Thursday, July 11, 2024

The Culture: Gygax Was Right About Them

Continuing from yesterday's post, BDubs gets the heart of the matter accurately summarized better than anyone else.

Unpopular Opinion is Unpopular, but nonetheless true: Gygax Was Right. No sooner did the Blumes and the Buck Rogers Heiress swindle Gary out of TSR than the long road to Current Year's Twee D&D began. In short, the Heiress brought in the chicks and the chicks did the meme.

Couple this with the Satanic Panic bullshit aimed at TSR and one can see how the suck set in by 1990 and Second Edition.

This would extend to the BECMI line also, which more subtle effects due to that version of the game not having the sheer mechanical weight that the real game does.

This is why there were always precious few female hobbyists; very few of them had the character necessary to enjoy partaking in the real game as the men do. It is also why far more women got into the brand instead of the game, bringing Narrative norms with them due to the core of female psychology favoring it.

But let's not be too harsh on the women. They're just doing what they do.

Be far more harsh on the (virtual) eunuchs enabling them, and continuing to enable them (as our would-be accuser dunked on above does), in that now-familiar Male Feminist pattern where we can all just start the countdown to when we find out they're really Gross Nerds.

There is nothing wrong with men having their own hobby pursuits. There is nothing wrong with women having their own hobby pursuits. Two sexes, two psych profiles, two very different set of things that they enjoy doing and need to be doing for psychological health and successful collaboration in both private and public life.

Something that our eunuch, in his envy, cannot accept and thus we know why he did what he did (as well as others like him).

Nothing is easier to kill than the memory of the dead, which is what this resentful and envious Soup Aisle denizen is doing.

As things turned out since 1975, in both the big and the small things, Gygax was right about women and many other things that he is castigated for. You might as well argue that gravity is not real as you fall to your death.

Once again, The Clubhouse is the future for the hobby.

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