Sunday, June 10, 2018

E3 2018, Day Two: The Bethesda Conference

Okay, on Bethesda, featuring the Metro City Boys:


  • Starfield? Okay. I hope something interesting and useful about it comes out later.
  • Elder Scrolls 6? See above.
  • Rage 2. (Saitama) Okay. (/Saitama)
  • All the card games and mobiles and VR. No.
  • Wolfenstein. Co-op. One shoots. One stabs. Could be good, but there are red flags up for me and that means I need to see both top gameplay and a lack of poz before money leaves my wallet. I'm not down for Literally Whos Do Paris.
  • Todd has jokes. Meme magic is real and it works.
  • Fallout 76: Pass. Always online? That worked so well with Diablo 3 and others that also forced online connection just to play the game you bought. No, I don't care if I can go solo; group play trumps solo play in a shared open world environment, and as nukes are on the table that means you group up or get ganked. Can't control who's in the game with you? Hard. Pass.
  • Everything Elder Scrolls that isn't ES6: Pass.
  • Doom Eternal. See Starfield.

This was far better than EA and marginally better than Microsoft, but if not for the teases at the end it would've fallen flat. Far too many bad ideas put out there, or good ones does poorly, and Andrew W.K. deserves better than that- and I'm not a big fan of the guy.

Note: If you want the Devolver "conference", go to YouTube. This is a comedy show disguised as a conference, so you need to see it to appreciate it. Also, buy their stuff. They do great work. They win E3, again, and you'll see why when you watch their show.

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