Tuesday, September 3, 2019

My Life In Fandom: Do You Feel A Tremor In The Force?

The folks at World Class Bullshitters, following their colleagues at Geeks & Gamers, put out a less-than-hopeful video on Episode 9.

TL/DR: Abrams is a fuckup, the plot violates the established limits of the franchise, and what doesn't suck is rehash from the older--better--films anyways so this is going to be a very pretty dumpster fire that tries so very hard to glad-hand the very audience it shat upon all this time. Skip it.

It's going to go badly for the Devil Mouse, and part of that is due to relying on the audience for this film bothering with any external media such as the Clone Wars and Rebels TV series. (The latter is where any Force concept not seen in the Original or Prequel Trilogy comes from, and the latter introduced the time travel element.) Part of it is lingering fallout from the last catastrophie, and part of it is going to be coming from flat-out Force Fatigue.

But we can count on the media to do the Devil Mouse's bidding and grossly distort and inflate the numbers in order to bambozzle the masses one last time, ignoring the fact that Mouse Wars merch still rots on the shelves, the official tie-in park is an utter failure, and the Mouse itself allegedly inflates its revenue across the board and has for years.

We could not be in a better position to push the alternatives to Mouse Wars as a united front this December. Let's get on that.

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