Wednesday, July 10, 2024

The Culture: By The Way, WOTC Hates You And Can't Stop Signaling So

Speaking of where Sorcerers By The Sea are signalling about where Current Edition is going, let's recall SOBS doing so by denigrating the past and the creators.

I've had my rant at the Boomers like Rob complaining about this earlier, so I won't repeat it here.

Instead, I want to point your attention to the fact that this book exists as a feature-length hit piece on Gary Gygax, Dave Arnese, and the roots of the hobby- at the real game that the Cargo Cult of Conventional Play had no problems burying for decades long before the Death Cultists used Social Justice to stage a coup over the last 20 years and seize control over this game and the company that published it.

They are True Believers in their heretical Death Cult religion. You cannot reason with them. You can only warn others, not yet taken in, away from them and get them to do as you ought to be doing: not giving money to people that hate you.

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