Monday, June 11, 2018

E3 2018, Day Three: The PC Gaming Show

No assists this time. It's all me, so I'm cutting to the Summaries.

  • Day9 is back as the host. Oh boy.
  • Oh look, another base builder game. Satisfactory. No gameplay shown; it is a toy, as there's no adversity to overcome.
  • Neo Cab. Ugh, what? Uber Driver Sim. Feels like a shit mobile game with Gone Home vibes. PASS.
  • Mavericks. Battle Royale. HARD. FUCKING. PASS!
  • Forgotten City. Remake of a mod. (Saitama) Okay. (/Saitama)
  • Star Control: Origins. Finally, something worthy of hype.
  • Hunt. From last year. No date. Still looks good.
  • Mech game. PVP. Multiplayer. Not BattleTech. Okay. Early Access? Wait.
  • Sinking City. Open investigation. Okay. Puzzles and such? Pixel-bitching inevitable. Lovecraftian? Wait for deep discount. Folks who try it too often fuck it up; wait for players to solve that problem and post guides.
  • Warframe update. I sleep.
  • Sega's putting out Yakuza Zero & Kiwami, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Shining Resonance and Shemue. All right then.
  • More Killing Floor 2 stuff. Okay.
  • Maneater. Could've been Dead Island, but no, Jaws sim.
  • Host cringe.
  • Some shit indie crap. Bravery network online. Morning star.
  • Overwhelm may not suck.
  • Jurassic World Evolution. Because we need that tie-in, eh?
  • VR game. Stormland. Pass. Fuck VR.
  • Another noir game set in a cab. This time Paris, in the past. Night Call. Not interested.
  • Sable. Art show. No gameplay shown. Exploration game; it's a Walking Simulator. HARD. PASS.
  • Star Citizen. Give up; this is a scam turned Pyramid Scheme. Walk away, now. If you gave money, complain to the FTC.
  • Hitman 2. It'll be fine.
  • Just Cause 4. Already commented.
  • Telltale Walking Dead. Thank God it's coming to an end.
  • Hardware trends. Or "time to get a drink".
  • Genesis Alpha One. Totally Not Aliens.
  • Overkill's Walking Dead. Uh, okay.
  • Noita. Terraia-like game. Okay.
  • Some hospital game. Sleep.
  • Some other battle royale. Sleep.
  • Ooblets. Gonna hit with the chicks.
  • Anno 1800. A proper strategy game. About fucking time.
  • Rapture Rejects. Sacriligious. Still looks fun.

Load up your Steam wallets, put some cash on your GOG account, and buy those PC upgrades. There's going to be something for you over the next year, likely several, and at least one is demanding enough to warrant new hardware. The cohost added nothing; axe her and don't replace her- Day9 can do this on his own just fine.

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