Sunday, September 29, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Authorization Is About Usurping Authority

I'm going to borrow from the Supreme Dark Lord here and use his terminology to explain what's going on when you see shit like this below.

What you see here is an Authorization scam, and only those who present themselves as a Priest Class bother to try this crap.

Authorization means that they control what is and is not allowed. They use institutional control to enforce this claim of authority. In the context of tabletop RPGs, what they want to control are the companies that publish games, the companies that sell the games, and the groups that organize the events to promote the games. If you are Authorized, they grant you access to their institutional network. You can sell via their stores, publish via their companies, promote at their events, even get others also authorized to shill for your stuff. If you're unauthorized, they shut you out and you're on your own at best; at worst they active destroy your efforts to compete with them.

This scheme depends upon them controlling the only institutional network. That's why deplatforming is a viable threat in their minds; they think they hold the gates, and there is no way around them. That's also why building your own network is a dire threat to them, because it removes that lynchpin which makes the authorization scheme work; folks they don't authorize can simply use the competing network.

Now do you see the brilliance in Vox Day's creation of Castalia House, Arkhaven Comics, and Now do you see why Gab got shat upon, especially now that Gab's working on email and payment alternatives? They're building alternative networks of institutions, alternatives that SJWs don't control and can't easily shut down, and they are not the only ones. Once the top cockblocks are sorted--banking and hosting--we'll have a global alternative network capable of rendering the current SJW authorization scheme obsolete and irrelevant.

Authorization, as the Death Cult wields it, is on borrowed time- and they know it.

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