Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Glock's Failing Is Symbolic of a Larger Pattern

Over at The Dark Herald, something happened that I suspected to be the case: Glock lost its lead with institutional purchasers. The reason is also as I expected: Glock got lazy and stopped doing what it takes to stay on top.

That's not to say that Glock is doomed, yet. They're in a position similar to the AR-15: so many aftermarket or supplementary products feed off the Glock that they have significant reserves to employ should their management stop being fucking retarded and start innovating against. Until then, having other companies make use of Glock magazines for their own products, or do custom work, and so on will buy them time to get their shit together.

Unlike the AR-15, Glocks aren't made by every last motherfucker with a mill, a billet, and some idea of what the plans are. That one fact means that there isn't any way to use the Glock platform to compete with Glock and compel them to Git Gud. Instead, you're seeing an explosion of striker-fired handguns that (for the most part) do what Glock did better than Glock has to date, and those same institutional users are noticing- such as the U.S. Army (going with the Sig P320).

The same story's playing out in Traditional SF/F publishing, in tabletop RPGs, and in Hollywood. The major players stopped putting in the work that got them there, in large part because the leaders are gone and the Starscreams took over. Many of them are also held by the SocJus death cult, which kills what it converges, but even those not so (such as Blizzard) are having problems due to a lack of innovation and too-long a time uncontested in their field.

You can't rest on those laurels. There is no "end of history"; it's never over. Yet these Starscreams, these Big Reds, they think they've hit some end-state and It's Over Forever- that they've won for all time. That's not how the world works, and we've seen this before in the historical record: too-long success, plus a retarded perspective, leading to lacking discipline and blindness to rival s rising up to take them down.

So all you involved in the Pulp Revolution, reviving Red SF/F, you see clearly that Glock's affliction is the Big 5's. Those in the Old-School Renaisance see this with Wizards of the Coast, and we veterans of GamerGate see it with Bioware and other SJW-converged outfits. And, of course, there's the BBC and NBC/ABC/CBS/CNN and the other ABC (down under)- the lying Establishment media. Hollywood too. Keep at it; we don't need them, and we're foolish to want to be part of their dying scenes. Either they'll wake up and revitalize themselves, or they'll die and make room for those that will. We can't lose. All we need to do is show up and Git Gud.

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