Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Life Belongs to the Hardcore

As we are talking about the culture this week, it's time to promote a friendly voice with something to say on it. This is from the Freedom Alternative channel, which I recommend that you subscribe to and follow hereafter.

In order to change a policy - or even indeed to fundamentally transform an entire civilization - one does not necessarily need 51% per cent agreement with the new set of ideas.

In fact, even 80% agreement with the new set of ideas might still not be enough.

What is a lot more important is to have a 10% hardline or stubborn minority. That is what changes things!

It is rarely the case that a policy dispute or a cultural war is being won by the moderates. The absolute rule is that the most hardline minority wins. And this is something we need to learn really fast!

Let's explore!

"Life belongs to the hardcore." is how I put it. Others put as "You only need twelve faithful men.", or "It took 3% to be viable, and 5% to become victorious." Whatever the saying, the point remains: small, committed, and disciplined groups focused on working towards a goal are the proven drivers of history. Eric Hoffer said as plainly in his historic book on mass movements.

This is the way that the Long March worked. Successive pushes, run by the hardcore, over time iterated their way to dominance. It is unlikely that this chaos corruption can be undone faster than that, barring the opportunity afforded by a collapse, so get ready to put in work that only your grand-children will benefit from.

Which means actually working as a team. But that's for tomorrow.

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