Friday, May 5, 2017

An Incomplete Guide to Tabletop RPGs That Aren't Pozzed

Earlier this week, I got asked what tabletop RPGs publishers are converged by SJWs. It's shorter to list those that are neither converged nor otherwise amenable to them.

And that assumes you need to buy new. Buying used is a fine way to not give said backstabbing cunts your money, and so is rolling your own rules entirely- something the SJWs trying to run this show shit their pants in fear of that hitting critical mass. If you must buy a pozzed game, buy it used.

Finally, a note: what you do at your table is beyond their control- not even the infamous World of Synnibarr can do that, and McCracken actually tried to implement a Game Police function into the rules.

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  1. Thanks - I did actually ask for non-pozzed to give money to, not pozzed to boycott. :)