Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Highlight: Spacedock

I'm going to highlight a few outlets this week that are going the positive route in doing something about the culture.

Spacedock is a channel I previously recommended. I stand by that. Daniel's channel is all about being the culture he wants to see, and he does it with enthusiasm.

I have yet to be disappointed by any Spacedock video. Sure, he's apolitical, but that's his strength. He wants to entertain and inform, not lecture or propagandize, and that's why I like this channel and recommend it to others. When he does paid promotion, he discloses that upfront, so he's more ethical than most fan media journalists right there. Stay on that beat and you can't go wrong- something a lot of bigger media outfits routinely screw up.

This is as Joe Friday as it gets without aping that character outright, and this simple fact-focused approach works very well, something that I'll talk a but more about tomorrow with another highlighted outlet.

I expect that most of you now are subscribed to Spacedock, but if you haven't then do so and enjoy all he has to offer. He has an admitted blind spot for anime, so when he asks for recommendations be ready to give him the good stuff; see his video on Cowboy Bebop's spacecraft for how a fresh set of eyes can bring out some good observations. He's also expanded to do more groundside vehicles, and so on, as of late. Follow his Twitch channel; he livestreams now.

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