Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Langley is Dangerously Incompetent at Narrative Warfare

So, it turns out that the CIA is literally into Narrative Warfare, and built up a huge cyberwarfare capacity to execute it- and then fucked it all up by losing control of it. Brilliant, you fucking spooks. Just fucking brilliant. Die in a fire, you treasonous shitweaseals.

What's not been focused on much, outside of those who regularly visit /pol/, is that the CIA has a Memetic Warfare center. Furthermore, those CIA meme soldiers routinely get exposed in /pol/ as shills and blown the fuck out. So, not only do they known of Narrative Warfare, they're actively pursuing it and they suck balls at it. Routinely beaten by bored shitposters doing for free!

Good God, if it weren't for that massive media establishment behind them, the CIA wouldn't get shit done in memetic warfare. (And yes, they do rely on the dying dinosaurs for their meme warfare.) This cyberwarfare capacity was meant to be their big trump card, and they lost control of it. Nevermind that Wikileaks just confirmed Trump's wiretapping claims; Trump now has all he needs to go after the rogue spooks and hang every last one still alive for sedition and treason- and that includes their "outside" assets.

Bring on the Inquisition. It's time to purge the unclean.

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