Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bring Forth Your Voice, For We Are a Mighty Chorus

There's a reason I freely alternate between posts on the politics going on and then posting on gamings or films or other products of culture. It's because Politics is downstream of culture. The Old-School Renaissance in tabletop role-playing games, the Superversive and Pulp Revolution movements in genre fiction, Gamergate in videogames- all of them resisted the SocJus deathmarch and gave political resistance the proof of concept required to show the way to resisting the SocJus death cult in political realms- and yes, I do credit the Ascension of the God-Emperor as the current climax of this shift in the zeitgeist that Gamergate and the OSR started.

If you want to make lasting changes in politics, you start by shifting the culture. The SocJus death cult knows this well, as the recent stupidity on display at GDC 2017 demonstrates very well. I'm just one man with a pathetic income, an aging laptop and a blog, but I'm doing my part as best I can by bringing the good stuff I find to whomever reads this thing and hope that they pick up an audience big enough to pay bills with the proceeds.

(I really should expand into podcasting, and get a new PC. Got to get on that.)

The little things we do as individuals collect into larger wholes. When the RPG Pundit started ragging on SJWs in tabletop RPGs, calling them "Swine", that would eventually lead to him starting his own blog (see the Blog Roll), taking over a forum (The RPG Site), and then making his own products. He's had a hand in Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition as a consultant as a result of those efforts, and he continues to help unfuck my gaming hobby of preference and passion.

Daddy Warpig went from posting on the RPG Site, got into blogging, which lead to Geek Gab, and now has him posting at Castalia House's blog as a figure promoting the two aforementioned SF/F movements as well as putting him into contact with a staggering array of authors, celebrities, editors, and so forth. At this rate, he'll soon be asked to be a Guest of Honor at unpozzed conventions like DragonCon.

And on the political side, I've watched Tara McCarthy and Brittany Pettibone come out of nowhere to make use of YouTube to not only produce separate podcast series of interviews, but to collaborate on a joint venture (Virtue of the West). Bre Faucheax's on a similar trajectory with her blog and YouTube channel. These three women are sit in the liminal space where culture transforms into politics, each at slightly different points based on areas of emphasis, but already they're making big moves and getting support from larger players (such as Lana Lokteff of Red Ice Creasions, hostess of Radio 3Fourteen).

And Razorfist? The man went from making snarky videos to getting a fucking Hugo nomination due to both his own merit and the support of the Rabid Puppies (via gaining the notice of the Supreme Dark Lord). He and his main man Terran Gell are so good at being effective in their own corner of the culture war that they can get major metal figures to do interviews with them- and they have.

And, then, there's little ol' me. I blog, daily. Sometimes two or three times a day. That adds up, and fast, as I've noticed. I am well aware that I've got enough lying around to clean up, reorganize, and reformat into something vaguely book-length; I just have no idea what would sell if I were to do so- and yes, I do require that any book I put out, at the least, be able to help pay bills or other expenses. Don't be afraid to add to the chorus. If you need to be anonymous, then be so; none of us care if you're not really Robert T. Uberfowl, High Priest of Kek and spiritual leader of the Kekistani Disapora. Just do it.

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