Saturday, May 26, 2018

Razorfist: "SO LOW: A Star Wars Box Office"

A film that should have made $170 million dollars this weekend will be fortunate to hit $120 million. I wonder what went wrong?

Told you it would be a shitshow.

The most telling thing was when some folks who went to see it overseas snapped photos of an empty theater, posted them online, and then left about 10 minutes into the film. Unlike when Mouse Wars began, finding so much as a bootleg cam rip of this film will take a little longer due to the lack of global interest in it. It's making money purely in areas where Mouse Wars continues to eat the seed corn that Uncle George left behind when he sold out.

And the knock-on effects are now hitting Disney where they count: real estate projects- parks and hotels. The damage to the brand is starting to threaten related developments intended to exploit the popular sentiment for the brand, and that's a fuck-up that Disney will not overlook. Culty Kathy will get calls from Bob Iger about this (if she hasn't already) because she's fucking up Disney's real business: real estate.

It's looking unlikely that she's got a job past Episode 9. It's also unlikely that the canon will not be revised again after Episode 9; the films will be axed, and even parts of the TV end won't escape. (That time-travel bit in Rebels has to go, at the least.) Kennedy is now proven incompetent, and her SJW bullshit has to go if Disney wants to see the damage redressed and repaired. Dave Filoni can fill in temporarily as a caretaker until a competent leader can be installed and a competent regime with him. (Dave is a creative, and not a leader; you can tell by the difference between Clone Wars and Rebels.)

Death to Mouse Wars. The sooner this abortion is cast off and incinerated, the better.

Side Note: Darth Maul makes an appearance. Folks are going "WTF is this shit?" because they haven't tracked the character through his TV side appearances. Transmedia fails again!

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  1. I guess it's time to look to how they might move forward and fix this trainwreck.
    Perhaps a TV series or movie series set during or soon after the OT? They need to wipe out the sequel trilogy, and I'd think setting something well before it would be best.


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