Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Highlight: The Templin Institute

As with Spacedock, I've recommended The Templin Institute before. What I said regarding Spacedock applies to the Institute; they're in it to Make Science Fiction Fun Again. They do this with videos like this one on the province of Skyrim, and since I last posted about this outlet they too have expanded into Twitch streaming and are getting into more projects- they're in a strong growth phase as of this post.

This is a valid way to engage and change the culture: focus on doing that which you find to be fun, and do so to entertain others that share your interests, and you will uplift it by force of personality over time. Adhering to this course requires a commitment to a positive presence, and fun positivity is always going to find and retain an organic audience: this is the sensibility people crave.

Yeah, that's right, they're of a similar sensibility to the #PulpRev: a focus on fun, entertaining content meant to satisfy an underserved audience craving that fundamental function of culture. They are apolitical in their presentations, and that's okay; we go to the Institute to have fun geeking out over fictional things, not to throw down about real politics like it's Tuesdays at Tony's so we brawl in the parking lot.

And geeky fun is good for the culture. Support the Institute.

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