Thursday, September 26, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Language-Based Gas(lighting) Attacks

Today in "Things Woke Fuckwits Say: Tabletop RPG Edition", the RPG Pundit talked about some faggot getting offended over "Murderhobo".

This is why you hold the gates against fakes, frauds, and turncoats. You get this nonsense being pushed, and they do push it, and they will want to push this nonesense into every public-facing outlet wherein tabletop RPGs get played: conventions, Let's Plays, game stores, livestreams, and so on. By doing so they want to shape the public perception of what tabletop RPGs are as a hobby, gaslighting the public--including lapsed players--into accepting their narrative. Overtime they drive out the wrongthinkers and elevate their own to prominenc, until they have complete control and then they go full retard and crank up the propaganda accordingly because the convergence is complete and now another thing is but a means to spread the Globohomo poz.

They'll take the gates and hold them against you if you don't do it to them first and foremost. It's your domain, not theirs. Don't let them steal what is rightfully yours, and take out the traitors playing 5th Column first. KTF if you have to; just do it or you'll never have the peace to actually enjoy what you love ever again.

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