Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Business: To Become A Future Super Robot Wars Feature

I have a specific objective that I want to reach for Star Knight. I want to be the first Western property to get into this videogame franchise:

I want to build up Star Knight over the next two years, getting this first series of nine out there in novel format (ebook and POD) first. Then I want to get a comic adaptation done and out there on the shelves. I want to build the hell out of this, because the next step is an anime adaptation- and it's at this point when most new properties get noticed and incorporated into an upcoming game. (e.g. Buddy Complex)

The reason for choosing this as an explicit goal is to give focus and drive to the project as a whole. Yes, I want to make this happen, but there's second-order psychological effects--brain hacks, if you will--that are more immediately beneficial to me as a direct consequence of committing to this objective. It's forcing me to think of what concrete, practical steps I can take to get from here to there- such as networking with YouTube channels to establish mutually-beneficial relationships.

I've been told that this goal is far more difficult that it seems, but I have some reason to believe that it's not impossible. The big reason is that the franchise can only rely on their standby properties for so long; sooner or later they'll have to resort to the means heretofore deemed unthinkable (like figuring out how to work Legend of the Galactic Heroes into a game), and that's the point where someone foreign (like me) can pounce on the opportunity present to get in there.

And no, this doesn't preclude being part of an Original Generation game; Star Knight can easily be an Original Generation game, if it follows the events of the series. If it were to be the host for the usual mecha mashup, there is a consistent premise ready to go, complete with original characters and mecha for the player to enjoy (as we've seen with V and X). Like the Boy Scout I was as a youth, I am prepared.

And if you want to help make that happen, you'll get your chance Very Soon(TM).

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