Saturday, November 21, 2020

My Life As A Historian: Pearl Harbor, Minute-By-Minute, In December

If you watch Sabaton History, then you know of Indy Neidell's other history channels on YouTube. One covers World War Two, and he's got a doozy coming next month.

On YouTube on starting December 7, 2020 Indy Neidell hosts a TimeGhost and World of Warships five hour documentary on the attack on Pearl Harbor 1941 in ways and detail never seen before. Subscribe and activate all notifications at World War Two in Real time to be the among the first to see the video when it goes up.

Fine, World of Warships sponsored this. I don't care; this is a far, far less intrusive use of corporate funding than what is more commonly done. It's as close to completely harmless as it gets; remember that they also sponsored Sabaton's official video for Bismarck, and that got nothing but praise. You can not-suck with these deals; you just need to choose partners and negotiate deals carefully.

Pearl Harbor documentaries are harder for me to watch these days, but I'll give Indy a go because he's shown me that he's good enough to do it properly.

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