Saturday, June 2, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Stepping Up My Game

Yesterday, Jon del Arroz posted this to Twitter:

That's an opportunity I cannot ignore. It is also an opportunity I am undercapitalized to exploit. To remedy this, I set up at Freestartr. I will add this link to the Gifts & Support tab today, right at the top, for future convenience. My post at the Study yesterday addresses the immediate uses I have for this account.

At this point, I'm far more concerned about being able to produce a proper product than any ongoing support; I'd like to pay for a quality cover and a competent editor- neither of which are cheap if you want good and reliable. This also serves to measure just what you folks want to see out of me; if, for some reason, you'd rather see me write about tabletop RPGs than stories about space knights in giant robots, showing me that I'd make more money doing so is a language any man understands.

In closing, I'm grateful to all of you readers; I'd like to keep doing this for as long as I can, and some sheckles thrown my way makes that possible. Just as you don't give money to people who hate you, support those who have your back and deliver what you want. The enemy does this. So should you.

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  1. Do you a Patreon-style monthly support option, a focus on crowfunding specific products, or both?


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