Thursday, April 26, 2018

Teamwork By Network: How the Hardcore Leverage Their Commitment Into Power

Teams are groups of individuals who work together in concert towards a common goal. Each teammate has a role to fulfill as part of a larger operation, and only through the synergy of their efforts can they achieve results far greater than their collective efforts as individuals could produce.

Get off the pitch or the battlefield, and your team becomes a network. You still have the core components--a small group of committed, disciplined people working towards a goal--but they become nodes in a larger map of connections. Each node forms an operational team of its own, fulfilling a specific function in a larger plan just like you see when the Vikings or Chelsea take the field.

The Left is a team spread out into a network, and that network operates as a cohesive unit. There is no winning a culture war if one's own side is not likewise committed to operating as a team, especially in the form of a network. What is true of armies, navies, and religions is true in general. This is why Muh Libertarianism and Muh An-Cap doesn't work in practice: it always falls, first to the Horde, and then to the Empire.

When you see how a hardcore minority operating as a team can turn mushy moderates into a machine that fulfills its will, then you witness how and why life belongs to the hardcore. That doesn't mean it's purely a tool for evil; like any tool so often seen in evil hands, it is a perversion of Natural Law because this same principle is what allows a healthy nation to establish and sustain its own countries- this is how the leadership of the family lawfully extends to the reign over a nation and the rulership of countries.

In the real world, there is no successful heroic one-man stands against a ravenous horde. Yet I've seen far too many people who say they don't support the SJW Death Cult do just this sort of stupid thing. They refuse to accept leadership. They refuse to support any others in common cause. They refuse to work as a team. So they get defeated in detail as the SJWs steamroll them one by one; it's not like there isn't a telling visual example of this folly in action.

The excuses fly fast, but it comes down to ego and pride not letting some fool think outside of SJW frameworks to see what really is the issue or what the only practical solution is, so they sandbag or sabotage. (The whole "Moderates are useless" problem, which we know mostly as "cucking".) Like it or not, success requires teamwork and leadership; your allies need not be your friends, and if you can't discern between the two then enjoy Antifa boots on your neck and those of your descendants until you're rendered extinct.

And I don't have time for losing.

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