Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Narrative Warfare: It's About Human Sacrifice

It's all so tiresome, and predictable.

Razorfist rants about the second coming at Justice Brett Kavanaugh, repeating the discredited allegations made during his confirmation hearings and double-down by claiming that he committed perjury in answering them, in order to yank him off the Supreme Court. More likely is that this is meant to attack the Court's legitimacy in order to facilitate a new round of state-level nullification campaigns meant to ignore Federal law and regulation.

It's not about guns. For all the hysteria about guns and gun control, this attack on the Supreme Court isn't motivated by that issue. No, this is about abortion, and it's about abortion because it's coming out more and more that abortion is nothing more than well-disguised human sacrifice to the demon Molech.

But something's shifted, and the cultists sense it. They know something's going to go down, and against them, in the near term and their usual safeguards are gone thanks to the God-Emperor. With Ginsberg hanging on by a thread, the rabbit-thinkers are in a fluster and that's what's driving this hysteria. They are so used to having it free and easy that any constriction is catastrophic to them.

That's all this is about: keeping the human sacrifices coming. To that end they are willing to do anything, and that's going to quickly expose who among the American population serves Molech and whom remains true to their loyalty to their Creator and his only begotten son Jesus.

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  1. Bradford

    Yup. Dandelein's testimony right now about killing babies still beating hearts is straight out of the Aztecs and Bernal del Castillo's eyewitness account.



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