Thursday, July 26, 2018

#AGundamForUs: Star Knight Saga, Launching!

Campaign launching!

It's happening, friends! The Indiegogo campaign to launch the Star Knight Saga is live now, and if you haven't seen it here's the pitch video, complete with all the concept art I have right now.

(Not bad for it being just the second one I ever made, eh?)

I shall make this plain for you now.

The primary purpose of this campaign is to raise the funds I require to hire the help I need to finish the first book out of the nine I have planned: Reavers of the Void. If we hit that modest $1000 goal, then that is guaranteed to happen as fast as I can turn that around.

The first set of Stretch Goals is to guarantee the rest of the series. For every $1000 above the goal raised, one more book will be guaranteed to get put out as fast I can manage it. This set of goals stops at $9000. Additional Stretch Goals kick in at that point, which I will announce if we get that far. There is also a Perk that won't be made visible until we get into this first set of Stretch goals, and if you want to be visible in making Star Knight happen then you want that to get unlocked.

As I said in yesterday's post, I want to build Star Knight beyond a novel series, but none of that is possible if these books don't get written and published. No books? No comics. No books? No anime. No books? No games. This goes nowhere if the books don't happen. Backing the campaign now, even if you're not a novel reader, opens the door to getting those adaptations and spin-offs done down the line- and the bigger the result, the faster that comes.

And by the time you read this post, I will have sent email (or other messages) out to some friendly YouTube channels to see about coming on to their podcasts or livestreams to spread the word while I engage their audience as best I can. (e.g. talking Star Wars with the World Class Bullshitters) I encourage you to spread the word to every sympathetic ear you can find. If you have any such outlets to recommend, drop a note in the comments (and feel free to recommend me to them; pass my Contact address).

This is the beginning of a fantastic journey of adventure, and I'm inviting you come along- to be my companions as we travel down this long and winding road. Are you up for it? Then put some skin the game and back this campaign. Together we can make Star Knight both #AGundamForUs AND #StarWarsNotStarWars, and build something wonderful for future generations to enjoy. For God and Galaxy, let's do this!

If you haven't already, do sign up for the email newsletter now (Contact tab above); my subscribers got a 48 hour early warning, and if you sign up so will you regarding future developments and announcements. I will make the revised version of "Crisis at Garmil's Gate" available to subscribers, for free, when it's done so you can get a free sample of what Galactic Christendom has to offer.

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  1. Bradford,

    Backed and I look forward to reading the story. I'm intrigued by the Galactic (Gundam) Christendom. As you, Brian and Rawle have inspired me to give it my interpretation.

    Thanks again



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