Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Narrative Warfare: It's The Culture, Stupid!

Once more, the Supreme Dark Lord Vox Day has to point out that Rhetoric trumps Dialectic when persuading the masses- and that is the whole of the Culture War. Dragon Award winner Brian Niemeier follows-up by showing why too many on the Right chronically fail to get why this matters, or even how and why it works.

And in a bit of synchronicity, Hooc Ott at Gab made this reply John Rivers's post. They too argued over the sort of stories that succeed so well in the popular culture, talking over how it's not as simple as it seems to succeed in producing such simple narratives to achieve Rhetorical goals of persuasion.

Focusing on the culture is the best use of one's energy at this time. Everything else follows from the culture, and as such there is no need to argue otherwise; you're just wasting time and sandbagging your allies. Time instead to start learning how to win and why it works that way, which means learning how to tell those swift-paced stories for maximum impact and get them out the door as fast as you can manage.

If that's not your thing, then there's another vital thing you can do: Support Those Who Don't Hate You. Boost their profiles, get heretofore unaware audiences informed that something they like it out there, and so on. Heed Jon del Arroz on this and be the change in the culture. Forks don't build themselves.

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  1. Brian,

    Here's something that I found at arts and literature daily:

    And then the editors and owners wonder why their magazines fold?
    Cheap slave labour to produce middling content


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