Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Business: "New World" Proves Itself Unfit For Purpose

Today in "How to completely screw up your very expensive MMORPG business".

It is now painfully clear that Amazon Games released this game well before it was ready because the beancounters were the shot-callers (never a good idea) and forced the issue.

This is not a good sign for the game. It means that the management does not care about the product, or the user experience, and have already made the calculation that New World is a bust so they're pumping and dumping this failed project and we're about to crest into the dump phase.

No, these issues will not be properly addressed before the Normies hit their Quit Moment en masse and trigger a Preference Cascade away from the game, collapsing it. This is disappointing, but not as surprising as some may think; many would be big players have failed in the manner we see with New World. Amazon is going to find out fast that, unlike the rest of its business, there are plenty of viable alternatives to its MMORPG out there--World of Warcraft is a better game--and thus this display of contempt will not go unpunished.

TLDR: New World is a broken game. Don't waste your money. Play something else that works and respects your custom.

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