Monday, September 30, 2019

End of Year Four

The Retreat celebrates the conclusion of its fourth year today. Looking back at the start of this year, I can say that--even after being hospitalized, losing part of a leg, and being in rehab for a total of four months--I managed to do the one big thing I wanted to do this year: make the shift to pro author.

It's not been easy; my expectations going in were modest at best and those expectations were met. It's going to be a while before I reach Brian Niemeier's level of success, nevermind Jon del Arozz, Nick Cole, or that juggernaught that is The Mountain That Writes. However, it's also not a rat-war over scraps; there is enough for everyone here, and my Galactic Christendom book debut managed to kick off a wave of (as Brian put it) muscular pulp fiction unashamed of the West's foundation in Christianity- unashamed of being Christendom. I didn't set out to create what is now called, thanks to Razorfist, "Cruci-Fiction", but a win is a win and I'll take it gladly.

I will take the time here to thank Oliver Campbell and the Metro City Boys crew for literally riding to my side when I got hospitalized. First calling me while I was still in the hospital proper recovering from surgery, and then showing up in person while I was in rehab before I got my prosthetic leg, was the morale booster I needed. When folks who've known me for 15-20 years ghosted me, that hurt. Oliver and the boys, folks I've known since #Gamergate, actually showed up. They're real friends, and I am grateful to all of them for their support, even when I tease them.

I will also take the time to thank my fellows in the #PulpRev, who also showed up once I got back online and put the word out. Brian's been a great friend and mentor. Rawle's been a good collaborator. The Geek Gab crew has continued to be wonderful in their support, and the Superversive folks likewise. Jon del Arozz has been nothing but kind and supportive. I am grateful to all of you for being there when I needed it. Thanks, my friends and colleagues, one and all.

It hasn't gone entirely to plan, but I did get Star Knight off the ground this year. It will not end here. Tomorrow I'll lay out what I want to do over the next year of the Retreat. There's more Star Knight to come, so spread the word now by getting paperbacks into the hands of people who'd like it.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Authorization Is About Usurping Authority

I'm going to borrow from the Supreme Dark Lord here and use his terminology to explain what's going on when you see shit like this below.

What you see here is an Authorization scam, and only those who present themselves as a Priest Class bother to try this crap.

Authorization means that they control what is and is not allowed. They use institutional control to enforce this claim of authority. In the context of tabletop RPGs, what they want to control are the companies that publish games, the companies that sell the games, and the groups that organize the events to promote the games. If you are Authorized, they grant you access to their institutional network. You can sell via their stores, publish via their companies, promote at their events, even get others also authorized to shill for your stuff. If you're unauthorized, they shut you out and you're on your own at best; at worst they active destroy your efforts to compete with them.

This scheme depends upon them controlling the only institutional network. That's why deplatforming is a viable threat in their minds; they think they hold the gates, and there is no way around them. That's also why building your own network is a dire threat to them, because it removes that lynchpin which makes the authorization scheme work; folks they don't authorize can simply use the competing network.

Now do you see the brilliance in Vox Day's creation of Castalia House, Arkhaven Comics, and Now do you see why Gab got shat upon, especially now that Gab's working on email and payment alternatives? They're building alternative networks of institutions, alternatives that SJWs don't control and can't easily shut down, and they are not the only ones. Once the top cockblocks are sorted--banking and hosting--we'll have a global alternative network capable of rendering the current SJW authorization scheme obsolete and irrelevant.

Authorization, as the Death Cult wields it, is on borrowed time- and they know it.

If you want unauthorized old school Space Opera with giant robots, laser swords, and space pirates then you can get Reavers of the Void in paperback now. Get the first in what Razorfist dubbed "Cruci-Fiction" today.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

"Reavers of the Void" Now Available In Paperback

Ladies and gentleman, the debut of the Star Knight Saga is now available worldwide in paperback at Amazon.

As the book just went live in paperback, product linking will take a few days, but both versions are meant to be linked. I've set it such that any paperback purchase gets you the ebook for free. The same applies to other features such as Look Inside.

BACKERS! I've ordered your copies. They're due to arrive at my house between the 8th and the 16th. I will begin turning around and sending them to you as soon as they arrive.

Friday, September 27, 2019

My Life As A Gamer: It's About The Normies

Metro City Boys co-host and author Oliver Campbell, a long-time Monster Hunter fan, offered a Twitter thread on his disenchant of late with Monster Hunter World and its Iceborne expansion.

Which had this comment come in from Greyson Richards.

Between the two, Oliver's observation of World taking on the characteristic mood of a typical MMORPG such as World of Warcraft prompted me to write this post.

The release of World of Warcraft Classic, and with it the restoration of the end-of-vanilla state of the game, revealed that a number of things believed about the game to be correct.:

  • The game, in and of itself is not that hard, especially since all mechanics are now known.
  • The game's difficulty is actually due to the majority of players being unwilling to actually adapt to the mechanics and instead demand that the game--and other players--change to accomodate them.
  • Most players would sooner quit than Git Gud
  • Reason: Due to player populations being in the millions, most MMORPG players are NORMIES, and Normies don't Git Gud.

CONCLUSION: "Massively Multiplayer" was a mistake.

Virtual population dynamics are no different than real ones. Past a critical mass point, you lose any semblance of a tnit-knit community because it becomes impossible to maintain the cultural cohesion required. Why? Because populations that massive in realspace exist solely due to merchant--specifically financier--striving and not out of any organic desire for a nation to concentrate. The Greek city-state example shows what the organic concentration limit is.

Mercantile striving is all about patron-client relations, and that means keeping the purses happy enough to keep emptying it on you over the rest. This attitude induces and encourages r-strategist thinking over time.

Git Gud works when walking away isn't an option, or when you're K-select innately. In gaming, it's always an option which is why your Souls games are dreaded nightmares and the trend over time has to been to dumb and nerf things down- all in pursuit of the Normie purse.

The solution is simple and K-select: Accept your goddamn limitations, make virtues of them, and make peace with Normies shunning the game.

The course-correct for World is to remove the Normie-friendly changes, to Make Monster Hunter Great Again by restoring the information scarcity.

The reason is not that it will stay that way long-term. Once someone figures it out, and its confirmed, up goes the walkthrough/breakdown on the Wiki and the problem is solved until the devs invalidate it by changing the game.

That's a segue folks. Now I'm bringing my experience with WOW into this.

WOW has a serious issue with the meta. This meta is driven by a handful of world-elite guilds, and one in particular: Method, based out of Scotland. When new content comes out, Method and the handful of actual competing guilds race to see who can beat it first. Since they're the only players working with an information deficit, they are also the only ones who experience the game as if it were Monster Hunter; this small cohort are the sources of all the guides, walkthroughs, best-in-slot lists, etc. that form and inform the game's metagame- a meta that is enforced by the tryhards that follow this elite cohort because it produces reliable results, maximizing rewards for minimal cost in time and virtual resources.

The devs try to cope with this by changing the game on the regular. Some of this is unintended and organic; these are the actual bugs and so forth that they fix in short order. Some of this is not, and these are the long-running issues none of the players like because it interferes with the way they want to play the game. Hence "Working As Intended" as a mild insult.

The trap is that, being the most populated MMO for the longest time, most Normies who played MMOs at all played WOW. They are the ones who complained most about difficulty, most of which is due to their unwillingness to adapt to the mechanics in order to succeed, and as a collective--and pushed by the beancounters--they compelled a lot of changes that made the game normie-friendly over time. (The end result is that most players continue to be full of suck, blow, and ass by the way; what Preach Gaming covered a few years ago during Warlords of Draenor is still true now, including the removal of the then-current requirement to randomly queue for Heroic Dungeons.)

The Normie attitude towards games is always the same: "I play this game for entertainment. Entertainment is not meant to be challenging. If it is difficult, it is not working properly; fix it or I will find a substitute that works properly."

And by "not challenging", they mean across the board. They expect to just sit down at the table, pick up a controller, or sit at the computer and mindlessly partake of an exciting pasttime as if it were an '80s arcade game set on Easy Mode. At most they want to show off and peacock; this is why we have the obsession with the meta and numbers, as it is a clear measure of both effectiveness by their terms as well as time-based efficiency in dealing with what they don't want--challenge--out of playing the game.

The solution, for gaming across the board, is for devs to ramp up the information scarcity. Forbid datamining. No public testing; this includes livestreams and videos. No guides, no walkthroughs, no Wikis; use IP law to enforce this. Make things too hard for the Normies; make them quit. Identify and cater to the challenge-seekers and the community organizers; let them be the means by which information gets circulated, and force them to do so by actually playing the game. Your smaller client base will be far more loyal, will do your screening and gatekeeping for you, and--at the cost of lesser financial success--your game will remain vital and relevant for far longer than it otherwise would.

SIDE NOTE: Paperbacks are coming soon.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Language-Based Gas(lighting) Attacks

Today in "Things Woke Fuckwits Say: Tabletop RPG Edition", the RPG Pundit talked about some faggot getting offended over "Murderhobo".

This is why you hold the gates against fakes, frauds, and turncoats. You get this nonsense being pushed, and they do push it, and they will want to push this nonesense into every public-facing outlet wherein tabletop RPGs get played: conventions, Let's Plays, game stores, livestreams, and so on. By doing so they want to shape the public perception of what tabletop RPGs are as a hobby, gaslighting the public--including lapsed players--into accepting their narrative. Overtime they drive out the wrongthinkers and elevate their own to prominenc, until they have complete control and then they go full retard and crank up the propaganda accordingly because the convergence is complete and now another thing is but a means to spread the Globohomo poz.

They'll take the gates and hold them against you if you don't do it to them first and foremost. It's your domain, not theirs. Don't let them steal what is rightfully yours, and take out the traitors playing 5th Column first. KTF if you have to; just do it or you'll never have the peace to actually enjoy what you love ever again.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Witch Test Proven Yet Again

Brian Niemeier explained how and why the Witch Test reliably exposes Leftist moral attacks as the Christian heresies that they are today at his blog.

Many Twitter inquisitors and Facebook friars have asked me how the Witch Test works.

The answer is presupposition.

Being a Christian heresy, the Death Cult presupposes Christian morality.

But being a Christian heresy, the Death Cult simultaneously espouses a worldview diametrically opposed to Christianity.

The Witch Test confronts the Death Cultist with the contradiction at the heart of his belief system and forces him to demonstrate his moral incoherence for all and sundry.

In short, he can't profess faith in the God he hates, nor can he deny Him without forfeiting his stolen moral authority.

And it does work 100% of the time.

Witches routinely show themselves to be NPCs, suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, and often are also Bugmen- in other words, they suffer from other manifestations of spiritual oppression. This one? This one kept dodging and equivocating, being that he was also a Gamma Male and thus full on Secret King. All he had to do was confess, even if it was a lie, but he couldn't and thus didn't. You don't get to use Christendom to attack it.

Brian's right; hammer them at the root, at religion, and they'll run every time.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

My Life As A Gamer: Hold The Gates Or Perish

When it comes to Dungeons & Dragons, I agree with my colleague Jim Fear, who said this last night on Twitter:

In short, making a hobby normie-friendly is a mistake. Gates exist. They will be kept. Either you hold those gates to keep those who do not belong out, or they will hold those gates to keep you--the rightful hobbyist--out of the very domain you made possible.

To that end, having some barriers to entry is good. Uninituitive mechanics is one. Liminality is another; liminality is anathema to normies, who are too often NPCs requiring a script to execute to function, and liminality confounds that entirely. Put both in your hobby and you screen out a lot of potential troublemakers. Guess what old D&D editions had in spades?

This is why saving the hobby will require returning to the older editions and retrenching there. Shed the normies, shed Muh Industry, and return to the cottage industry of the old days and the hobby scene it fostered. Then we go forward anew from there; in short, the way out is the Old School Renaissance. The technology now exists for cottage industry to satisfy all the hobbyist needs, so we should embrace this and exploit that powre for our own benefit. Take a look at Chris Gonderman's Basic Fantasy, his own retroclone; the man's more than able to keep your D&D itch scratched for years, if not decades, and he's not gouging your wallet for hardcopies.

The rest of the hobby comes at the level of social pressure, and that means embracing our gamer identity and enforcing it against interlopers. Yes, Gatekeeping Is Good. This is because Gatkekeeping Is Necessary. Keep out Karen and her wine women whiners. Keep out Dangerhair & The Death Cult. Keep Fans of the Brand out. You get the idea.

As with gaming, so with all hobbies. Hold The Gates!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Investigating What Went Down By 1999

Today Dragon award winner Brian Niemeier followed up his Twitter thread of yesterday with a blog post that put forth the data he used to make his argument regarding the cultural collapse of the 1990s, using the Big Two of American comics--DC and Marvel--to illustrate the pattern. Before I proceed, go over there and read it; what I have to say will be far more useful to you after you do so.

As I said yesterday, this is a global phenonemon. Therefore what specifically happened in Big Two comics is not necessarily what explains the same thing happening in other cultural sectors of American entertainment or in the entertainment industries of alien or foreign countries. However, what I this is applicable is the general pattern, and in the Comments of Brian's blog post we already have an attempt to apply it to the Video Games sector--already a global business by 1999; already global by 1979, really--to good effect.

But does this apply more generally? Does this pattern apply to the Pulps? I think, in part, it does; it doesn't in the least contradict the political elements behind the Pulps' demise that The QuQu put forth a few years ago. As Brian noted previously, SJW Convergence is something that happens after the rot sets in and not a cause of it; the Futurians' push to kill the Romanticism that made the Pulps generally and science fiction in particular applies.

Remember Gigguk's video on the decline of mecha anime? The pattern Brian identified for Big Two comics can be used here, both for mecha anime in general and for the two subgenres--Super and Real--in particular. Both have been in holding patterns, with only the big properties maintaining any public presence, in a zombie-like manner for years now; if not for Super Robot Wars many lesser titles would be completely forgotten.

There are other entertainment sectors where I think this won't work so well, such as Hong Kong cinema and its sea-change after the 1997 handover from the United Kingdom to the People's Republic of China, but I still think it can be applied; the differences will be in the details. It's not a surprise to see many big stars and institutional players fall off entirely or decline significantly since that moment, with little or nothing coming up behind them.

We've been in a holding pattern for over 20 years now, spinning our collective wheels, and few outside those who benefit from this arrangement have seriously tried to find out what's going on--what's (mal)functioning and therefore how to fix it, but we've got a group here and now doing so with a broader network of contacts and resources than previously been possible. I think Brian's general prescription is just as generally applicable, but if there is specific remedies that need to be had then it's good to find them out before the fact than after.

Because I have the feeling that time's running out, and I don't want to be here when it does.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Something Bad Went Down By 1999

Dragon Award winner and nominee Brian Niemeier put this out over Twitter today.

Which came on the heels of a thread therein regarding Big Two (Marvel & DC) comics and their decline, which you can find here, and that in turn stems from an on-going topic of his interest that he's posted about at his blog now and again.

Something went down in the late 90s, in terms of culture, that affected the entire planet. Exactly what that was isn't yet nailed down, but we've been feeling the effects since, and it's not been good for anyone but the parasites pulling up the ladders behind them as they cash out and bug out as fast as they can to places they dare not mention from fear of being pursued.

In short, aside from a few pillars in a given niche, we've seen precipitous decline of cultural output across the board from the institutional players both East and West. The exact details vary from one sector to the next, but the effect is the same and so are the results: a decline in viable prospects, a retrenchment around solid favorites, and the fight by short-sighted players over the remains of what was once a prosperous culture industry.

Now, 20 years on, we're seeing that the solid pillars are not immune. They too have to maintain their vigilance or the rot get them too, often eating from the inside out due to institutional incompetence. It doesn't matter if it's due to SJW convergence, cultural paralysis, or being hollowed out by the local crime syndicate for the insurance money- the result, and effect, is the same and we're seeing it with Mouse Wars as well as with Gundam. Be it slow or fast, the malady afflicts without mercy unless and until its cause is addressed and fixed.

And I am glad that I'm doing what I can to do just that.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Geek Gab Presents: Sword and Planet Adventure with Alexander Hellene!

This week's episode is all about the oldest form of Science Fiction, the original and foundational form: the Planetary Romance. The boys bring on author Alexander Hellene to talk about his new novel, The Last Ancestor.

I appreciate the shout-out by Hellene. Paperback for Reavers is in the works; update is at the Study.

When they finally get around to the topic, the conversation about Science Fiction is actually worth listening to and taking into consideration. The comparison between the Men With Screwdrivers and the Romantics is an apt one, and gets at the root of the conflict within the field that includes what is nominally considered separate- fantasy and horror.

Friday, September 20, 2019

My Life As A Gamer: (RPGPundit) News Flash: RPGs are not BDSM, SJWs!

Tabletop's Little Red Book has had all the predictable responses by all the usual suspected. The RPG Pundit cut a video responding to one of the co-authors attempting to defend his work against the right reaction of disgust and contempt that it deserves.

The key is that the SJWs are weaponizing the BDSM fetish culture against tabletop gaming, inverting the norms of tabletop RPG organization using an unrelated perversion to normalizing their desire to dictate what is allowed and who is allowed to be at the table. This is some wizardry, some sophistry, and even as something as innocuous as a game hobby the Commie faggots WILL NOT LEAVE YOU ALONE!

This is done with moralizing, religious language and fervor and that betrays that the SJWs are in fact a religion of their own in direct competition with Christianity and Christendom. Brian Niemeier's Witch Test should be applied: let none go on playing the priest without making the confession of faith required- Jesus is the Christ, and God raised Him from the dead.

You'd be surprised just how often this results in the challenged party shutting down entirely. You have to see it in action to comprehend its power; they are so in thrall to what powers push this false faith that they cannot so much as utter the name of God's only begotten son. For a people so committed to lying their way to power, they cannot falsely utter a creed alien to their own, and that is profound. They'll dissemble, get irate, and so on as an excuse to duck the issue- don't let them. They confess, or they go away and never come back.

Suffer no witches. Test them and see for yourself. You want this matter settled? Get your Van Hellsing on, get out the Holy Symbol, and be the Cleric. Turn the witch, and watch them flee before that which they cannot deny: God.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Death Cult Fears Gamers, Not Players

As much as I want to respect the guys promoting the Manosphere, I know damn well that they are not as effective as they think they are, and shit like this is why.

Let me put this into very simple terms: Gamers did real damage to the SJW Death Cult. The SJWs hate and fear gamers. Their behavior shows this, daily and repeatedly. Those same SJWs also show by behavior that they do not fear or hate the Manosphere. Why? Gamers are effective at hurting them, while the Manosphere is not.

Shit-talking gamers is the tell that proves the SJWs' take to be the correct one. We can see with the 'sphere that there is a split going on, and it's down the line of those with families vs. those without- players vs. patriarchs. The patriarchs aren't the one shit-talking gamers like this; they see that gamers actually cultivate Delta-grade habits, especially a tolerance for doing the grind, that translate well to real-life environments. Why do the patriarchs see this? Because they are the Alphas and Betas that lead the Deltas, and thus hone a skill at finding teachable people to lead to success.

When you shit-talk gamers, you reveal that you haven't gotten there yet and your claims to being able to do so are just that- claims. Patriarchs, having had to run households and manage wives and children, comprehend that you have to speak the language of your subordinates if you want to successfully lead them. You don't speak a gamer's tongue when you come at them; you don't even challenge them. You're telling them to fuck off, and they will, especially if they have actual results that you don't match.

And the players of the Manosphere are actually lacking in achievements worth a damn.

"But Muh Revenue!" you say. "I make 10K a month!" you say. SO FUCKING WHAT! Your money is worthless if it's gotten via worthless, parasitic means or put to pointless, narcissistic ends- and that's most of you players in a nutshell. At least the patriarch comprehends that he's got to build something substantial enough for his wife and children to live on if he dies, which means he builds a business that deals in real, eu-civic affairs such as architecture and not buying watches for 50 cents to sell for $5000 because you put your brand on it.

Look at Roosh, player. He gets that you're living a pointless hollow sham. That's why he bent the knee and repented, a real latter-day Saint Augustine. Even if he never marries and enjoys fatherhood, he's already proved more effective at defeating SJWs than you ever will without doing the same. Gamers get this, because patriarchs produce real results and players just piss around peacoking and preening like the rabbits they are- and not the wolves the patriarchs have to be. Patriarchs are winners because they get results that are solid and permanent; players are pussy faggots because they can't handle the grind to build something greater than themselves. Gamers know the difference. Gamers respect the grind.

And that's why, at the last, I may take note of what the Manosphere says and does but until the patriarchs complete their takeover of the scene and reorient the affairs accordingly I can't take this scene as a serious threat to the SJW Death Cult. Players ultimately serve Molech by being complicit in providing the material for the sacrifices; patriarchs, having taken responsibility for what they issue, resist Molech's attempts to consume their posterity. You want me to take you seriously, oh Manosphere? Put your skin in the game, marry, and produce legitimate children: Be a Patriarch.

When you do, you'll see what the grind is really about, and maybe then you'll grok why gamers are a real threat to the cult and you're not.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Narrative Warfare: It's About Human Sacrifice

It's all so tiresome, and predictable.

Razorfist rants about the second coming at Justice Brett Kavanaugh, repeating the discredited allegations made during his confirmation hearings and double-down by claiming that he committed perjury in answering them, in order to yank him off the Supreme Court. More likely is that this is meant to attack the Court's legitimacy in order to facilitate a new round of state-level nullification campaigns meant to ignore Federal law and regulation.

It's not about guns. For all the hysteria about guns and gun control, this attack on the Supreme Court isn't motivated by that issue. No, this is about abortion, and it's about abortion because it's coming out more and more that abortion is nothing more than well-disguised human sacrifice to the demon Molech.

But something's shifted, and the cultists sense it. They know something's going to go down, and against them, in the near term and their usual safeguards are gone thanks to the God-Emperor. With Ginsberg hanging on by a thread, the rabbit-thinkers are in a fluster and that's what's driving this hysteria. They are so used to having it free and easy that any constriction is catastrophic to them.

That's all this is about: keeping the human sacrifices coming. To that end they are willing to do anything, and that's going to quickly expose who among the American population serves Molech and whom remains true to their loyalty to their Creator and his only begotten son Jesus.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Razorfist Presents: The Shadowcast #2 - THE SHADOW/GREEN HORNET: Dark Nights

It's time again for Razorfist's podcast on The Shadow. Description reads as follows: In our continuing exploration of The Birth of a Dark Legend, we discuss two other prominent firsts: The Shadow's first-ever crossover with THE GREEN HORNET in DARK KNIGHTS (2013) and his first encounter with BATMAN in BATMAN #253! For some reason embedding is not enabled, so the link is here.

The episode's focus on crossover treatments by someone other than original scribe Walter B. Gibson reveals the problem with corporate ownership of intellectual property, where we see incompetent, maleducated writers and publishers treat valuable property with all the care they would a roll of toilet paper. While some works are better than others, the overall trend remains a bad one and as such I have to question the wisdom of allowing anyone but the creator to own the creation.

And we're going to see more of this as Razorfist continues his focus upon this topic, something that even the 1994 film ran afoul of, as he goes over other crossover stories and other works by someone other than Gibson. Much like the case with Robert E. Howard and his creations, few that attempt to write The Shadow grok The Shadow- and even fewer attempt to try. The media adaptations across the generations show just how badly this comprehension is to successfully executing any Shadow story, meaning that what we see with Mouse Wars is not unusual in the least- and Disney certainly made his fortune off of fan fiction of others' properties long before the Devil Mouse arose.

The Futurians, their fellow travelers, and their inheritors have much to answer for.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Narrative Warfare: BPS on California's Collapse

Like I needed another reason to stay away from California.

Black Pigeon Speaks lays it out clearly that the degeneration of the state comes from the degeneration of the state's demography from the American Nation to aliens and foreigners who have no problems voting as a block to use the state to loot everyone else for their benefit.


The welfare state is first. It incentivizes poverty, drawing the poor from elsewhere to come here and get on benefits because it beats being where they came from. Once gotten it becomes Danegeld, and any denial of them provokes violence from the benefit-takers.

The result is the police state. The need to keep the underclass in line requires an occupying army of paramilitary law enforcement agents ready, willing, and able to use lethal force to put down violence and "maintain order". That order is on the behalf of the functionary class that keeps this regime running, and it runs for one other group.

That group is the kleptocrats looting the place for their own benefit. They're the super-rich that dominates it all through ownership of all the things, formally or otherwise, and that includes its politics and culture. They are very small, stick to their secured enclaves, and use the functionaries and police as meatshields to wall themselves away from the underclass they exploit coming (via shit employment and exploitation) and going (taxation and welfare).

This is a Third World regime, and California is exactly that. New York City is in a similar position, as are other big American cities and their European counterparts. If the example of California's decent from First to Third World status isn't sufficient to turn you off of what the Left wants to do, then consider that the elites supporting all of these policies already live as if this were the case.

Yes, even in places where the full effects have not taken hold yet, they live like this. That is the tell; they have no skin in the game, and when it collapses they fully expect to bug out and relocate to someplace else--with all of their wealth intact--and do it all again there. Their biggest fear is that someone will find them, fix them , and finally do unto them what they've done to everyone else. Hence George Carlin's "Big Club" bit, and why seeming enemies somehow unite when a real threat manages to manifest- such as the God-Emperor.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

My Birthday Approaches

My birthday comes up in a few weeks. There isn't much I'm expecting, but that doesn't mean I don't want anything. In addition to what I have linked in the Gifts & Support tab, there is one other thing I want. No, it's not a firearm; I can list those separately- see the Comments. It's not a car; you need to put all the controls on the wheel for me to use one anyway now that I lost my right foot. It's something that Sentai Filmworks put out a year ago, and still--barely--in stock. It's the ONLY commercial release for the original OVA release of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and you're going to need to pass the hat because it's still $800 (albeit with free shipping).

You get a LOT for that price. Given most US BD anime release prices, you're looking at a steal. Not even the Kickstarter for Megazone 23 (25 hours left as of this post) is quite that good for value.

There's only one thing I want more than this: an anime adaptation for Star Knight, with music by the Living Goddess who inspired its heroine- Yoko Kanno.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Geek Gab Presents: David V Stewart, Author and Musician!

This week on the Gab it's David Stewart, and we're talking about--after some WOW Classic talk--Science Fiction both as art and as business today.

You can find David's YouTube channel here, which the Gab boys forgot to link in the Description. Pay attention to his writing videos, emphasizing the skillset behind writing a 20K word novellette and putting it out on Amazon in both paperback and ebook on a 6-8 week cycle. That's a killer thing, and well worth your time to get into regardless of your place in the writing world. When I get around to rounding out Star Knight's side stories, this could be the model I use for shorter works.

Friday, September 13, 2019

My Life As A Gamer: We Have a Little Red Book

Monte Cook Games published a free PDF on "Consent in Gaming". The RPGPundit cut a video about it. I'll let him get you up to speed.

As predicted, the SJWs are wanting to take "voluntary" and make it mandatory.

They aren't even trying to keep the mask on anymore. Some combination of Trump Derangement Syndrome, standard Leftist degeneracy trending, and overconfidence regarding their actual position has this school of fish flipping out harder and faster than before. While not the Satanic insanity that is deliberately getting knocked up just to abort mid-term as a form of pleasure, this is nonetheless an inversion of the proper form enacted by wielding one deliberate perversion (BDSM; the authoress is into that scene) into a context where it doesn't belong (tabletop RPGs, a wargame derivative) as a means of wedging in a control lever upon individual home games and (more to the point) public games such as those at conventions and stores.

And, again as the Pundit demonstrates, just like clockwork the SJWs--sad and pathetic as they are--are already hard at work using the reaction to this Little Red Book as justification for its existence in a typical Kafkatrap manner. No, reasoned argument will not dissuade them; the point therefore is not to persuade the SJWs, but to show those looking on from the sidelines that these people are Full Tilt Bozo and should instead be told--and I quote Soph--"Kill yourself, faggot." with utter contempt.


Attempting to turn my game into a Struggle Session for your Cultural Revolution will end with the offender(s) taking a Great Leap Forward into a helicopter courtesy of Pinochet Express.

Commie punks, fuck off.

On a lighter note: Over at the Study, another update on "Reavers" in paperback is up.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

My Life As A Writer: "Justified" & The Pulp Reformation

Friend of the blog Wolfman At Large posted this review of Jon del Arroz's new Space Opera novel Justified today. It's under five minutes, so give it a listen.

With the massive success of this book's debut--hitting #1 in its category at Amazon--came the recognition of an emerging genre to satisfy a long-unmet demand. Brian Niemeier took a shot at naming it.

I'll take it.

And if you don't think there's something to it, go to Amazon and search for "Deus Vult In Space". Jon's book isn't the only one that comes up. Mine does also. This is not just the return of the Pulps, but their full restoration. Read the old stuff and you'll see the very Christianity on display, but not explicit as having a Templar as the hero. All of the morality, the conflict, the temptations, and so on are built off of a robust and thriving Christianity assumed as the norm for Civilization. Yes, even my own far-future favorite of the Lensmen series does exactly this, with equally implicit showings of how deviating from those norms becomes the vectors for barbarism and savagery that is all about Boskone despotism.

Yes, this does--believe it or not--include the Cimmerian himself; skeptical as he was, Two Gun Bob was no less a man of Christendom and wrote informed by those norms. You see it far more explicitly in his tales of the Crusaders and other historical fiction than with the Hyborian Age stuff he's famous for- especially with Solomon Kane. What's coming is the next step, where Kane leaves off--where a lot of implicitly Christian fiction leaves off--and becomes explicitly so in uncompromising, earnest ways heretofore unseen since the Reformation.

Congratulations, shitlords. You've memed Deus Vult one step closer to reality. Soon you'll have plenty more fodder for your meme machines to remix into better quality memes, and you're going to get more and more fantastic fiction that doesn't suck to inspire you to do so. Pick up Jon's book, pick up mine, and everyone else putting out stuff like this that is available. There's something inspired going down, and you want to be there for every moment.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Narrative Warfare: On 9/11's 18th Anniversary

The one thing we can be sure of is that the official story is utterly false. For many of us, that became apparent for the first time 18 years ago today. Even as I watched it happen live, I knew what I was being told was bullshit, and what's come out since has only reinforced that opinion. While elder generations came to this realization with the assassinations of President Kennedy, his brother Robert, and several other high-profile assassinations of the era (as well as the U.S.S. Liberty, the Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor and the Lusitania) for the younger post-Boomer generations this is the big one.

Yes, the U.S. Federal Government lied to the world. Again. Yes, with Establishment assistance. Yes, to this day- despite the God-Emperor's presence. Narrative Warfare didn't start a few years ago. It began centuries ago; only since the rise of mass media did it begin to take its current form, and thanks in part to said God-Emperor are more people finally noticing how fake the Narrative is- and noticing is a big step towards fixing the problem.

So lets start someplace simple: Building 7 of the World Trade Center. That fires weakened its structure sufficient to make it collapse at free-fall speed into its own footprint is an insulting claim, but that's the official story, and fortunately one that's still so poorly defended that poking holes into it is easy. Independent journalist Ben Swann did a retrospective on this the other day, embedded below, including new developments gainsaying said official story.

Now, if they'll lie about this, what else do they lie about? Answering that question puts you on a lifelong quest, and the more you pursue it the angrier you'll get until you reach a moment not unlike what happened to Roosh V recently and either succumb to nihilistic despair (ala Jim, aka Mister Metokur) or find something greater to rely upon to be your rock- as Roosh did. You'll need it, because your quest ain't going to be unopposed.

Never forget: 9/11 Was An Inside Job.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

My Life In Fandom: The Shadow, Civilization's Avenger

After listening to Razorfist's first Shadowcast episode, I got to thinking about this character and I think I noticed something regarding his enduring appeal--even now, when he's mostly forgotten--that I think is overlooked.

The Shadow knows his agents and his enemies very well, often better than they know themselves. He picks his agents from those at their lowest, brought down by combinations of vice and misfortune that should have undone them- and without his intervention, would have. He takes these flawed men and women, gives them new--proper--purpose by putting them into his service, and through them exerts his will to see crime punished and order restored. His signature laughter terrifies the guilty and the wicked, and his omnipresence has friend and foe alike baffled.

Does this sound at all familiar to you?

It should. It's the very basis for Western Civilization turned into a masked avenger, a mystery man, and one of the first superheroes. That's God, folks. Redemption found in the service of something sacred, something superior to oneself, despite being broken and nearly destroyed when found and recruited? Straight up out of the Good Book itself. Batman, at his best, only approximates this much as half-assed Churchianity only approximates authentic Christianity; the refusal to render final judgement upon the unrepentant is far more of a big deal than it seems.

And yes, you'll see me come back to this in my writing when I conclude Book Nine of Star Knight.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Signal Boost: XSeed on Superversive Sunday

Brian Niemeier not only did Geek Gab on Saturday this past weekend, but also hit up Superversive Press's podcast yesterday. In case you missed it, here it is below.

If you haven't backed the campaign for CY 40 Second Coming, skip the pumpkin spice stuff for a week and give it to him instead. He's already proven that he's able to deliver, and the perks allow you to easily pick up the previous books--ebook or paperback, depending on the dosh you doll out to him--that you missed. If you love giant robots on the Gundam end of things, with a dose of Tom Clancy, you're where you need to be for maximum entertainment value.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Razorfist Presents: The Shadowcast #1 - THE LIVING SHADOW

ATTENTION #PULPREV! Razorfist has a Shadow podcast. REPEAT! Razorfist has a Shadow podcast. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

Spread the word, folks. The Eloquence of Elocution has taken the time to turn his previous videos on the subject into an ongoing podcast series. Listen, listen well, and spread the word to all and sundry. Also like, comment, and subscribe; throw the man a few shekels if you can spare it.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Today On Geek Gab: Brian Niemeier Talks "CY 40 Second Coming"

Today, on Geek Gab, my editor--the Dragon Award winner and multi-time nominee Brian Niemeier--make another appearance to promote his Indiegogo campaign for Combat Frame XSeed: CY 40 Second Coming.

And if you want to contribute, look here. For this week's Study post, go here.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Five Years On, Still Lying About Us

The Supreme Dark Lord is on fire today. You may not see it, but he's spitting fire, and it's over a consistent issue with him: people lying, baldly and boldly, about things he knows very well from personal experience.

On Cathy Young's #Gamergate retrospective:

Consider what Jung claims to be the moral of the GamerGate story for conservatives:

For critics of the left, the main moral of the story is that it’s important to repudiate unsavory allies.

In other words, please cuck. This is absolutely and entirely false. If you want to understand GamerGate, you'd do far better to simply read chapter 8 of SJWS ALWAYS LIE, Striking Back at the Thought Police, which explained the relationship between GamerGate and Donald Trump back in 2015 at the very start of the chapter.

In short, Bitch Done Lied and he ain't having it. Hit the link above and read the man he quotes from an Instapundit thread; that's the real lessons of #Gamergate.

On Benny Smallhat and Brietbart's scalping of a Commie in Alabama's gov't:

This is a clear-cut win for the Right. And yet somehow, for some reason, (((conservatives))) such as Shapiru and Ekaterina Jung are very, very determined to convince the Right that winning battles is the way to lose the cultural war.

Ben Shapiru@benshapiru

I disagree with this person’s tweets. He shouldn’t lose his job. Also, those on the Left who are livid he lost his job should take a look in the mirror about the world they’ve built, and in which both sides will now play by their ugly rules.

The rules are what they are, Benny. Ugly or not, they are the rules and if you don't play by them, you cannot win. That's true of everything from backgammon to basketball. So, the obvious question is, why are you so intent on preventing the Right from winning, Benny?

Remember, they assert that the main lesson of GamerGate for conservatives is to never ally yourself with anyone unsavory or unseemly who might actually help you win a battle or two.

"Conservatives" are professional liars, and therefore not to be trusted because their real objective is to play shepherd and keep you--their sheep--in line so the Commie faggots can shear or cull you and they get a kickback as payment for playing Judas. That's why they are so insistent on cucking good and hard to the Left; they aren't your friends, or your allies, but 5th Columnists--traitors--and should be dealt with accordingly.

After all, you can't have successful Narrative Warfare without someone gaslighting targets that somehow aren't accepting the Narrative.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

My Life As A Gamer: Classic Crushes Expectations

From the "Eating ALL the crow" department comes today's Bellular Gaming video.

Yeah, we do want it Brack. Enjoy that crow.

It's been over a week since Classic released. The poopsocking hardcore cohort are hitting 60 now, so we're going to see how soon Molten Core gets cleared and put on farm shortly. I'm thinking by the end of the month, and I'll make it brief as to why: every single part of the game is ridiculously well-documented, so nothing is a mystery. All of the top-tier character builds, gear lists, boss guides, etc. are already out there. It's a solved problem; apply the solution and get on with it already.

Which means that I also expect that once Molten Core is on farm, some Classic players will go away until the next phase of release or they'll downshift their playtime to just raid-logging and maybe related stuff like rep-grinding. Others will switch to an alt and get them up to speed. Blizzard wants those returning players to shift over to the live game, so the news of Classic players getting Battle For Azeroth for free as soon as they get their first character to Level 60 (complete with a free character boost) came with an "But of course." reaction from most of us.

I am not surprised at all by any of this. We told them this would hit like the fist of an angry god, and it has. We expected that they'd use this as a retention scheme, and they have. We knew they'd try to get returning old-school players to try the new stuff, and they are. We know now that much of the game's commercial success comes from microtransactions and not just subscription fees; you'd think they'd cut the players a break and reduce the fees or go wholly Free To Play, but no. And those old-timers, who have long joked that only WOW can kill WOW, they're proven right.

If only Blizzard's counterparts in related media would get the hint and bring back proper support for the editions that made their game. Looking at you, WOTC.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Narrative Warfare: "Breakpoint", Rogue Soldiers, & Collapsing Empires

After watching Russian Badger's latest video about this game, I bothered to watch the trailer done to introduce the villain. Anonymous Conservative, please come to the white courtesy phone. Anonymous Conservative to the white courtesy phone, please.

When a Canadian AAA developer presents a narrative wherein an American Special Forces operator decides to go rogue, take over an isolated island, and go to war against the empire he once served in the hopes of accelerating its collapse and does so with Hollywood actors and budgets to match you're not just looking at a videogame offering. You're looking at a Narrative Warfare move.

This is not a new scenario. Back in the '90s, Jerry Bruckheimer made his bones in part with a movie dramatizing this sort of thing: The Rock. What got my attention here was not that we had a rogue soldier scenario, but the rhetoric written for our actor to perform- and he did his part well. In addition to other Hollywood productions of this sort over the last decade or so, I'm wondering if some folks in the shadows aren't so much concerned about if a collapse comes so much as trying to shape one to their liking.

Anonymous Conservative routinely talks Narrative Warfare, but he's focused mostly on the political and economic reporting and not so much on the cultural end, but this should get his attention. What he routinely emphasizes is that the real fighting, as per Sun Tzu, goes on well before a single shot is fired. I'm thinking this game--in addition to being a legit videogame product--is also meant to shape the battlefield to come where it counts: in the minds of the population, especially the young adult men who will bear the brunt of any conflict.

I'm not talking about some Col. Grosman "Muh Murder Simulator" bullshit. I'm talking about defining the terms, and thus the boundaries, of a conflict well before anything jumps off; in short, I'm talking the Frame Game. By taking all of the legit and valid criticisms of the Anglo-American Establishment and tying them to the villain of this game, the hope is to create a subconcious association of that criticism with both the villain's actions and his proposed solutions therefor, and by beating that villain to create a discrediting of those criticisms. In short, "I win because I'm right; you're wrong, so you lose." and thus (a) invert cause and effect in order to (b) invert the moral level of the conflict to make the pro-globohomo side--the side the players support in this game--appear to be the moral one.

I wouldn't point this out if I hadn't seen it before, and I know this wouldn't be tried if it didn't work previously. Someone's trying to win a war before it starts here. Anon, if you see this, I want you to give your take on it; Secret Society or no, and how?

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

My Life In Fandom: Do You Feel A Tremor In The Force?

The folks at World Class Bullshitters, following their colleagues at Geeks & Gamers, put out a less-than-hopeful video on Episode 9.

TL/DR: Abrams is a fuckup, the plot violates the established limits of the franchise, and what doesn't suck is rehash from the older--better--films anyways so this is going to be a very pretty dumpster fire that tries so very hard to glad-hand the very audience it shat upon all this time. Skip it.

It's going to go badly for the Devil Mouse, and part of that is due to relying on the audience for this film bothering with any external media such as the Clone Wars and Rebels TV series. (The latter is where any Force concept not seen in the Original or Prequel Trilogy comes from, and the latter introduced the time travel element.) Part of it is lingering fallout from the last catastrophie, and part of it is going to be coming from flat-out Force Fatigue.

But we can count on the media to do the Devil Mouse's bidding and grossly distort and inflate the numbers in order to bambozzle the masses one last time, ignoring the fact that Mouse Wars merch still rots on the shelves, the official tie-in park is an utter failure, and the Mouse itself allegedly inflates its revenue across the board and has for years.

We could not be in a better position to push the alternatives to Mouse Wars as a united front this December. Let's get on that.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Narrative Warfare: It Always Comes Back To Child Sacrifice

Neon Revolt posts this Crowder clip about Epstein, and it got me thinking.

I have never heard a conspiracy theory that, at some point, didn't come around to child abuse and human sacrifice- often of those same children. Aliens? Yep. Ancient Aliens? You betcha. Satanic/Heretical cults? Routine. Illuminati? In spades. Muh Lizards? Massive numbers. And let's not go into the nigh-genocidal numbers that anything involving the Nephilim--the giants, the titans--routinely get into. It's just where the pedophilia enters into the scene, not if it's done or not.

Which means that what Crowder above says was going to happen sooner or later. Sooner or later someone like Epstein gets exposed and the claims validated by being suicided, which just ensures that the eventual exposure of the full global pedophile/human sacrifice network comes that much sooner since yet more eyeballs come on to this and push more minds to accept this as the reality that it is.

And once they come to terms with reality as it is, then comes what the network fears.

You know it. I know it. It's going to happen. Witches get ditches.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

My Life In Fandom: Mouse Wars Confirmed For Corporate Fan Fiction

In case you needed yet another reason to skip the final Mouse Wars film, here's Jeremy from Geeks & Gamers coming at you with another video.

Fine, it's a purported leak. Blah-blah-blah skepticism; you know the drill by now. I'm posting about it because a leak like this one--something with multiple parties saying is mostly correct--has come forth about this far out from each previous film. Yes, I saw a leak spelling out the plot of the film months before release in 2015 and 2017; these leaks played a big part in my decision to see (or not, rather) each film. (If my sister wasn't buying, I would never have seen The Force Awakens in the theater.)

Oh Christ, this is dire. J.J. Abrams is notorious for being incompetent at ending a story, and it shows here in spades. This is the sort of stupid Fan Dumb crap that would be shat on good and hard during the heyday of West End's Star Wars Adventure Journal, and did get shat upon good and hard during Dark Horse's run of the licensed comics series. (Dark Empire was the best received iteration, and that was before the whole Clone Emperor reveal.)

This is not just corporate fan fiction. This is everything that fan fiction routinely gets shat upon put forth front and center, and passed off as "original". Yes, right down to all sorts of contradictory narrative incompetence and Very SMRT Boy signalling. Yes, we get exactly what Rey Sue was going to get at the end: a galaxy where she's the only Force User, making The Force Is Female a literal fact. We get the last of the Original Trilogy notables dredged up and abused in service to Rey Sue before being removed from the stage. We get our one character with any narrative potential undergo one last ritual humiliation before being dispatched.

And yet.

And yet.

And yet you can be damned sure that some folks, who you'd think would know better, will still act the paypig and give the Devil Mouse their money despite being shown the total and utter contempt and hatred held for them. They'll see it in the theater. They'll buy merch. You know the excuses by now, so I need not repeat them. What needs to happen NOW is to start emphasizing that (a) they can't save someone who wants to damn themselves (i.e. no saving this franchise), (b) they're better off walking away from Omelas and taking up alternatives instead, and (c) point out what those alternatives are and where to get them.

And, of course, my own Star Knight Saga is part of those alternatives. Why put up with pozzed globohomo poison when there's clean independent originals in the same spirit and Japanese space operas old and new that hit all the same notes? We don't need the Devil Mouse. We don't need corporate fan fiction or propaganda, and we need not put up with it. We just need to be stop being paypigs, have some respect for ourselves, go where we're wanted and give them our money instead.