Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sam Hyde Is Right: SJWs Want You Dead & Think It's Funny

Totalbiscuit died of cancer earlier this week, aged 33. He was a big presence in the gaming world, pro-consumer and pro-user, and man did the SJWs not appreciate his even-handed approach during #Gamergate. Why? Because he too wanted ethics in journalism, and had no problem supporting GG to that end. The SJWs never forgave him for that, and it came out in force the hour he died. It's not stopped yet, days later.

The SJWs in gaming cross over media lines, treating tabletop as a fallback position should vidya fail and therefore as a farm league to promote from when possible. This has been a thing for years, especially after the center of the tabletop RPG world shifted from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to Seattle, Washington (where it's been captured ever since). However, the Upper Midwest remains a place where a lot of tabletop stuff happens so it follows that the farm league exists here also, and that's where Atlas Games lies.

I am not at all surprised to see Cam Banks on that pic. He's a virtue-signalling faggot just like the hambeast that is his wife, and very much a soyboy faggot at that as I witnessed first hand at CONvergence two years ago.

He never had the balls to say to Totalbiscut's face what he said post-mortem while Totalbiscuit lived. Cam's a coward, like all SJWs, and this proves it. Time to find ways to punish this behavior, and that means attacking two things: status and revenue.

The SJW convergence in tabletop RPGs is past "convergence" levels; it is now an active vector for spreading the disease, and all of the major players are complicit (save Palladium) because all of them are converged. Giving money to Wizards of the Coast, Paizo Publishing, Fantasy Flight Games, Catalyst Game Labs, and many others might as well be cutting a check to the DNC. Atlas Games is no different. Buy used, buy from a verified shitlord (e.g. The RPG Pundit), roll your own, or support your local Straw Hat.

That's right, stop being paypigs to people who hate you because these people do hate you. Tabletop RPGs being what they are, you can take their crap and excise the poz at your table, but that misses the point: they still get your money if you buy new from them, so they won't change- they just double-down. Cutting off your custom to them cuts off revenue; getting a critical mass to do so (and this being tabletop RPGs, that's not as hard as it seems) hurts them very hard and very fast.

Then there's the status. Cam's like most SJWs in that his revealed preference by behavior demonstrates his anxiety over, and therefore prizing of, status over all else. He's a failed High Sparrow (hello, Frame Game!), and it shows in his public behavior; run down his status, ramp up his anxiety--fuck his amygdala like a runaway piston--by attacking his rabbit psychology and he'll meltdown as surely as any of his colleges and fellow travelers at Gawker, Polygon, et. al. have done before him.

Skip the Dialetic. He's one of those that can't be reached by it. Get the Rhetoric-Hammer out, tie on the weightstone, and go to town.

And what I said above about him? Applies to every other shitstain above. They're all of a very similar kind, zombie-like, and should be dealt with accordingly. Show no mercy, because he has none for you- none of them do. Break him and be done with it; we may yet find out if he (with or without the hambeast) is also a kid-rapist like so many of his fellows.

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