Friday, June 1, 2018

Patterns in Revealed Preference: Conclusions

I think that the example from the SF episode had consequences in the form of echos going forward, recreating the pattern when the conditions originally engineered deliberately for SF re-occurred emergently. These copycat patterns were not intended; the cabal that engineered the coup in SF had no clue that tabletop or MMORPGs existed and could not imagine their creation. It's akin to how Stand-Alone Complexes work, but not an exact fit.

But, once the villains that stole SF recognized what happened, they moved to exploit the opportunity. Therefore I can conclude that the original is a "Made It Happen" thing, while the latter two are "Let It Happen" opportunist affairs. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the scheme declines over time with exposure, documentation, and the consequent success in resistance. What worked generations ago in SF doesn't work now in tabletop RPGs or in MMORPGs; time change, media difference matter, and the business models aren't as friendly to SJW convergence.

I also conclude that this pattern has become a tell for SJW convergence. Not the tell, but a tell and a reliable one at that; if you see it happening, then you can start looking for other tells- and I think that you'll find SJW entryism and convergence going on. All of you involved in #comicsgate now have something to look for, and tracing the progression of the pattern will tell you how bad things got and when they got there. (The breakout success of indie comics serves the same purpose as the OSR in tabletop RPGs, #PulpRev and similar movements in SF, and Classic servers in MMORPGs.)

Finally, I conclude that these patterns reveal that "progress" or "evolution" in such things is a fraud. The current form of a game, a medium, etc. is not an improved form. It is something altogether different; it shares a seeming and a brand, but it actually another thing entirely (as revealed by behavior). It's gaslighting writ large, and SJWs seeking to exploit the pattern for their own ends will lean hard on this false claim to legitimize their claims to power.

I doubt I've done anythng here but to clarify existing phenomena regarding SJW behavior and psychology, especially as it pertains to how they operate, but I do think that I've got something useful here going forward to apply towards putting down this theft of culture and putting an end to the thieves seeking to steal it. Maybe even be the rope to hang them with.

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