWs, and as hapless as they are individually they are dangerous in groups and when protected by amenable authorities in local and state governments. Containing the grunts while exposing the officials is a de facto Fabian strategy, but it is working; folks are getting mad at the right people.
  • The CHAZ reveals confirmation of what most of us knew: these morons have problems organizing anything constructive, so they are inherently parasitic and once that support is removed they are as dead as the Brownshirts and Red Guards before them. Moreso now that they have actually crossed the line into insurrection and rebellion, meaning it's treason and sedition, and as such they face execution for their offenses- and they can be so done summarily. (It likely won't go that way for most, but that is what they face.) Don't expect any other such attempt to do better.
  • If you haven't gotten the lesson that your elections for state and local offices matter by now, this is your wake-up call, as is the necessity to keep up with local and state politics. Citizenship in a Republic is not a passive affair, and the reason the Death Cult is where it is stems from being passive and shirking your duties for so long that Civics isn't even taught anymore.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

My Life As A Gamer: The Metro City Boys Talk PS5

The PS5 reveal was today. The boys went live to talk about it. As of this post, they're still live so come on in and join the chat.

(Admin: Due to spam, comment approval is turned back on for everyone.)

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Razorfist on Commie Cancel Culture

The Excellence of Elocution is back with a ran on the Communist roots of Cancel Culture.

This follows his "Hollywood Was Always Red" rant, and if you haven't seen that go watch it first and come back, because he builds off that to show where it came from and how it got to the popular usage it has now. As for his girlfriend's rant, you can find that here.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Narrative Warfare: The Desperation Coup Attempt

It's an insurrection.

And Antifa is the vanguard.

The play by the enemy is to use this as bait; it's meant to be a Tar Baby trap for Trump. That's why the Dems running the cities and states where this is worst are so idioticall incompetent. More and more high-profile Democrats are revealing their complicity in this insurrection.

It's willful sabotage by design; it's pre-meditated. Journalist Brian Cates explains.

It became especially clear in places like New York City that Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill DeBlasio were not feeling any urgency to restore civic order. Cuomo steadfastly refused to send in the National Guard, while DeBlasio pulled the NYPD back and ordered it to stand down. Both men then spent days blaming President Trump for the increased rioting and destruction that occurred.

So when the question is asked, why do these elected officials in deep blue states insist on giving vandals, anarchists and looters space to destroy these cities? Prepare yourselves for a shock:

It’s all about President Donald J. Trump.

It’s all about the election this November.

Democrats desperately wanted the optics of US soldiers, bayonets fixed, confronting, and driving back the ‘peaceful protestors’ from the stores they were burning and looting.

These people truly thought they had Trump boxed in.

They were wrong.

As he did with his COVID-19 response, Trump has avoided the traps laid for him while solving the problem.

As Democrats and their media sycophants relentlessly tried to browbeat President Trump into taking control of states away from the governors and handling the virus response himself, when they weren’t loudly demanding he nationalize entire US industries, he ignored them and solved the problems his way.

Trump created an incredible partnership between federal agencies and private industry the likes of which had not been seen since World War II. He fixed the ventilator shortage issue, the COVID-19 testing issue, and the PPE issue all **without** seizing control or nationalizing anything.

The issue right now is that Trump is forcing the Dems to deal with the fact that the American system is a Federal system, not a centralized one, and as such the legal responsibility falls on the mayors and then the governors. Trump's hands are clean of all of this. The point of getting Trump to call in active duty troops is to pass the blame, legally as well as optically, to him; Trump knows this, which is why he has relied on the well-establised legal principle of Federalism to force the Dems doing this to handle things themselves.

In short, contrary to naysayers like VDare and Cernovich, Trump knows exactly what the game is and where it's to be won- and it's reflected in the people's approval of him. (No, Mike, his approval is not low; you're a fucking retard to believe the same polls that had him losing in 2016. Stop being a retard.) And yes, he's got his counter-attack plan and once the Dems gas out again he finishes the rope-a-dope with a counter-punch. (From the same article.)

That is because this past Sunday President Trump and US Attorney General William Barr changed the game. They announced that Antifa is now designated as a terrorist group, and federal agencies going after the group’s members and leadership.

All the federal law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI, the DEA, the ATF, the Secret Service, and more are now coordinating their efforts to find and take down Antifa for good.

MOST of the people out on the streets during these protests-turned-riots aren’t the organizers, the brains, the behind-the-scenes people who guide and direct destruction. That’s why 90% of the people arrested are let go. They don’t matter. What matters is that 10% trying to stay out of sight, in the background.

Trump & Barr just told the entire country in clear language they are going after the hidden 10%, the anarchists, the organized groups that have been working behind the scenes to guide & direct the coordinated mayhem.

In a few weeks after this present riot cycle calms down, the usual suspects are planning to try to kick-start the same rioting cycle back into gear.

But they are going to suddenly encounter an insurmountable problem: all their crucial foot soldiers on the ground who handle the coordination, the communications, the organization to launch simultaneous riots in multiple cities across the United States won’t be available. They’re all going to be in jail.

And I don’t mean state or local jails, either. I mean federal prison.

No “Get Out of Jail Free” Card In The Federal System

Unlike New York or California with their ‘no bail’ laws or St. Louis, where the city district attorney promptly freed every single rioter that had been arrested [without informing the Missouri Attorney General that she was going to do that!], the federal system is quite different. There is no federal ‘no bail’ law, and when you are charged with terrorist activity, the bail will be quite high. You can also be held for trial instead of being released.

Understand now what it means that Trump & Barr sicced the FBI & other federal agencies after these anarchist groups? It has changed the entire dynamic.

The state governors, the city mayors, the local district attorneys and chiefs of police don’t get a say. They don’t get to use their city’s revolving jail door. They are locked out of the federal system. They are completely powerless.

What is going to happen is all the Antifa and violent Leftist groups that are driving these riots are going to disappear into the federal system. The Democratic governors and mayors And district attorneys can whine. They can cry. They can bitch and moan and shriek and rend their garments.

They can loudly and tearfully DEMAND that the Feds give them their undercover operatives back.

And they can also do what the DC Mayor, Marilyn Bowser, did today, when she whined for President Trump to pull all these federal tactical units and the National Guard out of Washington DC so the riots can be restarted.

It won’t matter. A leader has spoken.

All of this is a Hail Mary pass. And folks like VDare and Cernovich reveal themselves to be right-seeming grifters with their endless whining and Gamma-style ankle-biting about him. I'm with Wictor now on this. These naysaying faggots need to shut the fuck up and concentrate on shooting Left.

Relax. Trump's got this.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Narrative Warfare: The Frame Betrays The Reality

For all the of the sound and fury, what we see is violence done out of desperation and not strength, as Anonymous Conversative shows.

Majority of Minneapolis City Council commits to dismantling city’s police department. Understand how vulnerable these traitors feel. If things were as we are told, they would be eliminating the only force out there which could protect them. They would be creating a might-makes-right, K-selected world. Who do they think is going to impose their dictatorial decrees upon the regular citizens? The answer is, there is already a machine out there, in the shadows, which will be able to perform those functions much more efficiently, if there is no other force out there trying to impose law and order.

And the proof is that the overnight memo went out to the media fellow travelers.

Because the optics are horrible otherwise.

And yes, the normies are noticing. This is why these Death Cultists have to cheat their way into state power before forcing their policies through, and while they can do so in some cities and states they can't do it throughout the United States. Trump forced them out of the shadows too soon, and now you see the countdown begin towards the normies going "HAHAH landslide go BRRR" across the board. As more videos like this come out, the worse it's going to get and the more likely the defeat will be a total one.

(N.B.: Unicorn Riot is a Tankie organization; they support this, and they still can't stop the bad framing.)

There is no way to frame this that doesn't betray the reality that all of this is a desperation play against Trump and his allies. You don't do desperation plays unless you're already in a very bad spot and you've run down your resources to a dangerous level, so you take big--and stupid--risks at the cost of burning (in the Spook World sense) assets to make these plays happen hoping to catch your enemy off-guard and bowl him over with raw force while he's paralyzed with indecision.

That's not happening. Despite all the media framing--and folks who ought to know better falling for it--this is not happening. The chaos is contained, and where it is contain it is also being shown live as it happens for all to see; no place to hide when you have your own side broadcasting your insanity for all Normieland to see and hear (and be digusuted by). This is why the corporate censorship ramped up, but that too is failing.

You love to see it when your enemies are making a mistake, and more of them out themselves trying to convince you otherwise.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Admin: Riot Report Reservations

It's happening.

Proponents say it's going to go like Camden, New Jersey. It's not.

First and foremost is that a lack of a city agency for law enforcement automatically means that the duty falls to the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office, assisted by the Minnesota State Patrol as required. I am unfamiliar with the current Sheriff, but assuming he's not a Soros puppet (like Ellison is, in addition to being an Antifa agent in officialdom), he will not shirk this duty and may take former Minneapolis cops on as deputies to handle the matter. Being a county sheriff, he is outside the authority of the city government and so is not beholden to them; he can--and has the SCOTUS-confirmed authority to--tell them to go pound sand.

So no, it's not going to go to Mad Max overnight. Furthermore, the Minnesota National Guard can be (re-)deployed to maintain order. It can; it likely won't because Governor Walz is an incompetent coward who is a fellow traveler. Fortunately, the county sheriff can also tell him to go pound sand. Instead, what's going to happen is that a substitute group will be put into place and it will be explicitly beholden to the Death Cult and enforce Cult dogma under color of law.

No, not Sharia police, not yet.

The real question will be the means of enforcement. The city government cannot get around the need for force to compel compliance. This new group or scheme will be tested, and if predators prove the substitute to be weak then--as Thomas Wictor has said--the predators will descend upon Minneapolis and run wild within it while surrounding suburbs pressure their city governments to put their police agencies (likely absorbing many Minneapolis cops) on the city lines to ensure the chaos is contained.

Watch the tax base flee. Watch the entertainment sector wither overnight. Watch Minneapolis hollow out and turn into Detroit in record time if this happens. I'm fine, for now, as I'm not in the city but I'm going to start paying closer attention to city government actions and if it looks like the poz or the cult is going to bring the danger to me then it's going to be time to do what I never wanted to do: run for office. I cannot run, so I have to act.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

My Life As A Writer: On Neo-Patronage

Friends of the Retreat and fellow authors Brian Niemeier and David Stewart got together to talk about the return of patronage in the arts as a way around the Death Cult.

Much of the talk, when not addressing realities of the indie game, talked about the matter of patronage. It was the way cultural works got funded in the days before Big Media, and it will be the way it happens again, especially for dissidents. Well-heeled individuals step up and fund--not invest, not purchase, not commission--the works of artists, writers, etc. whose aesthetics fit their own. Those artists then do so and perform or display their works for the patron first, and eventually for the wider public; how fast it goes from the former to the latter depends on medium.

These days the line between a publisher and a patron can seem thin, which is why neo-patronage centers around crowdfunding at this time; there is a clear distinction between patron and client here that otherwise gets muddied. At this time I rely on this to make Star Knight happen, and I will for some time. It's a far more preferable way than relying on blind luck from an OldPub player to pluck you out of the mire of bloggers posting their original fiction.

The other reason for this inevitable rise is that Amazon's using its market position to take more from authors, but doing so quietly via making success into a pay-to-play model instead of changing the royalty rates for Kindle and Print On Demand publishing. Most smaller authors (like me) lack the time, money, or expertise to make that ad system work for them so the alternative is to rely more on patronage to cover costs of production in return for a timed exclusive or something like that prior to the Amazon listing (which then is more pure profit than anything else).

And I fully expect more authors to retrench to personal sites with an active and daily blog vs. social media they don't control as more and more of them either get shut down by governments or run out of business by competitors or alternatives, coupled with email newsletters for anything significant to announce (and to use newsletters to give out that info before a more public one). For me, for now, I'll stick with this; maybe next year I'll consider building something bigger if it's warranted.

As I said before, another thing that's going to happen more often is offering related merchandise as the costs to do so drop. We're already there with shirts, posters, and mugs; this will become important as services like Patreon continue to converge themselves to death and non-pozzed alternatives like NewProject2 keep getting fucked with by Death Cultists great and small alike.

Patronage is, like it or not, a return to tradition. Get used to it.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Insanity In Action

Some morons, including in local government, want Minneapolis to abolish its police force. Like it or not, this is a bad idea. Let Thomas Wictor explain why (taken from this Twitter thread, first post embedded and the rest reproduced below).

They're NOT saying they'll create a new police force. They're saying they're going to get rid of the police so that criminals can operate in peace. Really.

"Council president Lisa Bender backed Ellison's call, tweeting: 'Yes. We are going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a transformative new model of public safety.'"

"'If you are a comfortable white person asking to dismantle the police I invite you to reflect: are you willing to stick with it? Will you be calling in three months to ask about garage break-ins?'"

In other words, crime will be totally allowed. White people must DIE in order to atone for racism. ALL white people.

"'Are you willing to dismantle white supremacy in all systems, including a new system?'"

"'I mean this quite sincerely & seriously: just look at recent conversations about City-funded neighborhood organizations to understand how explicitly we would have to work to establish alternative systems that do not replicate the same problems.'"

"'White ppl need to show up for this.'"

She's saying the the rule of law itself is racist. Therefore Minneapolis will abolish the rule of law. When crimes are committed, the white victims will be summoned to city hall and asked to explain why black people targeted them. What did they do to cause it?

I expect other cities to follow suit. My own, for example. As I said before, the rule of law goes both ways. What's going to happen is that if Minneapolis has no police force, they can't arrest organized armed resistance to criminals. The residents will clandestinely hire trigger pullers to come in and carry out operations against street gangs.

Did you know that Midwesterners had the most violent gangs of WHITE PEOPLE in American history? They bought war-surplus aircraft and used them as bombers. They built turreted armored cars that carried heavy machine guns. They fought with hand grenades. Abolishing police forces opens the door to massive retaliation. Every armed nutter in the country will descend on Minneapolis.

But. People gotta learn things the hard way. Now, once the wars start, the feds will occupy Minneapolis. You'll see armed troops there indefinitely. Until the state goes Republican. Which it will.

Again, political ads are writing themselves. Oh, and wait for every single person with money to flee the city. All businesses will pull out.

I just read about an amazing experiment. A behavioral scientist named John B. Calhoun created a mouse utopia. It was a mouse city with room for 3000 mice. All their needs were met: food, water, living space, safety. It was called Universe 25. The population started with four breeding pairs of mice. The goal was to see if a perfect society would flourish. And dang it! The answer was big, fat, resounding NO.

When the population reached only a QUARTER of what the utopia could hold, there was a total breakdown of societal norms. All the mice went insane. Male mice formed gangs that randomly attacked and killed individual mice for no reason. Female mice abandoned or killed their young, and both males and females stopped breeding. Male mice tried to mate with male mice, and both males and females began practicing cannibalism. Mice crammed themselves into pens, ignoring the empty pens next door.

A small group of male and female mice withdrew from society altogether and went to the highest pens, where all they did was eat, sleep, and groom themselves. These mice lost interest in all social bonds and did not interact with each other.

Within two years, all the mice were dead. The population had never gotten above a quarter of what the utopia could handle. Calhoun called this a "behavioral sink," but he and everyone else drew the wrong lesson from it. He said Universe 25 showed the dangers of overpopulation, revealing his agenda. Of course the reality is that the REAL danger is trying to create utopia. EVERY SINGLE REPETITION OF THE EXPERIMENT HAD THE SAME RESULT.

And the Great Unspoken is that the only real danger is leftism. I believe in humane societies, as do all conservatives. We believe in safety nets for those who can't survive on their own, and we believe in the rule of law. Leftism is diabolically inhumane because it's all about power for a privileged class. Everyone else is enslaved. Even at this late date, people still don't grasp how radical Donald Trump is. Being reelected is child's play for him.

He simply refuses to read from any script. That's why so many can't understand his actions. All his actions serve purposes. He is NEVER impulsive. NEVER. Minneapolis with be the first Universe 25 of the country. But the experiment won't be allowed to continue to the inevitable grisly conclusion. My advice is to ignore almost all of the current analysis. The analysts are from a dead era. END.

Let me add to this from a local perspective.

  • Business would flee the city as soon as it became clear order was lost.
  • Foreign citizens here for work (diplomatic staff, mostly) or school (lots of Chinese at the University of Minnesota) would run like Hell.
  • Kiss the convention scene--and thus most of the business for the hotels--goodbye.
  • Concerts? Nope. Goodbye 1st Ave and the rest of the Minneapolis music scene, and never shall Your Favorite Act perform here again. They may go to St. Paul, but more likely is that you're making roadtrips to Chicago.
  • Affluent residents move out of the city, either across the river to St. Paul or (far more likely) to a suburb. In other words, Detroit repeated.
  • The chaos would be contained if gangs attempted to raid the suburbs because suburban residents are far more likely to be armed and city governments are necessarily more responsive and shitlib politics of appeasement go out the window once its consequences are seen and heard- but the state legislature and the governor could still fuck it all up.
  • The schadenfreude would make the Mississippi overflow for years on end.

And no one can summarize just how insane this is like Jim's good friend on Twitter.

Yeah, if this goes through I could be back in danger, and I'm in no position to relocate for several reasons (least of which being legally banned from driving for lacking a right foot), but I also expect legal challenges to be immediately mounted if this is attempted and to see those challenges prevail in court.

That doesn't make this any less insane.

And making this insanity be out where everyone can see it is one of the great achievements of the God-Emperor. Normies shall reee and he shall win again.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

My Life As A Gamer: Most TRPGs Are Irrelevant

In light of this utterly fucking retarded display of incompetent by WOTC's D&D Lead Rules Designer, it's time to talk tabletop RPGs and why so few matter.

Let's start with a fact most TPRG publishers would rather deny: most TRPGs are irrelevant and can be safely discarded.

The reason is that most TRPGs bring nothing to the table that is truly worthy of attention. They can be--and have been--repackaged as supplements for a TRPG that does matter and do just as well or better commercially than being a stand-alone product. Why? They neither play sufficiently different from a relevant game to be notable, nor do they present a play paradigm that is done better in another medium, and both assume that what's being done is actually entertaining in and of itself.

You can, therefore, pare your TRPG collection down to three titles and cover everything of note that TRPGs as a medium offer you: Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, Traveller. In all three cases, you can even go so far as to not bother with anything but the original version of that game and do fine for the rest of your days.

The key is that all three games use separate, distinct, and novel gameplay paradigms that are entertaining in and of themselves without needing to resort to borrowing from narrative media in any way. D&D is properly focused on the exploration of dungeons and the recovery of treasure as a microcosm of exploring a frontier and claiming its resources for your settlement. COC is properly focused on investigating the paranormal and dealing with the consequences of encountering that which is beyond Man's ability to comprehend. Traveller is all about making your way as an intersteller actor in the far-future, with subsets focusing on merchant and military activities as most action involves one or the other most of the time.

Other well-known properties can be slotted into one of these three, and some hybridize them. Cyberpunk 2020 takes Traveller and scales it down into a single city. Borderlands blends COC and D&D, while Shadowrun blends D&D with Traveller. Some properties can be straight-up recreated within an existing property. (e.g. BattleTech w/ Traveller) Others offer nothing more than a novel sub-system and call itself a full game. (e.g. Champions, and superhero gaming generally)

I can go on for paragraphs, but the rubric above shows just how pointless most TRPGs are. The best thing that could be done is to identify what novel and entertaining bits a property possesses, and then rebuild it as a third-party supplement for one of those three games. (Successfully done with Legend of the Five Rings, not so well with Star Wars, both referring to their d20 System versions.) It is an expression of hubris to continue to insist otherwise when we have 45 years of data to show this to be the case, especially with regard to games chasing the D&D end of things.

This medium has shown via generations of revealed preference what works and what does not. If it were not for the lack of barriers to entry, most of these products would cease to exist by now, forcing either product redesign that conforms to the reality of the market situation or the creation of a Brand Cult that leverage the psychology of worship to compensate for the lack of product relevance.

TRPGs are products. Products exist to solve problems. It turns out that the problems solved by D&D, COC, & Traveller are what exists to be solved within the tabletop RPG medium as any other successful would-be solution ends up spinning off to another medium entirely- usually tabletop wargaming, LARPs, or some sort of videogame. This will be the case unless and until a new problem of entertaining gameplay is identified and addressed with a new, novel and in-itself-entertaining TRPG.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Admin: Riot Report Returns

The riots in Minneapolis have died down. Since the weekend, the burning and violence has ended. Instead the protests--while loud and massive--are peaceful and mostly kept under control. Whatever happened to the street operatives organizing the criminality, they're gone and the Antifa remaining are also-rans that didn't get snatched or weren't told to get out; they're being spotted and exposed by the protesters before being expelled.

In short, I am not in any danger for now. I'll get back to that below.

The livestreams of the protests are lead by organizers focused around the usual local sources of street-level Commie faggotry: our university campuses and related NGOs. They're the ones organizing the protests and controlling the messaging, so observing them is a wise thing to do since I bet that they are tied to Antifa if not a front therefor because they (including the organized livestreamers like Unicorn Riot) believe that they can still get what they want because they have amenable authorities on the inside to fix things for them.

That's not just Minnesota At tourney General Keith Ellison, who is an Antifa supporter and whose son is an avowed member, but also Governor Tim Walz and U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar (both have adult children involved involved), and both Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey as well as St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter are fellow travelers. Ellison is now the point-man for the prosecution of the former Minneapolis police officer accused of killing the would-be martyr. Ellison is being pressured to upgrade the charge from Murder in the 3rd Degree to Murder in the 1st Degree; the higher the degree, the higher the threshold for achieving conviction due to the greater severity of the charge, and thus pressure of this sort produces counter-intuitive results- it increases the odds of acquital.

And that will likely spark a new round of rioting if there is a new street-level team ready to launch them.


I have good reason to believe that this is not the case. At most there will be some violence that local authorities will be able to quell easily. The designation of Antifa as a terrorist organization (not "domestic", just "terrorist") allows U.S. Attorney General Barr to assign all 56 Joint Terrorism Task Forces to deal with Antifa and roll up its entire operational network. This includes people not formally affliated with the group, associates of the group, and so on; the sudden and wholly unexpected spread of the rioting to foreign countries makes a very strong case for international ties as men and material (especially money) has to cross those borders to make that happen, and that means a re-designation to "international terrorist" which makes things even worse for the criminals.

This threat, despite the theater, is waning as I write this. The rioting will end in the United States before the month of June is over, but that is not all that will be done; because the God-Emperor is insisting that this be handed by the mayors and governors, despite his mustering of Federal resources, he is exposing how these local and state officials are incompetent at their jobs or are actively treasonous to their citizens. The "catch and release" policies are now being highlighted as contributing to the problem where things are worst, and as such the optics for the G-E's enemies worsens by the day as other enemies flush themselves out in irrational bursts of heresy and sedition. (e.g. the heretical witches crying about Trump's visit to St. John's in D.C.)

And as for Trump, I don't care that your pet cause isn't being catered to--VDare, Gab, etc., that means you--because bigger stakes are on the table and the G-E is playing to win; grunts don't get to gainsay the boss, and you're all grunts. Pray you're not among the casualties when it's over, shut the fuck up, and shoot Left.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Narrative Warfare: When You Mistake The Tank For A Support

Tucker went after Jared Kurshner by name last night on his Fox News show. Tucker, like other media bros like the folks at VDare, think Jared runs Trump like Cheney ran Bush 43, denying Trump his agency while crediting him with successes in a bizarre round of double-think.

In short, they think Jared is Grimma Wormtongue whispering poison into Trump's ears.

He's not. Jared is Paul von Oberstein.

Oberstein is the character whose focus on Realpolitik and relentless discipline thereupon acts as a counterbalance to the Romanticism of the rest of the Imperial cast in Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and as such his role as majordomo and chief advisor is to voice and argue for the necessary politics that guarantee the success of his master and the security of the state Reinhard builds- even if it costs the lives of supporters (and, in the end, that includes himself to his own approval).

The necessary consequence of this role, which Oberstein embraces, is to be the face of each and every Bad Optic decision ever made. "Blame me. I did it, not him." is something Oberstein actually does when a man who lost family over a necessary decision by Reinhard confronts him about it. (And like all good lies, it's half-true; Oberstein did do it, but leaves out that Reinhard did nothing to stop him.)

That's Jared's role, and Rightie media bros fall for like suckers every single time. That Jared is a Jew makes it into irresistible bait. The reality is that Trump, knowing he's fighting a war, accepts that wars inevitably result in casualties. He does what he can to reduce them, but knows that there is an irreducible number above zero and he's just got to live with it. Jared tanks the heat those moves inevitably make, saving Trump face so he can do what needs to be done. It's an unenviable role, but a necessary one, and better to volunteer for it than be drafted; at least volunteers can prepare for the hits and recover faster after the fact, whereas draftees often cannot.

This, of course, is why I don't take many Rightie media bros that seriously. They have, for honest actors, a very narrow range of competency and too often exceed that niche; within it, worth heeding and without it you might as well mute. This includes folks who ought to know better (Cernovich), which is disappointing but unfortunately not unexpected.

And then there are the grifting faggot liars. That's for another post, but Razorfist cut a good video on Ann Coulter the other day; she's to be ignored entirely.