Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Pulp Revolution: Bring the Diaspora Home

Let me set the stage by embedding Razorfist's latest video about The Shadow, again enjoy why he should be getting far greater recognition than he's enjoyed to date. The man should have a handful of awards right now.

Okay, where am I going with this?

Here at the Retreat, by many over at the Castalia House blog, and at other blogs devoted to the history of the Pulps we've looked into where that spirit went after the proto-SJWs destroyed them. We've been looking for--and finding--the destinations for the Pulp Diaspora. The spirit went to comic books (as we see above), into feature films, into television, and later into tabletop and videogames- as well as overseas into the popular culture of other nations (notably, France and Japan), often to fantastic success.

What this means is simple. We're not trying to resurrect the dead. We're trying to bring the diaspora back to its native land, and thereby dislodge the dullards that dominate the rightful home of the Pulps. The task itself has reasons for doing: to show that this seemingly-inexorable degeneration process can be halted, reversed, and exterminated.

So, why talk about this using a Razorfist video? Go watch that again: The Shadow once dominated ALL media, prompting many a competitor to try to make something like it to satisfy demand. The Pulps were MASSIVELY popular in ALL media. What does Lucasfilm do very successfully? Spread Star Wars across ALL media, openly attempting to be just as dominant. What does the big Japanese corporations do? Spread their franchises across ALL media, openly attempting to be just as dominant. Why? To meet MASSIVE demand!

The SJWs want that for themselves because they see a gravy train and they want to ride it, but they can't maintain it because they are incapable of meeting that demand. We see this with everything that they gain control of, and now that more of us are on to the scam, pushback at all levels is increasing. Convergence reveals itself as fraud, fraud is a crime, and we know how that goes now don't we?

Yeah, like that. We're going to bring the Pulps home, where they belong, and through that rebuild a dominant culture that once was and will be once more here where it began. The demand still exists; we just have to fulfill it. Guess who knows that?

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