Thursday, May 4, 2017

My Life in Fandom: May The Forks Be With Us All

Recently I put out a post wherein I laid out the case that Star Wars is going downhill due to SJW convergence and needs to be forked. Imagine my surprise to find out that the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil is already on the job. (Go to Vox's post and ready the excerpt; there's good reason to be hyped.)

Really, I should have expected that by now, especially after successfully one-upping Scalzi's latest abortion of a novel.

Yes, it's good to hear that Vox has a fork in the works. That's no excuse to not keep at forks of our own. Each of us who seek to fork what the Mouse converged have different things we want to do with the underlying pulp aesthetics, so by having as many forks as possible come forth we revitalize a moribund marketspace with a plethora of choices. Quite frankly, the more forks that come forth the better it will be for ALL of the forks going forward. We are going to satisfy a demand that is not yet aware of how badly undermet it is.

We're going to see a Big Bang explosion of creativity within a year, as more of us finish our forks and put them out for others to enjoy. Hopefully enough of us can also make enough money from our efforts that we can keep this up as more than a hobby-level sideline; the more we can get away from Convergence Corporation jobs, the better everyone will be.

Man, what a blow-up-the-Death-Star event that's going to be.

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  1. It's exciting. I'm looking forward to the deconverging of the mouse in any form I can get.