Friday, May 25, 2018

The RPG Pundit: If Every D&D Setting is Like 2018 Seattle it Gets Boring

The RPG Pundit talks about making tabletop RPG settings, and how letting the SJWs shitstains in Seattle do it for you (or let their SJW bullshit inform your own) is only going to lead to a bad time for all.

This comes down to "Stop being a nihilistic post-modernist SJW twat.", and nicely parallels to Jeffro Johnson's push to revive pulp era fiction as the true bedrock for D&D (instead of the post-modernist SJW nihilistc crap commonly claimed).

Listen to what the man's saying: embrace the paradigm that actually existed there and then, have your man act accordingly, and watch the magic happen when things true and faithful to the way things were emergently occur. Use the setting's paradigmatic system that was as it was, and you'll get the results that should have happened.

It requires thinking from a perspective other than your own, something SJWs explicitly reject and exhibit by behavior, which is why SJW RPG settings are shit fit only to be burned and forgotten.


  1. "Jeffro Johnson's push to revive pulp era fiction as the true bedrock for D&D"

    Didn't Pundit do a video lambasting attention given to Appendix N? I think Pundit's misguided - there clearly was a step-change collapse in fantasy fiction around the onset of Political Correctness (ca 1990) and Appendix N is a useful tool for capturing much of the good stuff from before ca 1978. That just leaves some pretty good '80s stuff like Book of the New Sun.

    1. Yes, he did. Let the man watch QuQu's video, or the research informing it, and see for himself that his take on Appendix N is wrong.


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