Thursday, July 9, 2020

My Life As A Gamer: Wokesters Of the Coast Signal Yet Again

Lawyer Nick Rekieta sums it up rather succinctly.

In other words, WOTC's being pozzed again.

Do not give money to people who hate you. Do not buy WOTC's products new. Not for D&D. Not for Magic. Not at all. Buy used if you must, but otherwise give your money to those making their own versions of the game (legal thanks to the Open Game License making D&D open source 20 years ago). What would those be? A short list includes:

Yes, you can buy new copies of older editions (e.g. D&D Cyclopedia) but that money goes to WOTC's coffers (after the merchant takes their cut) so I advise against it. Talk to Harlock for digital copies, otherwise buy used ones if you can; don't buy new physical ones unless you have no other choice. (Of course, that's where the SJWs want to take this, so that you have to give them your money.)

And, of course, you can just bookmark the d20 System Reference document and tinker your way to the D&D you want if you'd rather spend time than money. That's assuming you bother with some form of Official D&D at all; there are other fantasy alternatives--Palladium, for example--that are close enough that you can get folks to play that otherwise balk at not-D&D.


  1. Bradford

    Have you looked at Odprey's booklets and gaming rules?
    I'd imagine they're fine as they haven't been attacked by the woksters

    1. Osprey, being part of the Establishment, has SJWs in their staff- particularly the gaming imprints. WOTC-connected people are often hired to write for their wargame lines. So far the rest of the company has not shown signs of the poz, but that they've strayed from their core mission (and who shows up in that deviation) is signs of infection- like someone who's been bitten by a zombie, but not yet turned.

    2. Bradford
      Thanks. Since I buy the men at arms elite new vanguard and campaign imprints I haven't noticed the woksters infiltration.

  2. I follow a blog called Daffey Thoughts and he had this to say:

    "Like so many, WotC's contributions today are likely shallow and lame additions to the breadth and depth of innovations they inherited. Perhaps it is because of a deep down realization that our generations will have little to show for our time on this world, the best we can do is beat down those who built the ladders upon which we have climbed."



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