Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Practical Eucivics: The OODA Loop Is Not Just For Military Affairs

One of the Metro City Boys, Oliver Campbell, decided to do something eucivic and practical. This is "Oliver Explains It All", a new video series about the man imparting his wisdom to a people that could use it. Follow the man on Twitter and Twitch, and catch the show on Sundays on YouTube.

You don't need to do a big production number to make things better. You can have a profound influence merely by being present in the life of another. We know this to be true; we wouldn't be cracking jokes about parental abandonment, emotional unavailability, and intimacy issues if it weren't true- and neither would we praise people for having well-mannered children.

Remember what "OODA" stands for: Orient, Observe, Decide, Act. That's two steps of not-yapping to, at most, one step of running your mouth. Col. Boyd coined this term because he figured out how people think in general, not just in combat, and in everyday life this translates into bring present. Watch that video again; see how it squares with what Oliver's talking about. Mastering this is a key element to making life--yours and others--better. That is practical eucivics.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Aesthetics of #StarKnight - Overview

The technology of Galactic Christendom, while often fantastic by today's standards, is not of uniform development. Part of this is historic. When the nations went their separate ways in colonizing the galaxy, they left at different times and met different situations along the way to their eventual destinations.

Some of their colonies failed, some became lost for a time and only recently returned to the galactic fellowship, and some suffered losses that destroyed previous capacity or retarded existing ones. Couple this with an ethic that emphasizes local economy over galactic trade, and an aesthetic that prioritizes wise use of local resources--natural and Man alike--over creating the stereotypical steel-and-chrome trope of Science Fiction.

In short, this is what you should be expecting out of Galactic Christendom:

Monday, July 29, 2019

My Life In Fandom: #KyoAni Update

We finally got some good news after all the death and destruction.

Which translates to: Kyoani collects data from burn-out-free servers It is said that it took it out to work with the cooperation of the expert. The data included digitized originals. The article, in Japanese, is here. TL/DR? They saved the servers, so the digital assets survived the fire.

Then came this statement from the company's CEO, translated into English and several other languages:

Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Business: Union Threatens YouTube (Good!)

This is not a drill. Finally, a union that isn't fucking useless or run by gangsters and similar crooks. This is a real threat to Google, and you need to know about it.

Sure, this relies on the size of the European Union to act as leverage, but that's always been the case when abusive corporations aren't yoked by government power. Keep an eye on this matter and track its development, folks. Yes, even you folks like Anonymous Conservative; you would know better than all but a few if this is a legit threat or not, and to what extent.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

My Life As A Gamer: We Have a Leak For WOW Mk. 9.

It's that time again. Time for speculation on what's coming next for World of Warcraft. This is from Pyromancer, one of the long-timers and after Nobbel (sic) the Noble he's a lore expert- such as lore is in this franchise. Here he is talking about a suspected leak for Version 9 of the game. This leak comes from 4chan's /vg/, which has been the source of many fakes and as well as hits in the past. You can follow along here; pic is here

Friday, July 26, 2019

My Life As A Gamer: Handling A Superteam Game Sensibly

"Hey, Walker. You know a lot about running tabletop RPGs. How would you handle a Superfriends sort of thing?"

Better than DC or Marvel does.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

K Selection Intesifies

It's a good start.

The process needs to be expedited, as this is a two-decade backlog of walking dead that need to be cleared out. No need for ceremony here. Designate a space, form up a firing squad, and march them out somewhere between five and ten at a time. Get on with it already. These men are already convicted criminal predators, and of capital offenses at that, so there is no need to dramatize the inevitable. Be clean, be efficient, be detached, and be done with it- something that electrocution, lethal injection, and hanging are not.

And we're going to need that room on Death Row once the God-Emperor finally gets the very large wheels into motion and begins grinding up his enemies to a find powder. We've already had Guantanamo renovated to deal with internal threats. This? This is the signal that the G-E is not going to let them merely sit in a cell, waiting to be released by a fellow traveler down the road; they are going to die as condemned men, one and all, as they should have been long ago.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

#StarKnightSaga Lore: The Barsoom War College

The Barsoom War College

In the Year of Our Lord 2543, the 7th Terran Crusade succeeded in pushing the last Nephilim warlord out of the solar system. A pause in the action arose. Rather than allow the incredible energy generated and focused by the Crusade dissipate and risk falling into infighting, Pope Simon V called the crowns of the nations together to counsel.

Now recorded as The 7th Terran Counsel, this meeting resulted in two key decisions. The first is the agreement by the nations to regard Holy Terra as neutral ground, to be direct administered by the Church. The second is the command to spread across the galaxy in all direction, with the aim of carving out new domains--new kingdoms--wherein the nations of Christendom may thrive.

The first of the core institutions that comprised Galactic Christendom arose at this time, the Barsoom War College. Founded by Papal decree that same year, the Church took over a shipyard and its associated colony holding a geostationary orbit over Olympus Mon, Mars. It was meant to be an archive and clearing house for the military arts and sciences, and the shipyard was to be as much a museum as it is a college.

As such, the College's initial academic staff were retired war heroes from every nation, be they clergy or laymen. In time, the College became dominated by the Vatican Solar Guard and the Military Orders with only a minority of students or professors being from one of the many domains across the galaxy. Far more common are pilgrims visiting the College's museum, wherein students often voluteer as docents for the touring groups.

In time, as the nations founded their new kingdoms, the people of Galactic Christendom would build their own parallels to the core civil institutions of the Church using these as models and establishing institutional fellowship--and rivalry--with one another. In addition, the College continued to have guest speakers and teachers come from time to time, all of which turned the College into a well-known place for laymen and professionals alike.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

My Life As A Gamer: "Super Robot Wars" Comes To PC!


Which translates to-

Nintendo Switch and STEAM version slated for release of "Super Robot Wars V" and "Super Robot Wars X" Details are published in "Weekly Famitsu" released on July 25. Please check it out!

This is HUGE!, and it strongly implies that these releases will be in English (subtitled) for Western release via Singapore. Japan's gaming culture, and thus its business, has been console and mobile--especially mobile--heavy for years. PC's been an afterthought, save for a few specific franchise entries, and Super Robot Wars has been one of the most Japan-centric franchises in videogames until two years ago. First with V on PS4, the team in charge has expanded what qualifies for the franchise as well as who can get it; with T you had a choice of what to play it on. This? If done right, it will make the audience for this series explode.

And the best part? This signals an openness to other heretofore unthinkable things, like Star Knight becoming part of the series.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Know When To Shut Up

Normally, I don't post more than once a day to the main blog. This is an exception, and this shit is why.

Congratulations! You're doing the same shit that got Rial and Soye sued. That ain't going to slide anymore, and I ain't having it. The entire exchange is archived and sent to Vic's lawyers, since you didn't listen to me and stop talking shit like it wouldn't mean anything. Maybe they'll be in touch. Maybe they won't. One thing is for sure; if this had happened to me, I'd be filing criminal charges because in Minnesota defamation is a crime.

And yes, I will file charges if this happens to me.

You're Not Fixing The Problem By Whining, Alt-Media

Time to call some folks who ought to know better out. Let's let the IDF's best SF author state it plainly.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Poz Arrives To The MCU

Marvel Studios took the time at the San Diego Comic Con to announce the slate of films and related projects that comprise Phase Four. The moment that many of us foresaw would be the case after Endgame has come at last: Woke Marvel's arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

#StarKnightSaga Lore: Tengu Team

Welcome back to the Lore Archives. Today we're visiting a group that isn't going to show up for a while, so here's one to look forward to seeing in action down the road.

Friday, July 19, 2019

My Life In Fandom: Anime's Library of Alexandria

It's worse than I thought. It's far, far worse.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Planning For The Future: You Shall Not Poz!

It may be presumptuous of me, as I'm barely out of the gate at this point, but I believe that Star Knight will find itself a popular audience soon enough. Once it does, all of the things I want to see happen--e.g. getting into Super Robot Wars--will begin to happen. However, I have to keep in mind that someday I won't have my hands on my creation. If death itself doesn't do the job, I may be a fool and sell it as George Lucas did to Star Wars.

In short, I need to establish an estate plan. It's going to be this simple: If I didn't write it, or sanction it, it doesn't get made. While I'm alive, I'm closing the door on posthumous expansion or revision of my work. The most I will allow is what Christopher Tolkien did for his father; allow the careful curation and publication of remaining papers and unfinished works. At some point, sooner than later, I'll have to assemble and maintain a document akin to a Series Bible to give firm guidance on how to adapt my work.

Because I won't allow what happened to Star Wars to befall my own work. Once I'm gone, the door shuts and the lock seals the corpus forever. Better to be fossilized than defiled. My property is never to leave my posterity's possession; I forbid it now, while I still can, and I also forbid my executors from pozzing my work- it is to remain as I wrote it and intended it forever after.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

#StarKnightSaga Lore: The Knights Hospitaller

Welcome back to the Lore Archives. Today, we're talking about Galactic Christendom's most welcome arm of the Church's military orders: The Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem Instead of their historical, real-life origins imagine them more like this instead.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Supporting Alt-Media: The Galaxy Ascendant Series

The Israeli Defense Force's best SF author, Yakov Merkin, launched a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo today, aimed at helping him get books 4 & 5 of his Galaxy Ascendant series out the door and into your hands. Here he is, in his own words, pitching it to you. Have a listen.

You can also see that he's not starting something new, but continuing something he's been doing while on active duty in the IDF. The man's as committed to putting out fantastic Space Opera as I am, and he's killing it. If you're new to the series, you can buy copies direct from him as a Perk; this helps more than buying his work on Amazon. As for the other Perks on offer, take a good look; he's offering backers some seriously fun things for these books and how he'll make use of them is going to be entertaining in its own right.

As with Nick Cole, Brian Niemeier, Rawle Nyanzi, and myself Yakov's committed to entertaining an audience that--at least in the West--is underserved and disrepected by the former greats of the field. If you wish to do more than just buy our books, this is a clear way to show that support. Hint the link and contribute today if you can; Yakov won't be the only one who will appreciate it if you do.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Supporting Alt-Media: Backing "Rebel's Run"

The Supreme Dark Lord made a big announcement today regarding this fantastic film project. If you missed the trailer, here it is again:

The project is funded; this is to hit the Stretch Goal. The project's aim is this:

Viral Films Media LLC is a new film company with the business purpose of creating a single live-action superhero film – Rebel’s Run – based on characters from the Alt-Hero comic book universe created by Vox Day and Arkhaven Comics. We founded Viral Films Media to provide an alternative to the major Hollywood studios.

VFM is producing a film based on a new superhero universe offering a range of original characters, great stories and themes that aim to impact and influence the culture of today.

VFM’s production of Rebel’s Run aims to demonstrate that a small independent start-up can challenge and outdo Hollywood. Rebel's Run will present audiences with a bold and exciting new vision of the superhero. In the place of yet another remake of a comic book from the 1940s, Rebel's Run will introduce a new comics universe full of entirely new superheroes to the screen, with fearless storytelling inspired by a game-changing, counter-cultural spirit.

If you want in, then you want to go over to the SDL's blog post and read up on your options. Why? Because this is new, fresh, and living material by the original creators and not a dead franchise defiled by corporate necromancers making a mockery of it via the unlife of fan-fiction. It's just another front in Narrative Warfare, but a critical one to hold.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

More #StarKnightLore Coming

Coming this week I'm going to expand the loreposting for #StarKnight to locations, people of note, and events. These won't be every day, but at least twice a week here on the main blog. You can consider this ongoing promotion of the books; you wouldn't be wrong. It's a decision I made after the results of a Twitter poll, and it ties into what I talked about at the Study regarding building from zero.

And yes, I'm considering a crowdfunding campaign later this year. There's a poll up as of this post; after it concludes, I'll edit the result in here.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Narrative Warfare: It's About Revenge Against Dad

The other day I posted the archive of Nike Rekieta looking at the video deposition of Ron Toye. Last night it was Vic Mignoga. Having seen the two in contrast, the source of this conflict immediately became crystal clear. But first, the archive; cancel your plans, this one is over four hours.

If Soye is a Gamma in almost Platonic form, then Vic is the Alpha Male that the Gamma despises and seeks to usurp. Call Vox Day. These videos, and this case, need to be added to his material on the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy.

Friday, July 12, 2019

#StarKnightSaga Lore: Cavalier


General and Technical Data

Model Number: VSG-GV-044(VF)
Code Name: Cavalier
Unit Type: Limited Production Variable Form Powered Armor
Manufacturer: Harlan Motorworks w/ the Shipwright's Guild
Operator(s): Vatican Solar Guard
First Deployment: 2932 A.D.
Accommodation: One Pilot in torso cockpit
Dimensions: Height: 12.6 ft. (3.85m), Width: 3.9 ft. (1.2m)
Armor Materials: Classified
Powerplant: Aramaki Type battery-powered engine
Propulsion: 4x Grand Tour All-Terrain wheels governed by CHM Smart Power transmission (Bike Mode); 2x wheels in feet (Armor Mode), 2x thrusters on shoulders.
Performance: 124 mph (cruise), 250 mph (maximum) (Bike Mode); 100 mph (Armor Mode, Ground), 100 mph (Air)
Equipment & Design Features: Headlight (multiple frequencies possible; visible light is default, w/ options output into rider's helmet). Variable-configuration chassis to support two-wheel and four-wheel operation modes. UI link to rider's helmet or ride goggles.
Fixed Armaments: None standard
Optional Fixed Armaments: Blaster cannons on front wheels (arms in Armor Mode), rocket launchers x2 on each rear wheel (legs in Armor Mode)
Optional Hand Armaments: Beam saber in main hand (Armor Mode only) stored in hip socket

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Narrative Warfare: A Gamma Greater Than Scalzi

Last night I watched, as I do, Nick Rekieta's livestream. This stream focused on watching the video of the deposition of Ron Toye--one of those (allegedly) behind the campaign of defamation against Vic Mignogna--by Vic's lawyer, Ty Beard. The instant I saw who this was, and not hearing Nick mention who it is, I knew that I had come across one of the purest expression of the Gamma Male ever- a bigger Gamma faggot than John Scalzi, Wil Wheaton, and many other known Gamma twats. But first, a refresher on what Gammas are.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Business: Considering The Side Story Angle

This is a question that I can't do to my satisfaction with a simple Twitter poll, but it's not a hard one to follow. My background is as a historian; it's where the bulk of my applied writing education wrests. Having read Vox Day's Sumna Elvetica, I wonder if I could do something in that vein- a fictional nonfiction side work.

The idea is that I could write about Galactic Christendom (and its preceding eras) in ways that the main series won't cover, using that more academic approach and formal tone, complete with footnotes and references as if it were a real scholarly work. The audience would not necessarily overlap with the main series, nor would I intended it to, so the covers and other dress would be significantly different to make plain the difference.

No, I don't know what, specifically, I would do other than focus more on the Church and its role in rebuilding Mankind after the Cataclysm into Galactic Christendom. I don't know when I would do this either; a lot of what I do want to do in this vein constitutes spoilers for the main series at this time. Thus the question: What fictional non-fiction would you want to see as an adjunct to main Star Knight books?

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Horns Blow About Jericho

As I write this, I'm listening to the Supreme Dark Lord do his Darkstream for the night about Pedo Pusher Epstein, when I go check the blog to find this:

One party organised by Ghislaine for Epstein at his New York house in the early 2000s was reportedly attended by Donald Trump, Google founder Sergey Brin, disgraced British Cabinet minister Peter Mandelson and David Blaine who 'amused a group of barely clad models with card tricks'.

Epstein told a magazine that: 'The dialogues are so engaging that serving even the most extraordinary food sometimes seems inappropriate, like eating pizza at the ballet.'

Monday, July 8, 2019

#StarKnightSaga Lore: Enkidu


General & Technical Data

Model Number: REA-02
Code Name: Enkidu
Unit Type: Ace Custom Limited Production Combat Mecha.
Manufacturer: Red Eyes Armada.
Operator: Red Eyes Armada.
Rollout: AD 3001.
First Deployment: AD 3001.
Accommodations: One pilot in torso-mounted panoramic cockpit with linear seat.
Dimensions: Overall Height: 15 meters; Width: 5 meters.
Weight: 50 metric tons (70 fully loaded).
Armor Materials: Unknown.
Powerplant: Unknown.
Propulsion: Rocket Thrusters in feet, shoulders, and back with vernier thrusters
Performance: Turn (180) 1.5 seconds; Run (land): 160 kph (100 mph); Flight (atmosphere): 800 kph (500 mph) w/ ceiling of 30 Km & no stall speed; Underwater: Max depth 200 meters. Equipment & Design Features: 360 degree cockpit view system; Sensors: 6000 meter range; advanced DNA-coded enhanced control system.
Fixed Armaments: Red-colored Beam Sword in recessed hip socket.
Optional Fixed Armaments: Missile pods on the hips, lower legs, or shoulders.
Hand Armaments: Beam Rifle, Missile Launcher, Shield.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Cernovich Forces a Break in the Narrative

Mike Cernovich's efforts against notorious pedophile Jeffery Epstein finally bear fruit.

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for allegedly sex trafficking dozens of minors in New York and Florida between 2002 and 2005, and will appear in court in New York on Monday, according to three law enforcement sources. The arrest, by the FBI-NYPD Crimes Against Children Task Force, comes about 12 years after the 66-year-old financier essentially got a slap on the wrist for allegedly molesting dozens of underage girls in Florida.

For more than a decade, Epstein’s alleged abuse of minors has been the subject of lawsuits brought by victims, investigations by local and federal authorities, and exposés in the press. But despite the attention cast on his alleged sex crimes, the hedge-funder has managed to avoid any meaningful jail time, let alone federal charges.

The new indictment—which, according to two sources, will be unsealed Monday in Manhattan federal court—will reportedly allege that Epstein sexually exploited dozens of underage girls in a now-familiar scheme: paying them cash for "massages" and then molesting or sexually abusing them in his Upper East Side mansion or his palatial residence in Palm Beach. Epstein will be charged with one count of sex trafficking of minors and one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of minors—which could put him away for a maximum of 45 years. The case is being handled by the Public Corruption Unit of the Southern District of New York, with assistance from the district's human-trafficking officials and the FBI.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Geek Gab Goes Far From Home!

Daddy Warpig and Dorrinal are back with a new Geek Gab episode, and this week they're talking Spider-Man: Far From Home.

And today sees a rare YouTube upload from Oliver Campbell of the Metro City Boys podcast. This is his supercut from his time in the beta for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. If this is your sort of game, then why aren't you up on that already? Hunt Dad is waiting for you, boys! Get to it!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Make American Culture Great Again

Happy American Independence Day, folks! I hope you're having a fun time, American or not, wherever you are. Here's the Darkstream from an expatriate who will, some generations from now, be regarded as one of the more important Americans of his era: The Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day. He's talking about the Alt-Hero movie, "Rebel's Run" and a lot more.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Alt-Hero's Coming To The Big Screen

The Supreme Dark Lord has a message for you all. Alt-Hero is coming to the big screen.

That this is happening at all is a big deal. Sure, we're not going to see a $200 billion dollar blockbuster right out of the gate; we're lucky to get something on the level of Hard Boiled. That said, small films that do well and market smartly can have--and have had--disproportionate impact and I am glad to see this is in the works. As Brian Niemeier said on his blog today, we've got to hang together and take our own side because no one will look out for us but us.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Fan Channel Myopia

Let's talk fan myopia, specifically the provincialism that is commonly on display for those purporting themselves to be "all (X)".

Monday, July 1, 2019

My Life As A Gamer: One Simple Trick To Making RIFTS Manageable

Let's talk about another tabletop RPG that's got a long history (by now), and a dedicated audience of core users. Let's talk Palladium's RIFTS.