Thursday, March 9, 2017

My Life in Fandom: An Obvious "Star Wars" Scenario to Consider

While the real world offers good news and bad in the culture war, allow me to simultaneously geek out on Star Wars and give you some fodder for your gaming (or whatever) consideration.

During the Clone Wars, the Galactic Republic under Supreme Chancellor Palpatine organized a hasty refit program for its fleet of Consular-class cruisers into viable warships. These would soon be supplemented by other warships, culminating in the Venator-class Star Destroyer, but those dedicated warships would remain in service after the Republic became the Empire. This was not so for these cruisers.

So, it occurs to me that those seeking to oppose Palpatine--surviving Separatists, dissident Republicans, etc.--would have good reason to glom on to the cast-offs of the new Imperial Navy. These cruisers would be the first capital ship class to get the boot; their decommissioning and discharge from Imperial service is an opportunity to acquire viable warships on the cheap, and if one considers the possibility of taking original-configuration models and retrofitting them in turn the opportunity is too good to ignore. (As seen with another popular consular vessel, the CR90-class Corvette.)

In addition to salvaging Republic and Separatist vessels (another great opportunity for a good front operation in this setting), and seeking out remaining Separatist vessels, grabbing former Republic vessels (and other resources) as they fall out of service with the Galactic Empire is a gold mine for playable scenarios. Strict wargaming, or as part of a role-playing campaign, or fodder for your fanfic or fanart folders- this is a heist scenario that I am surprised the Story Team at Lucasfilm haven't tackled yet. (And no, that Y-Wing theft in Rebels is only an approximation.)

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